Friday, December 17, 2010

Multiplayer update is out!

Feature list:

- Introducing cooperative multiplayer over WLAN.
- Co-op gameplay addition: Stay closer to your friend to increase the firepower.
- Tons of new John Gore dialogue and system that selects the comments randomly for each game to add variation.
- Elder Gore character pack. Grandpa and Grandma might be old, but they do know how to handle guns. More characters will join that character pack later.
- Full retina display support. Includes splash screen, menus, HUD & Encyclopedia. New cover art for encyclopedia.
- Hires level backgrounds from the iPad version. (requires retina display)
- It's raining snow on the snow level. (requires 3rd gen device or better)
- Many bug fixes and improvements: Bullets don't go through totems, new level emblems etc.

Let us know how you like and what you would improve in the comments! Revival gameplay seems to be a hot topic and we've discussed a few ideas about it. It would definitely decrease the waiting time if other player dies.

I'm guessing the iPad version could come out in January. App store doesn't accept new submissions during Christmas (23rd - 29th December) so we would have time to test it properly during that time and then submit on 30th for example.


  1. Too bad for me local multiplayer is useless. Anyway, great update, the new DLC is awesome!

  2. This was a really awesome update but I really wish that you would add some characters that cost kills and not money. But great update and keep up the great work :)

  3. Really nice game ! If we could play online multiplayer , it would be amazing !

  4. I thought the zombies where included in episode 4. Nevertheless episode 4 is a mile stone for Minigore. I like it very much! Thx guys!!

  5. Yeah Try and get real online multiplayer. Good Work though!

  6. Just a question: will minigore be having a zombie episode or was that just a rumor?

  7. I have a couple inquiries.

    Have you started beta testing on Game Center multiplayer?

    When can we expect the Zombie level to be released?

    When can we expect characters we can purchase with kills?

    What’s up with the Dark Knight?

    It’s a great update, though I have no use for local multiplayer. I eagerly await the online iteration. I also very much hope you never include text on an icon, ever again. Hopefully it’s removed in your next update.

  8. It lags a fair bit and drops out now and then maybe cos it's my itouch 3 or my wifi signal

  9. Hey, Timo! Update is very cool, but can you give us back button, that we can turn off falling snow, because I have iPhone 3G, and Snow Forest doesn't work well on my device. Thanks!

    P.S. All Russian community of Minigore is waiting for addition computer controlled second player in co-op mode, we really need it!

    Sensei Evan (Alexander)

  10. Please make different leader boards for the different character with abilities because I'm annoyed that I can't have any scores, local or online, with sensi Even. ;( also, why is the elder pack double the price of the others if it has only 2 guys and the one with abilities u can buy the same ability with kills? Just wondering.

  11. @sensei evan - now i have an i4, but i'm sure that in the settings you can disable "3rd GEN EFFECTS", for the older devices!

  12. @me "More characters will join that character pack later". Read the article before your comments, please.

  13. WHATS NEW LEVEL? No hay ningun nivel nuevo y eso es lo que esperaba

  14. @anon Yo se, no me gusta tampoco pero primero mejor Que multiplayer es primero y despues Los Nuevo niveles. Hay un nivel Que timo Casi hasta lista con el nivel con zombies!!!!! Y un inglesea Yo creo:)y donned eres? Yo soy de Hawaii pero ya Yo Esta en Colombia para aprender espanol :)


  15. The new characters from the last 2 updates are gonna be free on the ipad update or i will need to buy them?
    does the ipad multiplayer will be compatible with iphones?

  16. I must say thank you for not entirely getting rid of older devices some of us can't afford a new device till birthdays or christmas! And I love the elders lol great update! Lags a little bit though

  17. Are u guys still planing to include the evil night, map with like the Russian people, zombie map, bunny map with Jenny gores sheep slingshot, old man tackle, and Jenny gore herself(not zombie version)?

  18. When there will be a Minigore HD update??

  19. I would like to have a versus mode in co-op, I would like to have the 3rd generation effects back (if having them and the snow makes the frame rate too high, I would like there to be an option where I could turn one off and the other on),and I would like the Dark Knight to cost kills rather than be DLC. I have 1,646,117 kills and every character except the elder gores at the moment.

