Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to Hardland Store!

Hi everyone!

We've finished the Hardland Store! We wanted to provide the possibility to get Minigore related merchandise to the fans because some people told us they can't wake up properly unless John is glaring at them angrily. We are now officially in the coffee mug business, hehe. At first it seemed like a strange idea, but the mugs turned out to be great! The print quality is good and we are happy with the designs. For now, there's 2 mugs with different kinds of prints for sale, which we have ordered ourselves to see that the quality is adequate to the standards in everything we do. We will add more stuff as soon as we have the time. Here's a pic showing the mugs:

You can find the store here:

Thanks to Leandro for letting us use some of his character designs as a reference for the store banner art!

We shipped the Minigore Monster Constest 2010 prizes yesterday! The happy winners should receive their prizes within 2 weeks, probably during next week.

As Timo said, we hired a new full time programmer (also called Timo :D ) last week, and one part time programmer this week and Kimmo is helping them to settle down to our strange working environment.

Encyclopedia is getting more pages! Here's a preview:


  1. Awesome looking forward to the new encyclopedia Pages, But Timo, Can't you tell something more about the new update? (Zombie mode plz)

  2. Or at least tell a release date. : DDD
    Anyway fantastic job guys i Do love you're game.
    And the new store is really nice. But not much stuff. ;)

  3. Regarding zombies: Kimmo is training the new programmers so there's nothing really going on at the coding side currently.

  4. But will it be a update ready soon? (With the penguin character and encyclopedia)

  5. So you guys have three full time programmers now? Good, hopefully you will get the updates faster done, so Minigore once again can be one of the must-have games for the iPhone =D

  6. Anonymous: I can't estimate release dates for penguins or anything because the hiring activity messed up the schedule.

    Himalayaboy: There's 2 full-time programmers, one part-time programmer and one freelancer who does work for us from time to time. We had a multiplayer programmer last year but he was hired to another company, Kimmo was the one who ended up finishing the co-op code.

  7. how long will it take for zombies. I've seen some gameplay vids at youtube and they seemed to work fine. Just putting finishing touches i hope?

  8. How about ETA on an iPad update? Sucks that I have to play the iphone version in 2X mode to enjoy the latest and greatest of John Gore...

  9. when ? when ? when ? when ? when ? when? ZOMBIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :-((((((((((((

  10. Santa's ho-ho-hangover lol so dose this mean we also get other upgrades to the encyclopedia? Like a page turning book like effect?
    Can't wait for the new update!

  11. Wow the characters look amazing mr.Timo!!!!!!!!! :D


  12. Dude that's awesome that Leandro got recognized! does he know about the Leandro's corner on the shop link? :)

  13. You know guys, I hate to say it but, u can't always count on this developer to come thru (release date wise). I am still waiting for Hardgore, or at least an adventure mode update for minigore... And several tome in the past, minigore has released things days, even weeks later than stated. I used to have faith in Mountain Sheep. But do u guys really think the zombie update will arrive before the end of January? It seems a little too good to be true :/

    I'm sorry if this upset u Timo but I'm just telling it like it is. I love Minigore but I'm always finding myself disappointed in it... And yeah I know that it's taking a while because of the new programmers, but if u know it's gonna be long till the update, u shouldn't be taunting us with all this new stuff.

    And to all the fanboys who are gonna yell at me, I'm not tryin to troll. This is just the way I feel ok.

  14. Is the update at least being beta tested?

  15. That is so cool! I'm gonna grab myself a shirt if they are added to the shop! Congrats to you Leandro, you must be ecstatic to see your artwork put to good use! Another coder is always good, although we have a slow down now, it will make future updates that much faster! Those encyclopedia panels are looking pretty sweet too! If you look behind the three prominent pictures, it looks like there's more behind them. Do I smell SIX new entries?

