Monday, November 1, 2010

Graveyard news

Hey all!

We just started beta testing the next update of the game with Gangster Gore in a white suit, dual wielding shotguns. First version of Encyclopedia is included too.

This weeks blog post is about some polish on the future content: graveyard and the zombies. At the end of the post I will make a small Q/A -section from the questions I've picked from the comments and will try to shed some light on them. First here's some new screen shots from the zombie level. The chest you see on the pic is a "treasure chest" that will give you more kills. Also Timo changed the walls on the level shorter so that the enemies wouldn't get stuck behind them. Vlado used his magical programmer skills and shader technologies to make the blood look SUPER.

Questions and Answers:

Q1) What happened to the grenade ability that was going to be in ep 3?
A1) It didn't suite the gameplay fluently, so it became a grenade launcher instead.

Q2) What happened to Old Man Tackle?
A2) Timo says: Work in progress.

Q3) Why playing Sensei Evan leads to a message "Too skilled for leaderboards."?
A3) Currently we are going with a one leaderboard only and Sensei Evan is not balanced compared to other characters. Only a handful of people have managed to get Sensei and we think it would be a bit unfair for everyone if Sensei was the only character you could get to leaderboards with.

Q4) What's the point of the star system?
A4) At this point the stars are only showing the amount of time played with a character. There has been some ideas about how we could use the feature to make it more worthwhile to get full stars but for now we are not planning on implementing any of them. Personally I find this something that could be done after more important parts of the game are done.

Q5) What's the situation with the Ep 4?
A5) Getting there. Multiplayer needs more work. Next in line is a "revival mechanism" in Co-Op. No more exciting news, sorry. Kimmo is working on merging the iPhone/iPod version code of the game with the HD version code to make future implementing easier. Release date is NOT going to be November 2010. That's all there is to say about the release date for now.

Q6) Game Center support for older devices?
A6) Can't be done. Unfortunately it's not up to us (Mountain Sheep). Someone was hoping we could have OpenFeint working simultaneously with GC, but we are not going to go back to OF. This because it requires too much regular upkeeping from our part.


  1. Philovskoy AlexanderNovember 1, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    OK, New version is Beta-testing now, but when you guys submitted it?

  2. Man I can't wait!!!!!

    I want the zombies so bad.....

    Anyway, sorry for hyper excitement.
    So the next update will contain:
    Gangster gore in a white smoking with dual shotguns
    Encyclopedia ver 1.0

  3. Philovskoy AlexanderNovember 1, 2010 at 9:29 AM

    And second question: Gangster Gore is "Hardland Premium" character or should we buy it for our "kills"?

  4. great news jussi :)

    @Philovskoy Alexander
    it will be submitted when we are done with testing

    White Gangster gore with dual shotguns
    3 Encyclopedia pages
    a new icon
    bug fixes


  5. Oh... so the above pics aren't for the next update? :( Disappointed... But, to look on the bright side I guess, at least we're getting Gangster Gore in that lovely white suit. I guess Encyclopedia will be nice, though that was nowhere on my list of interest, ever... The pics for the zombies looks crazy lovely though. Can't wait...

  6. When you say merge, is it going to be one application, or two separate ones like it is now? I only ask because I have both, haha.

  7. Philovskoy: White Gangster Gore is included in existing Kid Gore & Gangster Gore set.

    John: Merged version means we don't have to maintain two different code bases, it will all be in one code base. Minigore and Minigore HD remain separate apps. It mostly helps us to develop content faster and releases can be synchronized better.

  8. Question: will elder gore be a playable character?

  9. Thank you Jussi for that. Nice to have all my questions answered.

    Hopefully there's still chance for Ep 4 to be released before the year ends.

  10. One question. Will that uber blood effect also translate over to killing furries?

  11. Hi, I know this might sound stupid, but could you one day add an option at the character selection screen that picks a random character? I have them all and they're all awesome I never know which one to choose!

  12. Philovskoy AlexanderNovember 1, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    Ahoy +1

    This is great idea!