  20. i must say, this update hasn't added much to the game for me.
    can mountain sheep make a post on what characters voices have changed? i LOVED the john gore quotes, nice to have even more of them, but the new ones don't sound like the same person.
    also, in the snow level, can you make a way to turn the snow off as it makes my phone lag.
    looking forward to getting a i4 so all the lagging worries will be behind me

  21. Im been waiting for a year for this and im not impressed. Did it really take a year just to make this really. I like the game and update but I question the fact that was it worth waiting for a whole year just for a update that took a whole year to make multplayer, grampa and grama gore are not free and no zombies in this. Over all i feel that i wasted my time checking when ep 4 is coming up every day

  22. And also where the hell is HARDGORE does that ring a bell or where u jerking off for a whole year then release this

  23. Why i can't connect with another iphone for co-op?? I select multiplayer and my partner do the same but both iphones just get the message "Searching for players on WLAN..." and anyone can see each other. Both iphones are in the same room and in the same network, even we have some laptops in the same networks and can ping the iphones so, what the hell do we need to play in co-op???

    This update sucks!

  24. @darkhammer- when you click the two player button you have to tap the icon of the level. It should say "READY (touch to cancel)". Hopefully that will work for you.

  25. UMMMM...I got a couple of things i wanted to address although I know you guys are busy but i think you should know the following...
    p.s."some are questions as well"
    1)snow is making my gaming expierience lag too much if you can please fix
    2)John Gore's new quotes totally threw me off when he started saying SHIT!!! and etc. it doesn't sound like EgoRaptor
    3)when on earth will we get Multiplayer online and some characters that CAN be bought with kills!?

  26. U need to fix the lag when playing multiplayer there's to much

  27. My elder gores don't have a buy now button.

  28. For some reason I don't have an option for the 3rd generation effects? Is this a bug or a game change? Before I updated I believe I turned off the 3rd gen effects to see how it is. Now I can't turn them back on. Will this be fixed?

  29. Thanks mountainsheep formthe update!
    Honestly I was very disappointed when I saw the elder gores cost money.
    Make the next update Info about the gamecenter multiplayer, then about the zombies then about the knight guys, PLEASE!!!
    I have a question though, in multiplayer I can only select one level which is the dark forest, is this a bug or is this normal.
    Oh and before I go THANKYOU for listening to my rivival idea, if u missed it here is the info...
    When 1 player dies the other player has 10 seconds to rivive(when they go next to them a green button appears which says revive and has a plus symbol in it(forget what its called)) which takes 3 seconds BUT enemy's CAN NOT hurt while your doing this, when revived they have 1 life but cannot be revived again.
    Also I heard people talking about characters with different perks like maybe a doctor or a nurse who revive to 2 lives or can revived twice. Also I had a really good idea u could shoot your teammate to give them one of your hearts, eg. Player 1 has 1 heart and player 2 has 2 hearts so if player 2 shoots player 1 for 3 seconds player 2 has 1 heart and player 1 has 2 hearts.
    What do u think???
    Thanks for Listening!!!

  30. Is evil Knight no dark night.....

  31. I can't connect to my brothers iPod. We are in the same room, same Internet. I have a gen 3 and he has a gen 1. Why is this happening?


  32. This game keeps crashing for me. I open it up, select a character, and then load a map and it promptly crashes to the SpringBoard. This happens with the main character and on both default levels that you get when you first start the game. I had to revert back to the 1.30 version (by deleting Minigore and then adding the new IPA file) and as a result lost all of 481 kills that I had gotten (though I am happy that my top score and the one character I had unlocked are intact).

    I'm running a jailbroken iPod touch on 4.1. Please contact me if you need more details. I don't quite know how to diagnose this problem or provide information necessary to debug it.

  33. Matt

    Good game but if would be better to have more guns in those crates like assault rifles that sorta thing just more variation of guns also stop the crates blowing up if you shoot them when there's so many monsters on screen you accedently shoot em and blow em up that Rly sucks still its a good game but these would improve it. =D

  34. The co-op mode doesn't work between my iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2G (they doesn't find the other device).

