Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Minigore Monster Contest Finalists!

The moment you all have been waiting for is here! Here is the top 10 that made it to the finals! You may vote for your favourite(s) on the Forums. Everybody has 3 votes. You don't have to vote 3 different entries if you don't want to, however we wanted to leave this option if you have trouble deciding which entry to vote. Overall the contest was a great success and the level of the entries above any expectations. If by any chance you didn't make it to the finals, you shouldn't feel bad about it. We had trouble deciding which of the entries to pick to the finals, and had to leave out very well done pieces of art.

The descriptions for the entries were provided by the artists.

Enough talk! Get busy voting!

TOP 10

1. Cédric Philippe

Granny Gore
"You should never refuse a Grandma pie"

One day, when he was still an innocuous little kid, the poor young John Gore refused tasting one of her ever-asked clover pie, and she suddenly went insanely nut ! Since this fateful event, she almost disappeared from the common world. Very seldom, she could have been seen alone, at night, a bunch of clovers in her hand. Rare persons have also been claiming they had heard gloomy cries around midnight, nearby the graveyard…


-Appears when a clover falls nearby her grave –to immediately catch it up- and haunts Hardland until you gun her down again.

-Pitilessly grabs any clover which crosses her path.
As soon as she gets three of them, she turns into a huge roaring grandma which trample over any living form, furries and yourself alike. You poor John Gore can only run away as long as she’s burning ! (the only means to lower her deadly headway is to hurt her)

-Runs away as soon as you wound her or when you’re on fire. And gosh, much faster than you !

-Heads for the graves at midnight and falls in gloomy cries for her lost beloved husband. You can gun her down NOW ! (about fifty bullets will do)

-Very seldom, she makes a delicious cake out of three clovers instead of mutate and shares it, which grants you a life up.

I also thought of something like when she sees a box, she catches the weapon and shoots at random, out of joy (mostly killing poor little furries), but I gave up the idea. No left clovers AND boxes for you is too much in my mind.

It seriously lacked some informations about Granny's pie. So here it is ! Granny cooks the pie and leaves it nearby, lurking around to see you, dear little John, tasting her present ! That's a touching moment where Granny looks pretty normal...

Now with all these furries hiding all around, it seems more of a vicious trap !

2. Kevin Barba

The Hunter

The Hunter is one of the richest and most private villains of all Hardland. His days are typically spent in the wilderness of the Amazon hunting rare and exotic animals. On this trip The hunter finds himself wanting the head of John Gore for killing the exotic Worm-Wolf and keeping it to himself. The Hunter has grown mad with jealousy and now finds himself hunting down John Gore. He trails John Gore through the hardland Forest tracking him down so that he can keep John as a trophy in his wilderness cabin along side other creatures that he has captured and killed.


Hides behind rocks waiting for John gore to cross his path. When you spot The Hunter be sure to stay away long enough to collect a double barrel shotgun. This is the only weapon that can take him out. The Hunter can only come out once the 3rd Worm-Wolf has been killed.

3. Mike Groves


.......all things being equal, JUICEBOX is a fairly nice guy. The best way to get on his bad side is to harm any of the creatures that roam around his neighborhood. As it turns out, his strength and size is directly related to how many minions are dispatched in his general vicinity. The more baddies you whack on your way.......the harder this guy is gona be to take down (and the more pissed he's gonna be). Best to just take the long way around and avoid this situation all together.

4. Kevin Saunders

Flying undead spectral militant squirrels.

They live deep within the woods of the land of Minigore. They are known to stalk their victims from the tree tops and swoop down when least expected. Sometimes they also carry weapons, such as bombs made out of acorns and such, These creatures can be stopped by normal means... however since they are spectral and undead, they cannot be killed and will regenerate over a short period of time. It is just best to stay out of the deep woods.

5. Tan Ming Ken

Yeti monster "Billy"


Long long ago, a bowling master named Billy was obsessed about bowling. He was however never satisfied with the smoothness of his ball. No matter how much he polished his bowling balls, it was never enough for him. One day he had an idea to make a bowling ball out of ice; and knows the best kind of ice were the ones in the icy mountains. The villagers warned him of the dangers ahead, but he still decided to go on his journey, as something was clearly wrong in his head. He hiked for 3 days, and found some ice at the foot of the mountain. He began to carve, and finally made an ice bowling ball. Silly as it sounds, it did make some sense. He believed the ice at the top of the mountain must be the best. He continued hiking, and days went by. He never returned, and we all know why.


-This Yeti Monster will hit over anything that moves with his snowballs. You are it's bowling pins that need to get out of the way.

-His snowball is able to eat up furries. The furries however do not die; they are freezed and preserved in the snowball untill the snowball explodes. And then all hell breakes loose.

-The only way to get to the Yeti monster is to destroy all the snowballs and furries as it acts as a barrier for the Yeti as well.

-You loose life by touching the Snowball or the Yeti monster.