  13. please dont add the new blood effect to furries, its to disgusting and too much blood for a little thing

  14. Yes, Timo and Kimmo, can you add randomization of characters?



  16. Hey u know that hole in the top left of the first pic it looks like that concept art by rooteboy at touch arcade

  17. Joshua (GC: LOUDmouthNOMAD)November 1, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    Anon two above me, please refrain from cursing, the Poll. Patch comments got way out of hand with the anger and hatred, so please try to stay calm.
    Anyway, a new update already? Awesome! I love how MS is not only making bug fixes but also adding more stuff.
    Any hope of seeing Jenny or anyone else new this time around?

  18. Hey guys! I found the interesting thing! Can you see on first screenshot, there is a circle emblems of zombies? And can you see the GREEN EMBLEM WITH SKULL?

    Timo, what is that? Is that a new enemy, or another Easter Egg?


    Sensei Evan.

  19. @sensei evan

    That might be an indicator for the chest that gives u kills because its a green skull

  20. Excellent. Thank you for clearing those questions up jussi.

    Guys, let's try making the next week on the blog a positive one, alright? The other testers and I had to give jussi rehab from nightmares of baby seal hunting after last time.

  21. @Mountain Sheep
    Is it possible to get the clover bar back, because sometimes I forget how many clovers I have and I do not use them in the right time. Also white gangster gore with dual shotguns sounds sweet!!



  22. Ithe one thing I would realy like right now is to have Minigore themed wallpaper for my iPod. To be more specific, I want to have something so cool, so awesome to be on my wallpapeer: a high resolution Easter Bunny wallpaper!

  23. wow it's look awsome.

    by the way. I still can't find "inferno" mode. Can you give me some precision tips?

  24. Please please add me on game centre please my name is "Silly Daly" thanks

  25. Has anybody ever thought about how zombie gore on the zombie map might not work out so well? I might end up thinking Im one of the zombies not zombie gore, (not Jenny Gore because her outfit is blue and that is easy to stand out)


  26. So does multiplayer look like it will be primarily co-op or will there be a competitive aspect to it too? Both would be nice :)

    I also think you should consider giving players kills for hitting higher difficulty totems. Couldn't these kills be registered as empty and therefore not count towards the overall kill count? I know pretty much nothing about programming games though :)
    -Pizza Sauce

  27. Those who are talking about the green icon about the skull, I think is the inferno mode because in the second picture you can see the treasure chest and in the right bottom corner is the green skull icon.


  28. PleAse have the cover bar back please put it under the life bar

  29. Good job getting updates out quickly. Every 3 wkd wud be great after waiting
    so long for past updates when it first came out glad to see ur picking up pace still my fav game since came out. Also I wud like to see clover bar and timer for ninja when u use his ability. Keep up the good work and fast blog posts.

  30. Great job! I'm loving the fast progress you guys seem to be making! Keep it up!

    Was the part about the release date about "NOT going to be November 2010" a hint perhaps? ;)

  31. how do i become a beta tester? will someone please respond? thanks :/

  32. No beta positions. You missed out.

  33. Awwww dang that's a shame,what do i do now i've got nothing to look forward too :(


  34. damn,pack your bags old device owners we've officially been laid off as fans no longer shall we be able to enjoy the awesomeness that is Minigore oh well nor understand all the cool new features the newer device owners shall benefit from -_-

  35. I just hope Timo and and mountainsheep can honor my request for a BattleBears themed map pack with Huggables as enemies and Oliver as a playable character heck i'll type my IDEA just for this last time :)...

    i know alot of people will say that "it's a stupid idea or hey stop telling them your ideas"
    or that im not a fan.truth is im a HUGE fan it's the only game i have on my iPhone seriously!...anyways

    I have an idea that i wanna swing your way:Minigore is famous for having requested characters on the roster right? well i was thinking if you would consider asking skyvu to make a "Oliver" character from battle bears as a EXCLUSIVE character that people would buy...but why?Because when they buy the character they would get a FREE EXCLUSIVE map that the enemy's wouldn't be furries or zombies but HUGGABLES!!! it'd be amazing and you can give Oliver some catchphrases from the game and the stage could be on the ship from the actual game itself plus each of the characters could have a catchphrase for that map

    John gore:"What the- they're pink?!"
    Jerry gore:"HAHA!I was right there is teddy bears!"
    Oliver:"OK!you want some!?" "take that HUGGABLES!"

