Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Contest Deadline Reached!

Hi everyone!

Minigore Monster Contest has reached it's deadline. We are currently trying to sort out the best 10 for the voting. There is about 200 participants in total and picking only 10 has proved to be a challenging task. We have been talking about the entries and for the most part we have also agreed which entries should make it to the final.

The voting will start Wednesday 12th of January and will take place on the Forums. For now we have decided everyone will get 3 votes (note that this might still change if we see a better way of doing this). So everyone who wants to vote also has to register on the Forums. 3 votes because otherwise some people would only vote for their own piece of art ;), and because I know it's going to be a tough choice which one to vote!

Anyway, I want to thank you all for participating in this. It was very enjoyable to see what kind of funny, strange creatures people came up with. I think I even fell of a chair once or twice because I laughed so hard. I also think this competition once again made the Minigore community a bit bigger and better place for all of us to be! I especially liked the way everyone was commenting, encouraging and criticizing each other in a good way!

Good Luck and Thank You!


  1. Have they started beta testing yet?

  2. When's zombies coming out. Honestly i'd much rather you release zombies before the multiplayer online and bluetooth.

  3. Hey thnks nelson i nvr knew bout da app checkpts ill check it out wen i get home i thought ud release zombies in an update but thnks for tellin me its promotional deal

    Ps i thought timmo was creative directer idk y guess not lol

  4. Guys Nelson is just lying like everyone else who spams about checkpoints. Also jussi by the way you spelled "once or twice" wrong :)

  5. I typed nels0n in nuthin happened wat am i doin wrong?

  6. nice job pandas8moron. You gave nels0n free points for checkpoints because you signed up for his name. You aren't doing anything wrong, because there never was anything you could do wrong. Get off Minigore Blog Nels0n you faggot.

  7. Removed his comment because he was pretending to be somebody he is not for his own benefit.

    Zombies come out when they are ready. I know this is not a very satisfying answer, but I don't know how well the development process is going to go. At this point they are not ready however and nobody wants unfinished products, even if they are undead :) We'll get on zombies soon enough, though...

  8. That's sort of promising to hear... :)
    glad to know zombies are on their slow rotting way onto our iphones and ipods for our slaughtering pleasure :D


  9. What do you by 3 votes each? does that mean people can vote 3 times for the same entry? :O

  10. has the next update begun beta testing?

  11. I hope that you guys can get this next episode out as soon as possible hopefully in the next few days. I have been telling a lot of people of this game and they buy them immediatly telling me it is awesome but needs a few more features. I hope it will be soon. However, I know it needs to be perfected, as in what is in the next episode. I appreciate all the time you put in this game and it is paying off!

  12. Minigore is amazing I like the co-op with wifi but can you add bluetooth it would be nice, the different characters are very good, I believe you could make this game the best app of all time because of the amount of megabytes it's uses compared to others meaning you could add much more features and improvements keep up the good work and keep the the updates coming Mountain Sheep. It fires up the anticapation.

  13. I wanna vote already!!!!!

  14. A bit off topic for a sec...I know people spamming "CheckPoints" is annoying. I also hate when people say they 'hacked' it. It's a lie because first of all, the points are server sided so you cannot change the points given/get from a referral. On the other hand, "CheckPoints' is legit and I've gotten around $40 from them and I've donated 10 dollars to the breast cancer and gulf of Mexico oil spill. It's real and annoying, and I ain't gunna spam my code.

    Thanks Minigore for all the fun I had. I got this game in August because of ZombieVille USA. It was boring at first, but I got into the game. Currently I have 10k points and all (freenium) characters except for Sensei Evan.

    Great fun stuff. I know this game was free, but I feel it was unfair because it was random. Not like a FAAD or FAr exclusive.

    I could have got the game and one HardLand Prenium. Now I'm sad.
    Thanks Mountain Sheep!