6. Christian Gimber

Mr. Maguire

Mr. Maguire is a boss. He tends to the clovers and sows the seeds of new ones. He also guards them from abusers of their magic like John Gore. If the player leaves 3 or more clovers on the ground for too long, Mr Maguire shows up. He is protected by a huge fireball, but draws his power from the clovers. If you get rid of/use all the clovers, he loses his fire and is vulnerable to bullets.

7. Philippe Crifo



Few are those who know that hundreds of Sasquatchs used to roam happily around the forests of Hardland. That was until the Furries appeared and started slaughtering them! Their instinct of survival forced them to become more aggressive toward other creatures, but it was too late, only a few managed to survive. Nowadays, they are believed instinct, but some say that a few may have survived...


The Sasquatch used to be a very calm an peaceful creature. However, they became very nervous as a result of being slaughtered by hundreds. But as they are not violent creatures by instinct, Sasquatches will only attack if they get attacked first. For example, if John Gore or any other character appends to touch a Sasquatch, he would get hurt. BUT, if the manages to shoot the Sasquatch enough to make him mad, the Sasquatch would go on a killing spree, Slaughtering every Furry or any other enemies around him. As a result, the Sasquatch can be a dangerous foe as well as an useful ally.

8. Jimmy G Tan Jr.


Ahh, the Pyrobat. Little darklings roaming the nights in search of their one true bliss: fire. Fire's warm. Fire's good. Fire's... strangely delicious (a tad too tart, but delectable).


Their arrival is presented with smog coming from the incense burners the Pyrobats carry laying down a sort-of fog of war to your screen. Pyrobats come in packs of maybe three to five.

They swoop down for their primary prey: your torchlight. As soon as they've sated their fiery hunger, they move on to flaming furries (predator furries are too fast for them though). If left at it, these critters can put out all available fires in Hardland.

9. Leandro Aciar

EE-EE Barrel


Chain Of Explosions:”throws a chain of monkeys ready to explode diagonally, horizontal, zig-zag and circular”
Pure Rage:”when defeated,EE-EE Barrel rushes at players for 1 last BOOM!”


Deep in the jungles of HARDLAND lives a monkey with a obession for his favorite toy:"a barrel of monkeys"and one day DR.Metusalem went hunting with his igor and they laid their eyes on the marvelous monkey and monkeynapped it and begin to cross-fuse the 2 specimens creating the tall 20 ft monstrosity called:EE-EE Barrel!!! after that,DR.Metusalem left EE-EE BARREL in charge of his dark childhood domain...The Twisted Toy Shop!!!!

10. Anastazja Konczakowska

"Three Brothers"

They are three brothers living in the swamp. The biggest brother is carrying two other brothers on his head. He is the strongest and the most stupid of them. The middle one has the sharpest teeth and is carrying hammer. The smallest one is most dangerous because he can pretend bush.

First you have to kill the biggest brother and then you have to fight middle brother and after his death you have to face the smallest one fighting with the fork.


  1. Thanks everyone who participated in the contest! We had a really difficult time choosing 10 finalists because there was so much great work.

  2. Wow really great :DD
    Please implent the winner as soon as possible!! :D

  3. The yeti sounds like it would be really fun!!!


  5. Oh, the juicebox is awsome :D

  6. yeti is the best piece of art and it is a great idea for the game

  7. yeti, juicebox, and the hunter

  8. 5. Yeti monster "Billy"
    4. Flying undead spectral militant squirrels.
    2. The Hunter

  9. Mountain Sheep, when are you going to release the zombies, lake map, jenny with her weapon, and so on! I've seen images and gameplay videos on youtube for ages and yet it seems you've forgotten about them. Can't you give us some updates on that?

    Zombie gameplay for minigore:

  10. WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EE-EE BARREL!!!!!!!!!! <3


  11. Granny gore, yeti, and pyro bat. -Cor

  12. is the rumor that Pyrobat's creator cheated true?

  13. Granny and Yeti/Billy


  14. Billy the yeti, Juicebox, and The Hunter

  15. YETI(Billy)!!!!!!! and hunter!!!!


    i vote for yeti, squirrels, and juicebox

  17. Why are they all enemies and foes, it would have been better if there were atleast one character you could pick yourself

  18. Hi! I am the guy who did the 4th entry (the squirrel one).

    Looking at some of the other competition entries here, I wish that I could have fleshed my entry out more with a better description and more art... But unfortunately I was pressed for time and put this together at the last minute.

    Some of these entries are really impressive! :)

    I'm not exactly sure where we are suppose to vote, do we have to sign up to the forums? But anyway, my list would be....

    1. Granny Gore by Cedric(This one is awesome)
    2. My own (Flying Spectral squirrels) ;)
    3. Yeti monster "Billy" by Tan Ming Ken

  19. yet monster bill, Sasquatch, and pyrobat.

  20. @spike27mike: i believe that the lake map and Jenny w/ sheeplauncher were diclaimers...

  21. yeti for sure, squirrels, and juicebox

  22. 3(juicebox), 4(squirrels), and 5(yeti)


  23. Grandma, yeti, and the fire bat things are my votes. Also i think the sasquatch could make a good playable melee character.