    Here's to minigore bye guys

    -Leandro :D

  36. Will multiplayer be for everyone or only for people with GC?

  37. Ahoy +1

    Also wasn't the Metalbear character supposed to duel weild shotguns? He won't seem so epic after white tux john =/.

    Ps. Please please PLEASE! make the next character obtainable through kills! I have both hardland premiums, and all the characters unlocked. I don't really like the new characters to be given to me for free. I'd be more motivated to play if I were saving for sumthing :)


  38. @Anon 2 posts above me, that's a good question! I'll see if I can get a response from the beta group, if not, maybe someone else will be able to answer.

  39. hey all.
    Thanks for the quick updates MS, its giving excitment back to the game :) and thanks also for giving us a bit more info on the progress of Ep 4. keep working hard on it cos its looking and sounding pretty darn awesome at the moment.

    I just thought i'd also make a suggestion based on the User interface of the menu. when you die, you get two options
    1)Play again
    now this is ok but i think exit should be changed into maybe a few buttons like 'change character' and 'change map', because exit only takes you back to the map screen meaning there is no quick way to change characters. just a little thing but it would be much appreciated if something like this could be implimented
    Thanks again for all the hard work on the content updates

  40. @thatoneguy

    You make an excellent point. I wonder what the fate of the character as a whole is now.

  41. Anonymous at 7:45 on the first: Since multiplayer is available via both bluetooth and wi-fi, all devices with bluetooth are welcome. According to Wikipedia, all Apple models, iphone or ipod, can use bluetooth, except for the first generation ipod. However, I'm not sure about wi-fi because Mountain Sheep may use their own servers to host games. But this is not really efficient for them because it's too expensive for the small audience of people that would use it. Therefore, they could use Apple's Game Center servers, which are FREE, and therefore costs them nothing to host or maintain. The downside is that less players would use it. (the ones who lack Game Center)The latter is much more likely, in my humble opinion. (I'm anti-acronym =D)) For those of you wondering, all ipods (minus the sad first generations, again) support game center. Not sure about iphones, but I think 3g, 3gs, and 4 support it. I don't know for sure, though.

    thatoneguy: that's exactly what I was thinking!

    Anonymous at 7:05 on the first: yup they completely ditched old generation users, which is why they are producing the encyclopedia, the comic, zombie survival mode, a new stage, new bosses, and new enemies, all while explicitly taking more time in production to make sure they run on older devices. Oh wait, looks like they haven't laid you off!

    Great job as always, Jussi, as well as the rest of the Mountain Sheep staff.

  42. Another thing that I need to see is more characters to earn. But I would like white tux gore in kid gore pack cuz thats where he belongs.

  43. I still have one question. HAVE YOU GIVEN UP ON HARDGORE? I just really want to know because they said it would be released over a year ago.

  44. I have some suggestions for the next version.

    1)Radar should be curved around the joysticks instead of at the edges of the screen because my thumbs block the view.

    2)Different radar icons for fur bombs to give you a warning of where to move to avoid running into them and dying.

    3)Short range flamethrower which sets ground on fire and kills furries if they run into the flames. Flames should last 3-4 seconds.

    Please give some feedback on these ideas.

  45. That's the spirit, finally the kind of blog posts I was hoping for =D !

    The zombies level seems to be going very well, looking forward to playing with it.

    And thanks for the transparency on multiplayer : as I said, I'm much more relieved to hear that it won't be out in November and why, than just being in the fog.

    Keep up the great work, MS !

  46. @alandangerchu

    Yes, the clover bar has gone removing clutter from screen. But when you walk up close to your (potential) third clover it starts flaming to remind you that inferno mode will result.

  47. what do people with 3G models have to do to have GameCenter support?! :O PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  48. OMG
    All my friends were not using 3Gs or 4,
    we LOVED minigore, but now, no more open feint....
    cant save our scores anymore....