    Moreover, is the singleplayer a bit harder than before? Maybe it's just me.

  35. And what about hardgore ? Are you working on this game ?

  36. Minigore is back on the Australian itunes charts, its on no.189 last time i checked but seeing as this is only the begining of episode 4 i think that once all of episode 4 is done it will be in the top tens again!

  37. Awesome update guys good job but what is WLAN?

  38. Lol, someone said they heard John say "glad I don't have a flamethrower, that would just make more fire furries." that's meh line ^.^


  39. Please make it work over bluetooth. Don't have wi-fi near.

  40. Woah, I just recognized, that sometimes in Snow Forest, the game lags like shit!
    I played Undead Jenny (Single Player!), and each time I shooted with grenadelauncher or I got beast, the game began to lag really hard...
    I dunno if its my device (iPhone 3GS), or the game, but please comment, if anyone has the same problem!

  41. Don't have any problem on my ipod touch 4G.

    The Snow Forest map is beautiful :) i love it!

    Thank you guys. Waiting for online co-op multiplayer.

  42. I love it! I got to try out co-op with my friend and congratulations; it was perfect. He has a fairly old iPhone though so on his screen it was lagging. I also love how it goes to both persons kill count. So you get rewarded for playing co-op. I can't wait to see the zombie episode! I love the falling snow by the way! Great work :)

  43. Have the fence lines always played like they do in this update? I can walk through the fence on the north end of the map and almost go off the screen. On the south end of the map, I can't get anywhere close to the fence... You hit an invisible wall. The east/west sides are better, but there are still some problem areas there as well. Notice this more on the forest map, but the snow map also has these issues.

    I too get lag on the snow map when in single player mode. It's usually the worst when I'm playing in inferno mode... Looks like slow motion. It's not as bad in Insane mode, but is still noticable.


  45. The update itself is pretty cool, but what ever happened to the 3rd gen effects? The button isn't on the options menu anymore, there aren't any bullet shells, and there's just a dark outline left in the place of the fence in the levels. I do, however, see the snow.
    Anyway, is this a permanent thing?


  47. What happened to bluetooth multiplayer? That's the only way I'll be able to play multiplayer. Please add it later.

  48. Great update but of course theres gonna be some problems. Lag on inferno mode when there's lots of muzzle fire and furrys or beast mode on snow map. Also DLC pack I think shud be $1 instead of 2. We need more characters to buy with kills. Also coop leaderboards which will prbly be added during gamecenter coop. Online local is great except for the lag usually only on inferno mode but I gets bad and confusing. Some furies stop and others don't and by the time the lag ends ur dead. Ty MS for another great improvement.

  49. I really want to know how to connect! Can someone please explain the whole connection instructions cause I want to play multiplay soooooo bad!


  50. Great update guys! Love the new snow level, but unfortunately, haven´t tried out the multiplayer yet. But I have a couple of things... First, you should add separate high-scores for each character with a special ability, so even Sensei gets one. You should also make the Encyclopedia better, with a menu where you can chose what you want to read, just look at the almanac in PvZ.
    I have also noticed a bug with the dual-wielding. I was playing with white gangster gore, and had the shotgun dualwielding in level 10, but then i picked up two grenadelaunchers, and they had the ammo and speed of level 10, but only shot one grenade at a time, like when they are in level 1. Hope you guys can fix this.
    But anyway, thanks for another great update :)

  51. We cannot get the local multiplayer to work. We are both is the same room on the same network. Both have the "ready" buttons touched and 2 player. It says "connecting" but never does....please patch this update to address this problem.

  52. @ anonymous above

    That only means your internet connection is shit. not mountain sheeps fault.

  53. Hey here is a non repetitive comment, at least on this reply chain. Please include kills when you shoot different totems, shooting the expert totem should start you with 5000, or however many kills it takes to get to expert. The leaderboard has people with 100k, this means they sat through normal mode and played a looooong time. The leaderboard was perfect when you could inferno with 18000 kills and jump right into the action and still be in contention for high scores. Other than that, you guys rock my socks. Peace out.