  24. The Yeti and the Grandma gore (the first one) were the best and you guys should consider putting it in the game and have it correlate to certain maps.

  25. 1. Yeti
    2. Pyrobat
    3. Three Bothers
    4. Grandma
    5. Sasquatch

  26. i was just at the forums and saw the Pyrobat is in the lead. I don't think its because people like it, its because its the one which helps you the most compared to the others.

  27. Mountain sheep, please read this. Pyrobats creator or some fanboy of it cheated to have more votes. I created 4 or 3 multiple accounts to keep things fair for granny, yeti, sasquatch and ee-ee-barrel. I'm sorry for doing this. Please do not ban me. But remenber granny was the leading til someone started multiply voting for pyrobats. My main account is zlolasers. Sorry to pyrobats creator or fans if the rumor isn't true. If it isn't true please remove my votes for my multiple accounts.

  28. Hey guys vote for EE-EE BARREL cause if it wins more than likely they'll make the Twisted Toy Shop as a new map!!! :D since the creator made EE-EE BARREL for it that is

  29. Pyrobat rocks
    Granny Gore rules
    Juicebox is very cool,

    -meta 13

  30. Three Four Five

  31. yeti, juicebox, squirrels, and hunter

  32. In unrealted news how is the next part of episode 4 going (penguns, gamecenter, enclylopedia pages)? Has it been submitted yet?
    Cant wait to see who wins the contest!

  33. @zlolaser: it's never right to assume with out proof... It ain't always fair.

  34. That's it looks like we already got our top 3 i doubt any other monster will ever catch up

  35. It looks like granny's going to win. But it's close for second... And yeti is close to pyro bat so... It could be eather or... O and I accidentally made Billy the yeti out of Lego...

    i want every single one of them! LOL

  37. Grannie gore seems and looks AWESSOME!!
    But i dont like ee-ee barrel at all it just looks too stupid..

  38. granny gore, the yeti bob and the lintern bat things

  39. Billy: Sorry guys, looks like I'm not gonna make it for the win. My creater said he was just glad people loved his art and was satisfied with being in top 10. What a loser! I wish I could crawl out of this screen and feed him some snowballs from my a**.

  40. Creater of Billy, Krenx: Hey! That's mean...but I'm seriously glad you guys loved my concept and art. Everytime I look at the map in minigore before a battle, I itch all over, knowing there are so many areas yet to be explored in the minigore universe; and seeing that this map is really a page of what it seems like a BOOK, it blows my mind. I'm glad to be part of this experience. Cheers to the mountain sheeps!!!!!

  41. I think it would be cool that, if Billy the yeti is put in the game sometime, he would get a mountain map.

  42. Yeti, Squirrels, and Juicebox!!!!

  43. Jussi (MS) wrote:Many have been asking when the vote ends. Now, I won't tell you :) It is because of the fact that I now understand some people completely panic when they see they aren't winning and try to alter the results by not-so-honest ways. If I tell the deadline I'm afraid I'm going to be seeing some last minute vote skyrocketing, which will, unfortunately be a mess for me to clean up afterwards. I'm not saying I don't trust the rest of the community, I just rather would not take the risk. I'm sure you understand.

  44. If the Yeti wins, could you use it to replace the worm wolfs on the snow map?

  45. my favourite is the yeti (billy)its my favourite because it would be the funnest to vs in the game.

    Hey Timo which monster do you think best suits the game

  46. My top 3:

    1. Granny Gore
    2. Three Brothers
    3. Billy the Yeti

  47. Cmon mountain sheep PLEASE give us some info on zombies and jenny gore with lake and crocs. I KNOW ITS NOT FOR EPISODE 4 but the pics you gave us looked AWESOME and I want the lake and zombies SO BAD!

  48. OMG YETI!!!!!!
    then juice box, and squirrels!

  49. Thank you spike27mike! EXACTLY!!!! We really want the zombie and jenny gore lake maps, or atleast info and some release dates. THEY LOOK AWESOME
    i would rather have those then more characters.

  50. a quand le monde des ZOMBIE ??????????????????????? a quoi sesa sert de montré des videos et de faire des dessins, si on a jamais rien. on nous parlait de l'épisode 4 comme une grosse news, mais au final apart le mode coopération, aucune news.le CHEVALIER a disparu. tjours le meme monde. toujours les meme monstre. bien ke minigore soit mon jeux préféré la javous je me suis lasser, les autres jeux font des grosses mise a jours, ici on fait des concours, des dessins ectttt on veut du concret

  51. et faut changer les armes. car tout les perso on les meme armes. je sais pas un lance flammes. ou une fronde. une ou 2 épées. et ne pas mettre les meme personnages mais avec une couleur différente. sait nimporte quoi, et il n'y a aucun intéret. un exemple: jvien de faire la nouvel mise a jour du jeux: FIELDRUNNERS et ben sa fait 2 fois ke leur mise a jours il y a des nouveau monde et des nouveau véhicule. voila la différence est la. sa fait plus de 1ans ke sait tjours la meme chose.

  52. Non parlamos Francais.

  53. Yeti, Juicebox, and Squirrels!!!!!


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