    GuyMcperson: Before you label me one of the "fanboys who are gonna yell at me", I understand where you're coming from. But I don't think your statement is completely accurate, as it lacks sufficient evidence. I have seen many occasions where Timo has been mobbed for release dates, and Mountain Sheep never caves, because they know they won't have an accurate release date tangible. They have never said that they will create an adventure mode, and they haven't given us the end of January as an approximate release date for the zombies. Of course, if you DO have proof, PLEASE, show me wrong. =) Now, I don't mean to troll either, (Doesn't it suck how text doesn't convey tone of voice?) but I would just like to point out that your statements aren't up to the level of truth that they could have. Sorry for the rant.

  16. I can't believe I gave Mountain Sheep six dollars for Minigore HD. It's not going to be updated with the current features of Minigore until ages. Lost all hope, thanks, incompetent developers.

  17. Haha I suppose I should accept my state of fanboydom.

  18. GuyMcPerson does speak truth...
    It's always the same with the updates, always something that Takes them longer, always they disappoint us with this: We have a project, and we're Wirkung on it, but it Takes its time.. And this Time is Not okay, Not if there are always announcements of New content, which is mostly published After so Long Time, that I just can say: F*ck the Game and MS...

  19. I agree i am constantly disappointed with the lack of content in the updates, i have all the characters and have for a long while so what do you suggest I do i like the idea of the game but the reality is that the real minigore with all the characters and game play adjustments are just a dream and its not happening anytime soon.
    I have officially given up on this game.

  20. Instead of complaining why don't you trolls shut the fudge up?

    @Timo hey can you guys make a battle bears map and make Oliver a character?!

    and can you make Issac Clarke from dead space a character?

    OH! and for zombie mode make the left 4 dead characters as a BUNDLE?!that'd be great ask this Leandro guy to draw them!! :D

  21. Привет! Random Russian word Xd. "lack of content"? Each update has enough content for keeping you playing. When your working onsomething it takes time... It takes as long as it needs, no more and no less. I do have to agree with McP on the not "taunting" us part. Ex: evil night coming in episode 4, he will be melee! And then go umm... Screw that, make a cople of old ppl who r not evil or melee or knights take his place. Same thing right (lol)... I mean I waited all summer for him, all September, all October... And November to find out he ain't coming out in ep 4...
    RANDOM THOUGHT!: timo or kimmo, did u make the music for minigore or did someone else make it?

  22. That is true though,a new video or new pic would at least help to keep all of us from going ape shit because i'm still going crazy waiting for zombies lol

  23. Above dude has a good point. Although we probably won't see the next update for quite some time, it'll keep all the fanboy's at bay if u release a video or something. Just seeing a 5 sec clip of John gore blasting a hoard of zombies would be like crack to the people who have been waiting all this time. I bet that penguin mob clip made some people's heads explode. But if u give them too little over a long period of time, you'll begin to lose fans, and have more people who are enraged because they've been waiting so long. (WHERE THE FECK IS HARDGORE!?)

    But, instead of clips and sneak peaks, I'm sure everyone would be overjoyed to see the actual update.

    As always, not tryin to troll, I'm just saying what I feel (and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way)

  24. It looked like the zombies were ready last Summer. Why aren't they out yet?

  25. I agree with all of you. Episode 4 is almost here!!!!! "2 years later" Episode 4 is here!!!!


  27. ^see what I mean...

  28. Update the website!!!

  29. @Guy and friends
    Instead of answering Matthew's questions and fueling your side of the debate, you just call him a "fanboy" because you're so stubborn and can't accept the truth. Don't be so impatient and spoiled. Remember that MS is a fairly small team; it takes them a while to get things done, but when they get around to it, they don't disappoint. Instead of posting on the blog, they're working on the game, skipping meals and sleep just for the fans. It's kinda ironic and hypocritical how all you haters and complainers still post on this blog and watch the updates instead of rage-quitting like you say you will. Oh and remember, no plurals have an " 's " (fanboy's should be fanboys). Think about it.

  30. can someone kill the guy who keeps saying fanboy?

  31. Can we please STOP this fanboy and not fanboy argument!!!!!

  32. I don't see why everyone is so angry about something that only costs a dollar. This game was excellent value for money when I purchased it months ago, to me the updates are just a bonus. I'd rather they take their time to do things right rather than release a half finished load of crap like Call of Duty.

