Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AI Controlled Player Partner for Elder Gore Pack!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We have been working to have an AI controlled character in game to help player to fight off furries. The character who is following the player can get the beast mode, weapon upgrades and has a health of it's own. If the player dies before the helper dies, player gets the control of the helper and can continue playing. This is a nice addition to people who don't have a stable WLAN and/or are missing a second device for multiplayer. You are of course allowed to play with the AI character even if you don't have these problems.

Many of the reported multiplayer issues are possibly caused by a poor WLAN connection. However we tested the build by walking to the 4th floor of the building when we had the router on the 1st floor and it worked fine. There was so much concrete between the router and the devices it's hard for me to imagine any worse WLAN situation, really. Anyway, since it seems the problems are there, we are going to try to find ways to improve the multiplayer over wi-fi so that it will work better. We have also been working on the multiplayer over Game Center and it's improving steadily. We even worked on a voice chat over GC, first working version done!

Thanks for everyone who found and posted bugs on the blog, it really helps. There should be an update coming January where we try to address all the most important bugs. As Timo said earlier, there's not going to be a submission before January because of the holidays. There's nobody to approve the submission at Apple, and we need a break too :)

MOUNTAIN SHEEP WISHES YOU HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Eat well, spend time with your family and be nice to Santa ;)


  1. Hoooray, we finally got AI controlled second player)))) Thanks, Mountain Sheep Team!!!)))

  2. Sensei, I knew you would be happy about it :)

  3. This is great! This also means more people are gonna be able to reach Sensei Evan

  4. Yes Timo, I am contact to Russian Minigore Community, and I think they are will be very happy! Thanks again!

    So, here is the last question))) Can we play with partner only from Elder Gore pack or every character from game?))) Thanks!

  5. And do we get "3rd gen effects" button back? Because snow level is very lag(((

  6. Merry Christmas, Mountain Sheep! The new stuff you're working on looks awesome!

  7. Awesome!!! :D i can't wait!!!this looks great! :D any idea when online play without gamecenter will be in development :D

  8. Thank you Mountain Sheep!!! You guys are awesome!!! Keep up the good work and have a Happy Holiday!

  9. sweet! can't wait! What about ZOMBIES????

  10. Very cool. Voice chat would be an incredible feature for minigore. can't wait for revival feature and bluetooth multiplayer. Merry Christmas mountain sheep! Enjoy your break!!

  11. I think if you collect 3 additional clovers while in beast mode, a health pack should drop. It could fall from the sky like the shotgun/grenade launcher and give you an extra heart once picked up. This would give more incentive to get the clovers.
    Or after 15,000 kills the health pack could drop.

    Another game mode other than killing would be fun! a territory game mode could easily be developed. The map could be divided into small highlighted areas, with one as the current territory. The players would have to stay inside that area of the map for a certain time limit in order to capture it. If the players leave the teritory before it is captured the time limit will restart. But once captured the monsters would not be able to enter it. Every next territory would have more monsters and be harder and harder to capture. This game mode would be a refreshing addition to Minigore!! As would the health pack drop!

  12. Merry X-mas mounatinsheep!
    But last blog post u send u guys discussed the revival system in multiplayer what did u discuss???
    Is it going alOng???

  13. @Anon 2 above, your territory idea is really cool! I think it would be fun to play.

  14. Awesome ideas :D,hey i've been making sketches for a new menu interface ,would you like to see Timo? :D


  15. @leonardo, I would! post on forums please :)

  16. That is awesome to the highest degree! Thanks for sharing Jussi! You and everyone at Mountain Sheep really do deserve a break!
    Happy holidays, everyone! Well, to be politically correct, happy Mid-December/Early-January, everybody!

  17. Wow! This looks real nice!

    The post isn't too clear about some things though, like:
    Will this AI-thingy only work with the Elder Gore Pack?
    And will this option be in the January-update? Or will the January-update only fix some WiFi-bugs?

    Keep up the good work guys!

  18. Sander, the next update feature list currently looks like this:

    1. Game Center online multiplayer. (Possibly with voice chat)

    2. VBO optimization for 3rd gen devices or better. It should improve performance quite a bit for the affected devices.

    3. Character duo called "Elder Gore" in the character selection screen. Choosing Elder Gore will let you play with that AI controller partner like shown in the video.

