Monday, June 27, 2011

Zombie Boss Gameplay Video


Tim has been working on a shadow system for the tiles & editor. The shadows are looking very cool indeed! There's a few small glitches here and there so I won't post any pics yet.

Kimmo and Tuomas have been doing lots of work on zombie bosses and other crucial gameplay features such as the coins. It's much more rewarding to kill the bad guys when you get some decent loot! The coin thing was mainly inspired by Blizzard's classic PC game Diablo.

There's two games for iPhone which also have some of that Diablo feel, both of them are games by Raptisoft: Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard. I highly recommend them!

This fellow here has his wide grin on the app icon,
his name is Dead Jester.

To make a long post shorter I'll let this video do the talking and show some of the new features in action:

I'll post more footage later!


  1. coolio cannot wait to test this :)

  2. Looks great I wouldn't mind it being in the AppStore right now. It's cool how you're doing it night by night now, I assume that the more nights you survive the harder it is (more zombies, harder to kill zombies)

  3. Will we see the mysterious worm thing in the next update?
    By the way, this looks incredible!!

  4. More levels and weapons PLEASE!! :)

  5. "The gameplay is starting to be in a very decent shape, the whole zombie armada can be fought from the very beginning till the end (fat zombie santa awaits at the end :). It would be great if we manage to launch this with iPhone 5" -Timo, comment from you tube

    well its an estimate but at least we have a pretty basic idea now

  6. That's huge! Can't wait :)

  7. 0:11 you can see the worm watching you from a hole (upper left)

  8. Wow, awesome! Just one question: What are the coins used for? Maybe buying characters?

  9. This Looks so amazing. Love you mountain sheep!! :D (No Homo)

  10. Looks really cool. Will the option to play without waves still be there (aka how the game is now?)

  11. love the new soundtrack, on top of all the cool game play additions. looking forward too it

  12. drooling... If we have this loot we must have something to buy :D. A new weapon perhaps? Ammo? Or maybe a scroll of town portal idk

  13. I have a question. Is this your full time job or is this a hobby?

  14. Awesome work MS ! Can't wait for these !

  15. Minigore zombie boss gameplay analysis:

    1. @ 0.03
    the image that comes up contains the monstrosity, a zombie chief, the dead jester, 2 regular zombies and 1 unknown boss character (he is the one on the far left)

    2. @ 0.06
    there is a zombie spawning from the ground and some being dropped from the sky by the puppet master

    3. @ 0.12
    there is a clear view of the worm, and a furry sense boss icon (red B)

    4. @0.20
    when john picks up the coins his score goes up, this is the reason for the coins

    5. @0.28 we can see a circular spawn group move in, if you look at the ones behind the wall some zombies get stuck due to object collisions

    that is it guys, i hope this brought some hidden details to light

    - Rooteboy

  16. @ Rooteboy

    Unknow boss character: This enemy is may be a Fat Zombie Santa's helper ;)

  17. btw i think we should get money from the normal zombies to dont you think :/

  18. whats the money for?!

  19. the money increases your score dude :P

  20. Looks great, thanks for the update :D (btw, does anyone know when the iPod 5 comes out)?

  21. OMG!!!! timo this is the most amazing thing i've seen to date for minigore it's so freaking epic i;m so glad i didn't give on minigore :,) YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! you inspired me to keep drawing minigore fan art again but now i'll focus on zombie fan art!!!! :D <3


  22. This looks so sweet! I can't wait. Also I have a question- how did you guys do the video capture thing on a Apple device, I was aware that it was impossible to do?

  23. Just plain awesome! Looks like it's going great. It'd be cool in a future update you could buy upgrades for your characters like extra lives, new ammo types, special powers, and new weapons.

  24. Can you put a big Worm Wolf zombie in the game?

  25. When is the game gonna be updated..... -_-

  26. wow i totally 4got i even have this game on my itouch. y cant they make it faster i mean so much people paid for this game should have enough programmers in the office to speed this up.

  27. Dont worry it will come in 6 months, I promise.I am sooo glad you have the zombies all done and aren't giving them to use becuase you want to work on the bosses. maybe you could make it a christmas presesnt?

  28. Will this all be in one update or will zombie, game center multiplayer and level editor all be in separate updates>

  29. This game looks great I'll be downloading it tonight! Great art direction.

  30. It's been 4 months since last update...

    FOUR... MONTHS...

    rediculous Mountain Sheep. The last update left this game unplayable for half of your users due to major lagging, crashing, and not enough money for your crappy DLC's. You've left your game hanging, and you're only taunting your last few devoted players with what you've promised since two years ago, and your probly not gonna release this for another 4 months -_-

    Give us an update, and stop being lazy!

  31. You know there are many other fantastic games to play out there while you wait for this update... and many other activities one can do.

  32. If these are the new zombies what happened to the furries? or is this only for iPhone because I have this game and bought all the character packs, (still trying to get sensei evan)I would really appreciate an answer.

  33. Here is the cycle,
    Blog update, Everyone high five mountian sheep is back on the job, months pass, kill mountian sheep for taunting us. Then comes acceptance, mountian sheep is reallly slowwww. Blog fades into oblivion.Blog update, Everyone high five mountian sheep is back on the job, months pass, kill mountian sheep for taunting us. Then comes acceptance, mountian sheep is reallly slowwww. Blog fades into oblivion. Blog update, Everyone high five mountian sheep is back on the job, months pass, kill mountian sheep for taunting us. Then comes acceptance, mountian sheep is reallly slowwww. Blog fades into oblivion. Blog update, Everyone high five mountian sheep is back on the job, months pass, kill mountian sheep for taunting us. Then comes acceptance, mountian sheep is reallly slowwww. Blog fades into oblivion. Blog update, Everyone high five mountian sheep is back on the job, months pass, kill mountian sheep for taunting us. Then comes acceptance, mountian sheep is reallly slowwww. Blog fades into oblivion.

  34. Wow very kool, just gotta wait 5 months 4 this update :(

  35. Whatever happened to the minigore comic that was supposed to be added?

  36. I love the direction Mountain Sheep is heading. Hey, I have a few suggestions to make. The old minotaur power up got boring, so a new variety of power up would be great. I notice there was too few maps to play from, so why not a bonus round? Or a secret arena? Or a barricaded house? An lastly new kickass looking GUNS! :D

  37. you know whats funny? This has been in developement for a very long time and nothing has been released. Its been months since they announced zombies and they hope for october release? is that a joke i mean seriously it doesnt take half a year to add zombies. And besides that its not even like there devoted to this, a while back they kept saying they were working on episode 4 (which was a huge disappointment since half the stuff that was supposed to be added wasnt after waiting half a year) they were actually working on that piece of crap garfield game. Mountain Sheep: The Company of Disappointment and Unforfilled promises. P.S dont comment on my spelling in grammar i understand its wrong.

  38. Minigore is the fucken best LOL :-D

  39. LOL I can't wait for Minigore Zombies you mother fuckers

  40. I hacked minigore. Now I have all the characters you mother fuckers:0 :-) :) :D XD

  41. First time i play this game in my friend's house. According to me it is good entertaining game to play. I face lots of difficulty to Beat its Boss.

  42. This is a lil off topic but please please please release Minigore for android. the game selection on the market is ok but I would have rather spent the 50 some odd dollars towards a android Minigore than these other games. I even bought. Guerilla Bob just to play as John Gore. id pay 5 bucks for Minigore...please port it over :(

    1. before downloading this game i would like to know that how many stages are there and what is the aim of that game ?

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