  33. the price isnt the issue we get it it is a great value but delays after delays get annoying multiplayer was promised when the game came out and we get it a year later in the worst form ever wifi? i mean fuck what about bluetooth? the replay value for minigore cant be sustained without a constant stream of updates, there is only so long you can blast the same enemy over and over without getting bored... im sorry but this is the truth mountainsheep is a dev team full of false promises and horrible programmers... the first update they ever gave was bugged and got rejected it took them two months to give us that update and what did it contain an extra life and a radar?? it is ridiculous how slow these people are with worthy content updates they keep giving us teaser after teaser and none of it ever comes out its stupid mountainsheep is a piss poor dev team that needs to get their shit together

  34. ^ Yes... that about sums it up. This is one boring game, and the other DSS's in the AppStore are making this one look silly. All of those other companies have small dev teams too, yet their games have triple the content, and they deliver regular updates that provide large improvements in gameplay. We get character skins and encyclopedia pages from MS. I'm so tired of the "small company" excuse. 15 year olds are releasing apps on the AppStore. We see teaser after teaser after teaser... and in the end, we're just being teased.

  35. Does anyone know when zombie pics will show up?

  36. where is the update the wait is becoming unbearable?

  37. UPDATE THE WEBSITE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



  40. ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. this is rediculous, it's already February and still no update... i'm so tired of this crap -_-
    Btw, i was looking for apps reviews a while back and most i found were stupid and inaccurate, so as of yesterday i have started writing my own app reviews of my opinions. please come by at

    ive only wrote 1 review so far and am new to this so, please comment on if its good or not, and tell me if i need to work on it :P so yeah.

  42. I think you should make an encyclopedia page for the puppet master (I don't think many ppl accualy know the nameits self...) I would like to know more about it. I dont know if its the right name (the thing behind elder gores on opening/loading screen).

  43. Yup, I was right it's the puppet master

  44. @Anon - You're the only one who wants some stupid banana boss so guess what, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

    @GuyMcperson - EXACTLY. They take forever to get anything done!

  45. Two new programmers should help a lot with the oh so awful update times. (Sarcasm)
    I can't wait to see how much faster this goes once they start their work on the game.
    I do agree they shouldn't use the "small team" thing as an excuse, but if they are working as hard as they can without dropping to the ground in exhaustion, I think it's fine. (Exaggeration)



  48. whats up with u guys? Did u ever think the devs are too busy to update the site? and please stop asking about zombies,timo already addressed the issue further up in the comments if u just look youll find it,and i understand the fustration of waiting for the many promised updates but you have to remember something...THEY ARE A SMALL DEV TEAM DOING A LOT so go easy on them,most teams this size don't update nearly as much on apps like minigore and honestly im very happy they are so im content waiting for those awesome updates as long as they aren't dropped

  49. btw im not trying to impersonate the david that posted earlier,just a coincidence that we have the same name, sorry for the mix up

  50. Except for a couple large companies that we all know, EVERY DEV TEAM ON THE APPSTORE IS SMALL. It's no excuse. This team is the only one that consistanty ignores the fans though.

  51. Ok, the last time Timo was on his own blog was nearly a week ago, he obviously doesn't care what his consumers have to say, much less what they want. If they really wanted to please us, they would have release the update they promised long ago. And yes, smaller dev teams on the app store have been more successful at releasing updates when promised than this one! So there is no excuse Timo!


  53. honesty I have lost all patients with mountain sheep !

  54. @David:

    "Did u ever think the devs are too busy to update the site?"
    Jussi, who has made all of the weekly blog posts, doesn't work on the game; all he does is the weekly blog post.