  54. How about they just make leaderboards for all 4 game modes or something.

  55. @Himalayaboy, That is not a bug. It's meant to be like that. If you pay careful attention, you will realise Dual-Wielding determines the fire-rate. To upgrade the actual weapons, you must pick them up and they will level up, even though it doesn't show it.

  56. Hey can you guys give us an over head view of the zombie map like you did with the bunny map cuz I'm kinda confused with the layout of it love the update multiplayer ROCKS -Welthyhobo

  57. When I first loaded up the update, the option to buy elder gore was there, but it won't appear anymore :S

  58. I WANT ZOMBIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. @ Quantum Apocalypse
    yes I know, but i was using dual shotguns, and then it´s nearly impossible to pick up just one launcher. it´s only possible with a crate on nighttime

  60. @ Spike27mike
    That's not true about what you said to that other guy, which is messed up. I have comcast and it won't connect either.

  61. more variation of guns!

  62. It looks like the fence was pulled down or something because i can walk through the top of it but i cant even get close to it on the bottom...
    Anyway you said that there would be more characters in the grandma/pa pack. Any hints on what they might be?

  63. Will you bring in a 4th character for the red pack?

  64. Put some new ZOMBIE FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Great update, needs more maps, guns, natural elements (rain or hail), characters with abilities, different types of furries (zombies). This will make this game like no other.

  66. This game also needs a game center online play so we dont have to be playing with people on same wifi. That can get tough. I can't wait for the online play!

  67. Excuse me Mountain Sheep, i am very content with MiniGore, and i suggest to every iPod/iPhone user i know, but i have a question and a few suggestions. Q: I bought the Elder pack, but considering the price, and well, the characters included ( the quantity to be more exact ), is there going to be added characters to it?
    And the suggestion:
    Could your group create a new mode/difficulty that jumps directly to the furries nest, make the weapons(miniguns/shotguns/grenade launchers) all 10 at the begginning, make the experience more intense/fast paced please. Because on inferno the character is usually started off with level 5 weapons, and to reach lvl.10 seems too long. An idea for the title could be: Psycho, or Furries Den/Nest?

  68. About the Elder Gore Pack, I cannot say anything about what is coming, but rest assured there is exciting stuff to come! It will be worth the 2 bucks.

  69. A few anon's above me mentioned more maps. That reminded me about a post near the beninning of the year...
    Are we gonna get to see this new icy level sometime in the future, maybe with hail?

    I also think that some new guns would be nice, like a chaingun character that shoots really fast but can't pick up other weapons. Maybe we could have a set of futuristic characters(alien/robot) with lazer guns that bounce off enemies or go through them.

    Just some ideas...

  70. @ Tim Mackey:
    Will said exiting stuff be released in the next two minigore updates (online multiplayer and zombies)?

  71. @Anon, sorry I don't know. If I did know, I'd probably have to kill you if I told you ;-).

  72. There is a glitch that keeps happening when i play on multiplayer. Randomly everything one my ipod or my friends ipod will disappear and it will just be the character playing

  73. @Tim Mackey:
    I have 1,714,172 kills and every character except the elder gores. Please tell me there are going to be characters that cost kills rather than money.

  74. Sorry @nate_the_great1993, I'm only a lowly Beta Tester, I don't know the answer to that question ;-).

    (btw, holy Crap O.o, that's a lot of kills...)

  75. Great idea with the furries nest
    L33tb1x (to lazy to sign in :D)

  76. Still annoyed that your quick fix for having one leaderboard is that the people who worked so hard getting 1,000,000 kills don't get any saved scores for sensie, local or gamecenter. Then what's the point of getting 100,000,000 kills. Please add multiple leaderboards because I like using sensie but it's no fun without any saved scores.

  77. Suggestions for the game.
    1)Definitely include the level editor
    2)Incorporate bluetooth into the game for those who don't have wifi, like myself
    3)Needs more weapons
    4)Purchasable items through kills is nice, but I'd rather add the other suggestions first as this isn't really that important.


  78. Why won't my multiplayer online work? Is it just local or really online across the globe? I won't check the comments so if you can email me at


  79. Multiplayer never seems to work

  80. Game Center Multiplayer plz. Local is almost useless. Keep updating.


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