Monday, May 16, 2011

Making of Level Editor - Part 3

Latest news: New "in-game" camera angle in Level Editor. Tim also coded in support for more tiles such as the sand tiles and low cliffs. It's easier to see the new things if you compare this new image to the screenshot I posted in part 2:

Placeholder tile art by Heikki Repo

Kimmo and Tuomas have continued their work on patterns and bosses. Here's a screenshot of Zombie Jerry & a bunch of zombies duking it out with John Gore:

They're able to take more punishment than just 3 shots.
That's the reason for health bars.

There's a zombie boss version of pretty much everybody. Though we still gotta ask permissions for usage of few of the visiting guest stars such as Hook Champ & Enviro-Bear... actually it would be Zombie Enviro-Bear :)

Death to the Impostor Bear!

PS. If you have any friends who haven't tried Minigore yet it's currently available for free.

Also our latest co-production Death Rally is on sale for $0.99! It's the number one game in over 40 countries!

Huge thanks for everyone who have supported us!


  1. nice cant wait

    will monstrosity be still coming to zombies or have u scrapped that idea?

  2. Really good work :)

  3. I hope you go on like this within the next weeks and months, so we can see a new version soon =)

  4. Oh, and congrats for Death Rally! (btw, frequent little posts like this one on this blog are perfect for us!)

  5. will the zombie bosses have different ways to kill each of them or is it point aim & shoot?

  6. Looks awesome \(^o^)

    P.S. Please give us zombies soon many people are quitting minigore because there hasnt been an update in a while since episode 5 and even that you had to pay for................. By the way i did buy the characters though

  7. Mountain Sheep is amazing!! Ever since Minigore came out i have been playing it. I remember the days where it was just a simple shooter, and now it is the best app on the app store. I love Minigore, and Mountain sheep, dont get discouraged by the negative comments people are giving you, because yes the updates are slow, but every up[date you bring out has so much content, it could be a whole new game. Every major Minigorian- what i call minigore fans :P- is happy wih every update that comes out. Timmo, Kimmo, you guys are the fathers of the best app available, and to everyone you have working on minigore right now, thank you for all your hard work. Loving the game, and am loving the penguins!!! i cant wait for the level editor and zombies!!! Mountain Sheep for life!!

    Sincerely KillerMiller A.K.A Austen

  8. This is looking better and better! Awesome job, Mountain Sheep!

  9. The map editor looks like the f*cking pokemon world... hope the textures are changeable.

    love the zombies.

  10. Thanks for starting to update the blog again, I was starting to get worried.

  11. nice
    can't wait.
    do yoou have any clue when the update will be finished and it will be put onto the app store.
    if you don't want to tell i can understand why.

  12. In the next blogppost could you tell us if this is coming out anyime soon.


  14. can minigore be put on android please. and if so when?


    ......ahhh no.

  16. @anon 3 up, on the Minigore forums, it has been discovered that the map is already in the previous update, just not accessible. If you just want a map, then they can probably give you a map; just another skin like the snow map. It's the enemies- zombies- which people actually want, not a map skin.

  17. WOW!!!!! that looks amazing Timo!!!! if you may...

    Will there be multiplayer for zombies when released?! :D

    Are zombies almost done?! :D

    Can you please post new gameplay footage already?!


  18. Awesome! Can't wait until it's released.
    It would also be cool if along with the map builder there was an enemy creator

  19. I wanna see a picture of Evil Zombie Knight.

  20. Yes yes, this is all very nice. But the game itself needs updated... Badly.

    The game u left us with in the last update ruined your name, and your game -_- you released a quite disappointing paid update containing no zombies, evil knight, or DECENT multiplayer (excuse the caps, but WLAN is just sad). The update also wrecked the game for a lot of people (including myself) by producing a crippling lag that makes the game virtually unplayable (which is ridiculous since I payed an extra 3 bucks "supporting" you guys).

    So please MS, get it together and release an update, and fast. I just wanna play the game I used to love...

  21. I like the current artwork of the stages, dont screw it up please u_u and i want Crazy Dave from plants vs zombies as character please d: I just bought the premium ones im a minigore supporter hell yeah hahahah cant wait for the update see ya from mexico

  22. The anon 3 up from me has a good point. I have a 4th Gen iPod touch and an iPad, and minigore works just fine for me. I don't get the smoothe 60 FPS anymore, but it's playable at least. My friend however is not so lucky. He has a 3rd Gen touch, and the game lags horribly for him, and don't even get me started on my other friends 2nd gen -_- u literally can't play the game. So, because of that, I can't play multiplayer with either of them! So like the above guy said, update the game so everyone can enjoy it!

  23. ohhhh this looks sweet, will you ever think of putting this on the "xperia play" with all the updates because im getting sick of my iphone but i dont want to leave minigore :(

  24. Hi timo
    I am glad to say that this game has definitely come a long way since version 1.0 with all the bonus characters and bosses. I am however anxious and itching to see the Dark knight as a playable character as well as the sheep launcher that you guys were developing some time in the past. Is there a possibility to see them in the next update. any reply will be greatly appreciated

  25. It's so awesome that you update the blog regular now. And the bosses looks really good. :DD

  26. MOUNTAIN SHEEP!!! please look at the blog comments and respond to them!! Otherwise, what's the pint of even commenting...

  27. Add please online multiplayer in the minigore!!!!!

  28. add multiplayer and zombies already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. That's amazing... I love Zombies
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