  55. @anonymous

    hmmm i can see where your coming from,sorry for being too preachy without my facts completely straight,but personally i still feel this is the most continually updated app on my ipod,even though they have been keeping up with their promises at the momment,i still have faith they will come through(this year hopefully)

  56. I'm sorry but this is just absurd. I mean seriously, you guys are treating this game like a religion. "Oh, I have lost faith in Mountain Sheep and therefore this game." "Oh, what have thy done to cause this cataclysm?" "Owt thy Faith of thy natural hymn ever be tamethed?" Seriously! Shut the FUCK UP! I go down reading this damn list of comments and it starts to sound like a fuckin' sonnet! Don't you have anything better to do? What do you do? Sit at the computer all day, spamming the refresh button? It's only a $0.99 game! I mean, I would understand all this cult/religion shit if it was like a monthly subscription or $9.99 or something, but oh my GAWD! Go run a mile! Watch a movie with your family! Chill out with your grandma! There's always something to pass the time with, and doing those activities will make you a better person. Now go outside and go heckle some old dude with your friends. Enrich your life. It will be more memorable when looking back instead of remembering "Oh, ya, there was this $0.99 game I used to complain about all day way back when." I am not gonna tell you to 'get a life', this is your life. The choice of what you're gonna do with it is yours.

  57. @bmzyll

    Thankyou!!! I agree they just keep on going!!! Ms r working there buts off to get the uPdate for u impaientent people!!!

  58. Bmzyll: LOL!!! Ur quotes wernt religious enough, should of wore a pope hat wen u said it to be more believable... Lol. $0.99 game? Maybe ppl think it's 9.90 acidently Xd. I would go with it's starting to sound like a musical or opera (this could be sung). "spam the refresh button"? LOL!... Anyone who does that must have a boring life... Lol that would be funny if all the anonymusous aere the same ppl Xd!!!Tamethed? I would go with tameithed...

  59. I paid $1.99 for this game actually. And then I bought 3 DLC packs for another $3.97. While $6 may not be alot of money in the real world, in Apple's marketplace this is considered to be a relatively expensive game. I could buy 6 good games with the money I spent on this "$.99 game". Those who have the iPad version have quite a bit more invested. But thanks for your pointless rant anyway.

  60. Bymzyll is right. Anonymous and complainers, that was your decision in buying the game, so don't complain. Why don't all you haters just leave and quit the game if you're so pissed? If you really hated it, you wouldn't spend your time posting on the blog. If you're sick and fed up and impatient with Mountain Sheep, then delete the app and leave; then you won't have to worry your poor selves about when the update comes out. The last thing MS needs is disloyal fans and purchasers. That's probably the reason they don't post too often; they figure the criticism and crap you give them isn't worth the time. Think about it.

  61. I;m backkk! :D what'd I miss?


  62. Okay let's think for a minute every game has a fan following do you really think mountain sheep wants their fans to go rot in a hole?? It isn't right what they are doing we are loyal people to a horrible dev team whom we are hoping will keep up with their promises

  63. Oh come on man.. Update it already..

  64. ^ oh yeahh bro
    shut the f u c k up
    they can take as long as they want

  65. And these people actually think complaining is helping... Shut up

  66. i think we have the right because we have been waiting long enough. angry birds cost 59p and it gets updated every month since release. i pay £3 + 59 for new people and have to wait over a year? doesn't make sence to me

  67. I'd much rather play Hardgore than a zombie map

  68. Sorry no Point in that comments from Bymcyll and so on...
    Of Course I have TO do Other stuff, I'm doing schoolstuff right Now, later I will sCrew my gf... But it just sucks, that MS has always Blabla As apologize...
    They just aren't Active on this Site (and sOrry, but it's possie for EACH Person TO take 5 Mins for a (Little) post ...). Just TO Show, that they are there and Read our comments(which ones would Be more senseful then - anyhow Mines Would be)
    And the Updates: Since it Took them One year for the lamé Multiplayer, this Game is just waste..

  69. It's great that you guys have gone completely silent.

    You know, I'm one of the few that has supported you throughout this long time of the unaccomplished promises you have promised.

    And I wouldn't complain if this game were complete. It isn't.

    It's okay though, I'll continue waiting. Nothing I can do against it.

