Thursday, November 25, 2010

Multiplayer is just around the corner!

Minigore now has around 1,5 million players worldwide! Amazing huh?! After we put Minigore free on App Store, the download amounts skyrocketed. We were expecting the downloads get bigger, but we certainly didn't expect this much!

New update finally came out, and the feedback has been very positive. I'm glad about this :)

We have started multiplayer beta testing! Hold your horses, everyone... I know how much you wait for Ep 4 to be ready. However, there is still going to be some fixing before we are ready to submit the update with multiplayer. Beta testers are currently working on the multiplayer aspect of Ep 4, but not yet the graveyard / zombies. Why? -You might ask. It's because we want the beta testing to be less chaotic. This way we can pretty much isolate the problems of the multiplayer without having to be concerned about the bugs in the zombies -part. Splitting Ep 4 into two releases isn't an impossible option either and in that case you would get your hands on multiplayer very soon.

New favicon for the Minigore forums:


  1. OMG, Cant wait!!!

  2. Important question: In multiplayer can we play with computer parthner? (not human)

    Thank you!

  3. It's not clear. Multiplayer will be only local via WiFi & Bluetooth, or online(via GameCenter, like FruitNinja etc..)? I haven't so many friends with iPhone/iPod..

  4. Oh, cool! Multiplayer will be funny! So the zombies will come later then? :( And, what about the Evil Knight?

  5. I had an inclination this would be the next post. Usually you guys post right when the next update is available in iTunes, but for whatever reason, you didn't. It made me think, well, maybe MS is waiting until they can conclusively announce multiplayer will be out soon, and coincidentally, that happened.

    Not to mention, I practically flipped out when I read the title. While I think it's cool you could split it up, I'd much prefer it to be released as one update. We've been waiting a while now, and what's another couple weeks?

  6. Can we have a few screen shots of multiplayer to get everybody exited?

  7. Hey is multi-player only for people who have gamecenter? if so,then alot of people might miss out :(

  8. Hey that is awesome, but could you please answer my question, is there going to be a story mode, ever??? or is that just to much to ask for?

  9. Multiplayer does not have a computer player. It will be WLAN, bluetooth, and gamecenter(although not sure if game center will be in initial release but thay are working hard).


  10. The 2.0 version of "Stick Stunt Biker" game, uses GameCenter in combination with OpenFeint...

    Any chance of Minigore having it too ??

  11. This is the best news I've heard in the whole year. Great work, guys, can't wait =D !

  12. Congratulations on Minigore's popularity guys!
    Im very happy to hear that Multiplayer will soon be ready and i quite like the new white gangster gore!
    Just one complaint about the Encyclopedia, sure the pictures are cool but it just seems a bit tacky. All you do is tap on the screen! Shouldn't there be like a contents page or something so that you could choose which ones to look at? It would be a bit more Encyclopedia-ic then! Thanks.

  13. Give WI-FI multiplayer too all devices with and without game center please!

  14. And a FULL retina support? At least for the NEW graphics!

  15. I agree with the anonymous about the wi-fi so ill quote him:
    "Give WI-FI multiplayer too all devices with and without game center please!"

    it only makes sense but btw congrats with the popularity raise and the beta testing for multiplayer


  16. 1 YEAR! HA! I'll believe it when I see it.

  17. So does this mean I wont be able to play multiplayer on my 1G ipod touch?

  18. @Anon and Leandro, local wifi co-op doesn't use gamecenter, it's p2p (peer-to-peer). Everyone, regardless of what device you have, should be able to play it. The only restriction will be with performance on older devices, which mountain sheep is doing it's best to address.

    @Spike, as Jussi said, we are already testing it. That doesn't mean it will be finished in the next week, by any means, but it's proof that multiplayer actually exists :P.

    -Tim (mackit)
    Beta Tester

  19. Will single player zombies be out with multiplayer?

  20. Congratulations I can't wait.

  21. So is there online via game center Tim??

  22. @anon 3 above, as jussi noted in this post, zombies may or may not be out at the same time as multiplayer.

    @anon 1 above, as jussi mentioned, we are testing everything in chunks to make things more manageable. Online via game center is part of the whole multiplayer plan :)

  23. unfortunatly old systems have to be left behind or else ipod gaming will always be held back

  24. AWSUM!!!!!!!!
    Hey guys me and my friend r doing the monster comp. Where doing a Frankengore monster using clay. But we need help with the story. I was thinking maybe someone could of made him to kill John Gore becuase he's killing all his zombies.
    Any suggestions???
    -Wacko Jacko

  25. Does anyone know how many weeks/how long it will take for the update to come out? Just a simple pointer would be great!

  26. @timmo

    If my entries for the contest arent blocky will that affect me from winng?

  27. @jan, haha, people are all obsessing over the whole "my creature has to be blocky to fit into minigore" thing. I'm pretty sure that it's irrelevant—If you have a good idea for a character, and if the concept fits with the minigore universe, I'm sure it will be fine. I mean, furries aren't blocky, neither is the wormwolf.