  15. I cant log on to forums. my email/password dont work. HELP

  16. Hey guys! it's me again and i wanted those who are members on the forum to tell me your thoughts on a project i am currently working on it is under Minigore Manual/Leandro thanks :D


  17. Hey Mountain Sheep. There is a bug (well, error) with Sensei Evan. I played co-op with my friend, I used Sensei Evan and he used White GG. At the end, my highscore didn't register (good), but my friend had his score entered into Gamecenter.

  18. Zombies+Next Update= me happy!

  19. I agree with the anonymous above can you guys share in the next site update some new things about zombies? :]

  20. ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Can ANYONE PLEASE tell me ANYTHING they know about information on HARDGORE

  22. ZOMBIES PLZ Gameplay video! make it like 10 minutes long! Zombies zombies zombies PLZ!

  23. Fuck HARDGORE they're not going to continue that project anymore it's been postponed forever

  24. Zombies FTW!!! website needs more zombie info lol


  26. What's the next site update going to be about?

  27. Ummm I'm new and i gotta say l am really impressed with the quality of this game

  28. Dude's what up with the zombies? I already made a playlist with metal music to get me pumped but i cant...why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!! hurry Moutainsheep please i believe in you!

    P.S.for Zombies i was wondering if you can make the characters from left 4 dead because that'd be freaking AWESOME!!!!!


  30. Hey the anonymous above had a good idea about the Lefdt 4 Dead characters,i mean come on who else knows how to slaughter zombies better then Bill,Louis,Francis,Zoey?

  31. Patience is a virtue

    Zombies will come sooner or later

  32. Ahhhh yes indeed patience is a virtue...
    But I need Zombies!!!!!!!!! Lol i can't hold it anymore i'm going to explode like confetti when Mountainsheep releases a new site update talking about zombies

  33. What would you like gamer?

    Gamer:'I would like...ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. I have an idea for the developers that I thought would add some variety:

    On the dark forest level, some furries are engulfed in flame, which makes them faster. It also lights up the place in a creepy way which I love.

    On the snow forest level, instead of flame, you should make some furries have their fur covered in frost. They would move at the same speed, but they would be three times harder to kill. They would also be slightly harder to spot in the snow.

    This would add actual gameplay meaning to the snow level besides just aesthetics, and I believe it wouldn't be too hard to do. What do you guys think??

    P.S. I see this app had waiting issues but from an unbiased person who just bought it yesterday, this app is amazing. The charm of the characters, the slickness of the visuals, and the smooth gameplay even with dozens of furries on the screen makes this app the best shooter app I've played. I supported this with an in-app purchase within 30 minutes of buying it.

  36. i was wondering how far the multiplayer in episode four reaches out. Can i find a game without having a friend nearby?

  37. can you:

    1.add bluetooth option for multi,
    2.add more guns,
    3.add more maps.
    4.add quests: kill 5000 monsters to unlock new map,
    5. maps at day and night,

    game is Very GOOD!

  38. Ok, I've been searching this website for about 30 mins and I finally found the place where u, "tell us what u want in minigore". So, here is what I want...

    Please make more maps. The two already available maps are awesome, but there could be so many more amazing maps! I mean, just look around the book thing in the background on the level select page! There's a desert, mountains, a graveyard, a beach with dinosaur bones... Just so many things u could do with that!

    Also, u could make some missions and challenges! Sure, u can add characters, enemies, and maps all day, but it's still the same shoot 'em up repetitive gameplay :/ I love this game, I just wish it was deeper. Make a story mode or something, I'm sure with mountain sheep's creativity that u could create an awesome story mode. And the current game could be freeplay or something.

    More weapons and powerups. With the new tuff monsters you guys are adding, u'll probably need some weapons that have a little more kick. And occasionally, some hearts need to drop, or be able to choose between an extra life, or monster form when u collect 3 clovers.

    This is a great game already, but these are just some thing ls that I want in minigore. I would easily pay $2.99 for a game that includes all the awesomeness of minigore and these suggestions. Thanks for reading, I hope u consider some of these ideas in a future update.


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