    But sometimes I wish I hadn't bought Minigore.

  70. OK there's a couPle possibilities of why theyve gone silent .
    Firstly there all working very very hard to get zombies(which I think wasnt even close to finished).
    Secondly there computer had some huge viroid and they can't work on the game or update the site.
    Thirdly there all to lazy and have completely forgotten about he blog.
    Or finally they've completely stopped working on the game and started working on something else(or nothing) eg. Hardgore, ramman

  71. Rumor has it that Mountainsheep got nuked with a plethora of problems...
    hopefully that's not true because I want zombies already and i want a hug

  72. ^^^Where did you see this rumor???^^^
    Ps. What do you think(which possiblilitie)

  73. Posted on the twitter link 2 hours ago - " beta testers man your battle stations"

  74. I'm pretty sure they went nuked... Probably going to start beta my guess...

  75. How come my Leaderboard and Achievements are unavailable??? WHY?

  76. I don't think we will see zombies in this update. The icon art on twitter is of the penguin. The only things I've seen confirmed for this update are a computer controlled AI if you purchase the Elder Gore pack, the Penguin Mob if you purchase the Elder Gore pack, and a couple new encyclopedia pages. There might be some other form of multiplayer in there, but I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere. Basically, this looks like an update that you have to pay for. If you're not willing to pay or can't pay, then it looks like all you're getting is the encyclopedia pages.

  77. @Anonymous above me: It also has online multiplayer.

  78. i really dont know if mountain sheep can see this but they serioiusly needed new characters that are unlocked with KILLS...
    it really is a little sad that they have been making paid characters all this time
    i mean seriously guys you have 3 dlc...i was surprised when they made the FIRST dlc thinking what happen to the one dollar deal??
    its great that ur making a new map and new enemies but i would bet that many people would appreciate if u guys start making things earned and not bought

  79. no offense mountain sheep but instead of trying to find some business in selling minigore related items could you work on the game instead
    i dont want to check the blog again only to see that u guys still didnt update and that u are still trying to sell cups
    in fact if you start satisfying more people with new update they might feel a bit more inclined to buy your new stuff:D

  80. Lol Mountain Sheep reminds me of Nexon... If you know what I'm talking about



  82. Why does it take so long??
    Can't wait much longer mountain sheep!
    And the other people to I think.
    Please, can you just update the blog!
    So we have some information!


  83. mountain sheep better have an incredibly believable excuse for this
    i had always regarded them as extremely hard working and one of the few teams that listens to fans

  84. chill out! the update will come when it comes!


  85. Wow,this must be one heck of an update if the crew hasn't reported anything new


  86. Well these penguins and the computer AI better blow my mind. I bought the Elder Gore pack, and it's terrible at the moment. Grandma shoots a regular gun, and Grandpa shoots a shotgun. We have a dozen characters who do this already. Mountain Sheep told us that they were extremely grumpy. As it turns out, there's no voice acting at all with these two. My cat expresses more emotion than these two characters. Personally, I don't think the penguins and the computer AI will be enough to make that purchase worth it. They better be adding more to that pack. The other packs have 3 characters. After they add the penguins, this pack will only be 1.5 characters IMO. This pack is twice the price of the other packs, and also twice the price of the entire game. Unless the Dark Knight is in there too, this is a rip...

  87. Update

  88. wow, we still havent heard from anybody? its been like, what, 2 or 3 weeks since we've seen a post from Timo or anybody else. come on devs, we better see some activity. seriously.

    and to the people who are all like "you people are pathetic, its a game, blah blah blah" do you know how long the rest of us have been waiting on an update to the game? mountain sheep has been taunting us with zombies and multiplayer (over wi-fi/bluetooth, NOT crappy WLAN) for forever! since last year! if you havent been waiting since the beginning like most of us, you have no right to say anything!


  89. We haven't had a blog post for the last two weeks. Plus the last like five blog posts had nothing to do with the game. Beta testers haven't been active in the longest time. This reminds me of the days before Jussi. I hope we get an interesting post (or an update) soon.