  28. Very Awesome :D
    But what's about melee?

  29. Agree with me if you think it's good. Make that tank at the top screen. Every morning when the supply drop comes you should get a like 1/6 chance of getting one of those tanks

  30. Sensei Evan: Player 2 can only be human. Adding computer controlled second player is a good idea though :)

    cr: At the moment we're beta testing wifi co-op, next in line for testing is Game Center online multiplayer.

    Zabor: Yeah, zombies probably later. We want co-op out as soon as possible.

    Saku: If it arrives as a christmas present for you fans that would be the optimal timing! :)

    Machination: It's starting to be very close to final, we wouldn't have posted about it otherwise. The development has been a long and bumpy road.

    Snatcher: For the time being we're unveiling the story through encyclopedia & the upcoming comic pages. Maybe somewhere down the road we'll do longer & progressing levels with specific missions. In order for that to happen we need a proper level tile system (Age of Zombie style levels), it's very time consuming to make unique levels like those in current Minigore.

    Anonymous: We're not bringing OpenFeint back. Too much effort to maintain two different systems.

    I've done all assets in retina display resolution (new pads, markers etc.), there might be some assets which don't end up in the next update though. (there's memory issues because of texture size and we need to solve them etc.)

    We can post some screenshots next week! :)

    Anonymous: During the xmas rush updates can easily take two weeks to get through.

    PiercedDrums (DIA) Melee isn't possible before xmas, too much work.

  31. Non-blocky contest submissions are fine, just like Tim Mackey already mentioned :)

  32. Just a question to Timo or Tim, is it okay if I make a new weapon? I got the basic designs worked out, what the gun looks like, the crates, fire rate, ammo, mini packs (new).

    Is it okay if I submit it?
    Also, if you are wondering, it's a new rifle to add on the weapons. It's design is like a G36C rifle.

    Some ideas is that it is 2 handed (no dual weapons), it comes in a mystery box with 25% chance (37.5% for the shotgun and grenade launcher). It has 1.5X the normal gun (it's a Mac-11 or a UZI right?) and it has piercing bullets (which go through up to 3 furries).

    MiniBoxes add-on with extended clip (+100 bullets), better stock (2X regular rifle's fire rate), and enhanced scope (this zooms out the screen by 10% for more view and increasing range of bullets). These add-ons last until the gun ammo goes out. Add-ons do NOT stack (cannot have more than one add-on equip).

  33. What happened to metalbear and teogore??

  34. Timo, (Graveyard) Each wave will the zombies become.
    (A) Harder to kill
    (B) More Plentiful
    (C) Both A and B

  35. And when you guys have some time, could you make a minecraft texture pack? With Minigore textures? A guy is modding guns and much more! Like: AK-47, MP5, Desert Eagle, shotgun, rocket Launcher and Sentry guns! They'r not a bow re-skin, and the bullets is fast! The AK-47 has a stack of 32 bullets ( only one in the fast inventory ), MP5 has the same, Desert Eagle has 8, Shotgun has 4, the rocket launcher shall have 1, but in alpha 64 O_O and the sentry got limited ammo! ( but it have bad aim as skeletons ).. Link :

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Oops, that last post was me signed in with the wrong account. sorry.

    @Zabor, I can't understand what you're trying to say about the guns, but Timo made a john gore skin for minecraft a while back. Here's a link to the post with his john gore minecraft texture:

  38. Hey timo thanks 4 answering, good to know this game si going to be fun to play for a long time with all the upcoming updates.

  39. Im loving the new header! John Gore in a tank!?! I wonder what that means ;)

  40. The new header IS incredible! WOW I'm excited more than ever about what this could mean!! I still wonder what the creatures and ppl in the old header was. There was a voodoo looking doll, a couple of ppl I've never seen before, some giant black demon looking monster, will these characters ever make appearances in future updates? Also, one complaint. It's an old complaint but I was playing Minigore and it is annoying... In the snow level, I can never find the place to stand to get a skull. You redesigned the level but now it's soooooo hard to get to the skull. Could you make the spot a little less specific? Or more obvious? I wanna jump right into Inferno Mode, not spend all day tryna find it, if I find it at all...

  41. I don't think the header means anything just a cool design I mean when has the header ever signified anything... Judgement day anyone??

  42. Im pretty sure the judgement day header had something to do with the story, refering to John's past criminal acts.

  43. I could do some beta testing. I have an apple developer account so I can sync apps to my phone and I have used minigore since it came out

  44. I've just thaught of a good idea: a map where all you get are the huge furies! Also new characters for Christmas like Elf Gore and Reindeer Gore or Evil Santa Gor or Mrs Gore( John Gores wife). The Christmas characters could wield present launchers( basically grenade launchers but fires presents that explode when they hit the floor)

  45. Am I the only one who thinks the short grave robber in the first pic looks like Hitler? I'm sure this is unintentional and I love the original art that Timo makes.


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