    4. Qpeurtl427 had that walking through fence problem. We've located the bug and noticed it happens when playing with flipped screen. That's probably another thing that will be fixed for the update.

    5. I've heard something about lots of penguins and a new gun but we'll see about that...

  19. Very cool Timo. You mean a map where it's penguins and a new map??? how about that gun? can we have some hints about that? And do you have any idea how much longer it will take based on your knowledge of where you're at compared to other updates?

  20. Guys dont you think the clovers icon should be returned? have them right underneath the hearts? Cmon its not that big a deal but it would be VERY helpful. I'm ALWAYS accidentally going into beast mode when its like wormwolf or something even when i thought i only had like 1. Please guys! dont you think the clovers should come back???

  21. Ello there, like the update but I'd like to post both some bigs relatively unnoticed, and a suggestion involving the lag. Firstly, the bugs:

    1.) So when are at bushes, the skull, ect u have fragmentation from both bullets and your character, this is somewhat noticeable

    2.) This bug is probably very rare, here is why happened:
    As I bought the elder gore pack, GC was offline at that time, later it was back online sometime after the pack got bought. This resulted into another one of those bugs like before, where this time the Elder Gore achieve. was not unlocked in achievements, I have all other achievements now though. I see this as. Problem for people whom may buy the packs without having a GC profile, then later getting one, I hope MS fixes this.

    3.) As we know u may wall through the fence, however this is not so On the E/W Walls, this error does not occur. Howeer for quite some time whenever you are near those fences, a crate from after beating wormwolf or in normal circumstances may end up past the fence, out of reach and useless, this can be quite a nuisance as u must somehow destroy it, wasting time in the process.

    I suggest that with this, make it where the fence and areas past it are collisional objects (mayb add that update too) so that boxes won't land there and u can't go past it as it is a collisional object.

    Also, some people have mentioned lagg, which depends on your device. I so happen to have a late 3rd gen so only grenades on snowlevel or other erupted special weapons creates lagg. However I found this beneficial. Here's why and how:

    Firstly, with lagg of up to 1/2 the framerate, u have 2x the reaction time, (see where I am getting at?) idk exact lagg, but this means u can do much better with this "minilag" and it has partially helped get me a first time run since Ep 4. Of 17k in zombie gore, and then nxt time I got 34+k in Ganster normal, double improved from zombie, and both higher than previous highscores. This helped me et from just under 700k kills to the final stretch of 1m for sensei (sadly I got just over 1m, I didn't get exact due to a beast mode) This took about a hr or 2, but the lagg made it much more enjoyable. As a plus it looks EPIC using sensei dual grenades in slow motion. Idk exact lagg amount but I am guessings it's about 1/2 of the framerate.

    So what I am suggesting is to make "induced lagg" ie, have sunflowers that appear (or some other random thing) in 3 colours, Red. Blue, and icy White. As a minute reference to redshift and blue shift, red "clover" will slow everything, or time in general including fire rates, to about the same as the lagg episodes. Blue will increase the rate in a similar proportion (though "equal" you have a lesser reaction time, could be a fun challenge though) thus if lagg is about 1/3, red makes speed 1/3, and blue 3x. Finally icy White slOws down enemies by about 1/2 of normal speed, thus although red and blue would cancel out, icy combined with either or just icy would prove useful indeed.

    There would be a separate bar for these time modifiers, and if two are active the bar would either be a iced red or iced blue, as blue and red simply cancel out, there would be a sort of illusion affect on the fifth "clover" (u need 5 vs 3 needed for beast) with purple swirls around it. Anyways this would add a whole new strategic element to the game.

    And for 2 other minor things, to use the beast bar as a powerun bar too for when damaged, helpin you keep track of how long u can go crazy. But also at a retain point in beast mode u cannot pick up clovers, a useful way to help show when u need to pick one up is a simple red line on the bar showing when it is too late, and for when it is for the bar to turn red or orange. (ms choice)

  22. I also would like to make a suggesting for a kill character

    As people are unlocking sensei we want more to unlock, (I sure do) also we now can lose progress after sensei. So for about 5 million kills u could unlock guerilla bob with a 2h chaingun (that overheats) and instead of grenades you get rocket launchers, and instead of shotguns you obtain flamethrowers.