  90. "Beta testing of the latest episode is nearly over! It's our first update to come simultaneously for iPhone and iPad!"
    Minigore recently posted on there twitter page. Looks like the update won't be to far away

  91. Lol... Even Soloman's Boneyard got 3 new maps today. All of the dual stick shooters on my iPod right now are just raging with maps and environments to explore... Boneyard, Max Adventure, Revolt, Age of Zombies...

    Oh yeah, and then there's Minigore.

  92. Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Does the next update have ZOMBIES?!?!?!

  94. wacko calm your pants. Do you really think their definiton of soon is anything near ours. I'm guessing two months, although with the crapload of letdowns this place has, wouldn't be suprised with a higher number.

    Im gunna hate these guys unless the next update is zombies, bluetooth multiplayer, wifi multiplayer, penguin guy, lake map, and jenny gore. Thats how much they could have gotten done for this damn long

  95. Hey people, how are you all doing?! It has certainly been a while, hasn't it? I can see you guys are all definitely excited! So let me tell you guys that the new beta is looking fantastic, and lots of bugs have been ironed out. I personally LOVE the new content, but his seems like a crowd accustomed to extraordinary privileges. Allow me to explain, this is a 1 or 2 dollar game, built on a device that designed for playback of audio files. Each update is free, with the exception of a few in-app purchases, which are by no means necessary to purchase in order to enjoy the game. But of course, in this type of economy, people are looking for more value for their hard earned money. That's why looking for free content updates for a 1 or 2 dollar games to pay on their $250+ device is VERY important, I'm sure. This has been said many times before, but I thought I'd give it a shot and see how much "reaction" I'll get. Point is, I don't understand how people can complain about $2 in-app purchases for games on their $250+ phones/audio mobile drives. Go figure.

    Spike27mike: I personally find it hard to believe that you are "gunna hate these guys" more than you make it sound you already do. But, it is impossible for you to hate this team, considering how well you follow up on this blog. You are actively commenting and providing your opinions. I was under the impressions that haters would move on to a game that they enjoy, rather than following up on games they hate. I'm rather impressed at your coherent yet juxtaposing view on this game. You are quite the esteemed fan.

    GuyMcperson:Have you been following this game since the release, as you are implying? You as well must be quite the avid supporter of this fine establishment. By the way, I heard about this game called Call of Duty the other day. Supposedly it has zombies AND multiplayer! you may wanna check it out.

    By the way, Wacko Jacko is absolutely right; people not willing to wait for someone to add another entry to this blog should check out Mountain Sheep's social media sites, ie Twitter or Facebook, they are frequently posting about their progress.

  96. @Matthew: Has the new update been submitted yet?

  97. Lol.... A music player with a Retina display, an accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope and a 800MHz processor?... I think not. Apple built this device for gaming... and they made that obvious when deciding to host their own leaderboard/achievement system... Game Center. You must be thinking of the iPod nano or something. As for the $1 or $2 price tag... Apple's marketplace is what it is. We didn't set the prices, the devs did. Alot of good devs have made a killing in this marketplace. If MS can't handle the style, pricing and expectations of the AppStore, then they should develop for some other platform... because the truth is that other similar sized dev teams are offering ALOT more content in their games for the same price or less. Minigore has been out for a year and a half... almost two years... and we still have the same two maps, and only 3 or 4 enemies to fight. Lol... It's laughable... and by the way, this update is NOT free. If you want the Penguin functionality and the computer AI functionality, it costs you $2. We're paying for features now, not skins.

  98. Matthew, yes, I have been a "supporter" of this game for a long while. I downloaded the game 2 months after release, and have bought every dlc character. So I've put $556 into this game (counting the cost of my 32gig iPod 4th Gen and my previous 3rd Gen) lol, so yeah it upsets me that They constantly make empty promises about stuff they are realeasing and when they are releasing it (....where is Hardgore?) and also, i don't care about that stupid COD: zombies game. In my opinion, no one should've ever made an FPS on the iPod, without L and R buttons, it just doesn't work! (even tho I bought N.O.V.A. 2 yesterday, couldnt resist the $1 deal. Btw, I don't recommend buying it)

    So, I'm sorry Matthew, I don't agree at all with what you said. "I can see you guys are all definitely excited!" I think you meant, frustrated, pissed off, and fed up!

    However, Spike27mike, I do agree with you, and anonymous person above me.

    Btw, MS is being really lame, only posting to twitter and Facebook instead of updating the site most of your fans check -_- I'm consistently disappointed in the dev team.

  99. this conversation was entertaining..... Personally I think the people who are saying "Give us content faster" have a good point. I don't think its right MS isn't updating their blog and leaving their fans disappointed and frustrated. But lets all remember minigore is only a couple of bucks. It wasn't like Call of duty (which was like $10) . MS Doesn't have a huge development team but they are doing what they can. True it is taking a bit too long for these updates but its nothing to get so mad about, its not the end of the world, if your really that mad just delete the app. MS does need to step up their game though.....

  100. Hey mathhew, you idiot. You brought this upon yourself. You promised all of this sweet content and new updates and didn't deliver. That my freind is called taunting. If you didn't say anything we would expect anything now would we? Regardless of this being a one dollar game or a fifty dollar game, when you show new content deliver. Get some poeple skills and get programming :D you have alot to deliver :P

  101. I have huge respect for your game and your programming skills. I have tried to make a dot move up and down and it is super hard. Your fans are not mad becuase you can't program fast enough, I think its what the guy above said. If you talk the talk you got to walk the walk. Start walking and get me zombies

  102. Wow, you made cups... Amazing. How bout you make ma a rocket launcher? ELLOS SOMOS ESTUPIDO

  103. I still think it's a great game despite it's lack of content but it's funny because everytime Minigore gets an update everyone becomes Estatic like WTF people make up your minds


  104. Minigore is a great game in the hands of the wrong company... Like Combat Arms

  105. No one is saying the game is bad. Infact its a testament to the game that people are getting so pissed off about.We have waited a long time for not allot and over the last few weeks the blog hasn't even been about the game, that's what annoys me. personally all ive ever really wanted was multiplayer over gamecentre. Hopefully it delivers sooner rather than later and restores the game rep with us! THE FANS

  106. can't wait!!!! literally

  107. I'm not intrigued for minigore zombies, but I can't wait for the new minigore update, which will include all this new content:
    Huge furry(probably not, I only see it in the art, and yes it's bigger than giant furries)
    Metal bear
    Guerilla bob
    Jenny gore
    The dark knight
    Tommy gun
    Sheep launcher
    Graveyard level
    Manor level
    Lake level
    Ice level
    Desert level
    Enemy lumberjacks(these might be from guerilla bob)
    Evil bunnies of various types
    Enemy crocodiles
    Enemy cossacks
    Enemy cossack giants
    Enemy cossack apaches
    Possible more cossacks
    Enemy zombies(of all types)
    Enemy bosses
    Dead jester
    Story mode
    Hardgore(the tower defense game)
    Dr. Metamusilem
    Master of puppets
    The squid guy
    Minigore monster contest entry finalists
    More encyclopidia pages
    The minigore comic book
    Duel submachine guns
    Lumberjack gore
    Multiplayer over blue tooth and wifi
    And much, much, more!!!!!!!!!!!!


Latest episodes

Episode 5

Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
Emperor Penguin.
Penguin Mob squad.
3 New Encyclopedia pages.

Episode 4

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

Episode 3 (update 7): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

Episode 3 (update 6): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.29) Fur Bombs. Auto-aim. Rebalanced Predator Furry. Inferno mode.

Episode 3 (update 5): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.28) HD-certified, completely redone graphics. Weapon recoil effects for all characters. Performance options. Kill restoration against OpenFeint achievements.

Episode 3 (update 4): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.27) Predator Furry. Zombie Gore. Easter Bunny. Bullet shells. Improved controls. Larger play area. Prettier shadows. Level selection. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.