    And finally as a bonus you have a similar soccer mode as in guerilla bob, that could
    be up to 4 or 8 person multiplayer. Wether it be a furry or a Santa head.

    Anyways, that is all I have to say and I hope ms listens.

    -Omnia X

  23. Are u guys still making the snowy map with the enemies in red clothes and jenny's bunny map with a sheep slingshot or whatever it is.

  24. I like this idea: "use the beast bar as a powerun bar too for when damaged, helpin you keep track of how long u can go crazy. But also at a retain point in beast mode u cannot pick up clovers, a useful way to help show when u need to pick one up is a simple red line on the bar showing when it is too late, and for when it is for the bar to turn red or orange. (ms choice)" from Omnia X

    I think it would be really helpful!

    Thanks and merry christmas everyone!


  25. The sway's ninja man has a bug when he ran for 12 seconds you have the same power as the beast stage

  26. I believe that is withall of em if u pay attention, as the multiplier is when u hit an enemy, cept in best mode u r invincible, it may not be a bug but who knows? Still would be nice keeping track of how long u may powerun.

  27. 5. I've heard something about lots of penguins and a new gun but we'll see about that...

    a penguin gun? :p

  28. I personally prefer seeing the clovers on screen at all times. Lately I have had trouble remembering how many I have. In the next update could you possibly have clovers displayed on the right side of the kill counter?
    (Keep hearts too! They are also nice to have.)

  29. You can know if you're going into beast mode is, the third clover will always be on fire.

  30. Okay, this feature will definitely make the Elder Gore pack worth $1.99. Bought it before I knew about this to support you guys anyway. ;)

    I got a good idea for how to incorporate deathmatch. Maybe it can be up to four players or more. I'm thinking of a map with a lot of obstacles to hide behind for deathmatch. To make it fair you can make it so your weapon overheats and you must kill other players to pick up ammo. Also, you should keep the same health system of three hearts, accept for every five kills, you get a heart back. People will tend to die easily because they only have three lives which, in my opinion, is fine. Also, there should be gates that you can open to let furries in to hurt other players, but they can also hurt you. But, that's just an idea...

  31. Merry Christmas guys! Enjoy your vacation =D
    I have an idea: Military Gore!
    He would wear camouflage and a helmet, and be tough as hell!
    What do you guys think?

  32. I agree with the anon we should have the clovers at the right side of the kills. Please make is so! Do you guys agree? It's so simple but so helpful!

    I think a game mode called defend would be awesome. After selecting your mode, say insane, the insane totem would teleport to the expert spot and the expert and normal totem would dissapear. Then you must defend the totem. I think it would work best in a area i thought of called ruins. a bunch of ope stone ruins that has some places you could shoot out of, and others that you walk or shoot through. Also for the idea about deathmatch, i think it would be better if the hearts would be replaced by a health bar! Just the ammo only at the top where the hearts are. Please MS followers! help me spread the word and make minigore better!

  33. i agree with spike27mike and have always thought so since the halloween update

  34. It won't let me buy elder gore =(
    (l33tb1x, still can't be bothered to sign in)

  35. could the next update be about the contest or zombies? pretty please!

  36. Yes! please MountainSheep,can you please shed some light on whats going on with the undead whom reside in Hardland?I'd love to know what's up with them and that evil knight who lingers in the darkness

    -Leandro :D

  37. Hay guys if you read this I and alot of others want this app to be free. PLZ
    From me and 462 others

  38. Oh yeah merry Christmas everyone

  39. @Reece:
    Minigore was free for quite a while.

  40. does this only work with Elder Gores?

  41. the game is GREAT but we WANT multiplayer over bluetooth too!!!

  42. I've bought the elder gores, yet i cannot/dont know how to play with the ai partner?

  43. Well, they must have given up on multiplayer through GameCenter, because its more then a year later, and there is none

    Or they could still be making it...


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