    Bye, minigore:'(

  49. damn...mountain sheep is ignoring the fans using iphone3G

  50. Just an idea for the star system, would it be possible to have is based off the number of kills gained? It would level the character up by unlocking different starting perks/weapons/etc. And in order to continue to level the character, the unlocked item must be used to reach a certain kill number to unlock the next star. If you have any questions post a comment on TA foruums or on the next blog post and I will send an email about this or other ideas.

  51. I can't play minigore for longer than 15 minutes because if I do then my ipod touch will flash white and restart. Please fix. I don't have this problem with any of my other apps.

  52. Hey, do you know if you can restore kills with GameCenter?

    I love that feature that other apps do not have. I recently broke my iPod and got a new one, so I was glad I got my 60K kills back.

    But that was with OpenFeint, so will it work with GameCenter?

  53. An option to change from auto aim to manual or vice versa in mid game would be pretty useful I think.

  54. @Bryan, you should send a bug report to Mountain Sheep with your device details (i.e.-model of iPod/iPhone and iOS version) and an explanation of the problem. You can email them using this link:

  55. i say remove auto aim OR make a separate leaderboard for it

  56. @Anon

    Separate leaderboard is exactly what the game needs.

  57. I know also it needs a sensei evan leaderboard

  58. @Leandro:

  59. @Leandro:

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. @anon




    I had that problem with my 2nd gen iPod Touch, I think that it might just be an issue with older generation iPods because my 4th gen doesn't crash anymore

    (note: i deleted my first post to combine two)

  62. Woooooo. I JUST REACH 500,000 KILLS!!!!!

  63. Ok so one of my friends has an iPad an I have a iPod touch will we be able to play co-op together?

  64. i dont think so and please add me on game centre please "Silly Daly" thanks

  65. Great game MS.
    1) Desert level
    2) Metal Bear? I mean come on, he's awesome.
    3) More crossovers e.g Pocket God, Doodle Jump
    4) Character Randomization
    5) Get rid of 'Unlock in 100 kills' etc when unlocked ( it looks like i havent unlocked them)
    6) Keep up the Great work Guys!
    All this preferably after episode 4. (:

  66. Remember the new character thats supposed to come out in episode four, the evil knight melee person. What ever happened to him? He was cool and i was looking forward to playing as him.

  67. @Anon, as far as i know, the evil knight melee character is still planned to be released (I'm assuming with episode 4, but I'm not 100% certain).

  68. What was that ??? in the Episode 4 tab of the blog?

  69. hey i actually like leandros idea it actually sounds like a really good DLC idea i can actually see myself playing this in the near future i can't wait to see this idea hopfully come to light :D <3 you got my support leandro

    +10 votes 1 for every one of my fingers

  70. HAHA!!! i love Jerry's quote that leandro made xD and John's quote too i copied it just to show how funny they are! :)

    John gore:"What the- they're pink?!"
    Jerry gore:"HAHA!I was right there is teddy bears!"

    i LOL'D and got inspired by leandro so I made my own for Jenny gore:"Pinks not EVIL!" "Taste my lead you adorable mistake"

    Those are golden ideas,you gotta hire this guy MS he's a catch

    +1 woot! woot!

  71. Hi, all. I recently updated to 4.1 (3GS) and I noticed that I don't have the achievements for the premium characters. I bought them both long time ago and I'm able to play with all premium chars but I still don't have the achievements for them. Does anybody know a solution?

    Aside from that, great job on the latest update. Game Center is awesome, I can't wait for Episode 4 and multiplayer!

  72. awwwwww thanks the 2 anon above pleshy thanks for your support but its up to MountainSheep to decide what makes the cut and what gets vetoed and the anon who made the jenny quote i love that quote as well :)


  73. @leandro
    the 2 anons are obviously u

  74. @leandro

    im not trying to sound negative or anything but

    I dont think MS would bother putting so much work into doing a crossover seen as we already have a bear character in minigore,

    and personally i dont like the idea


  75. The whole crossover ideas are getting played out now. For every app that gets released and is a big hit, should Minigore just crossover with them too? The more crossovers they do the bigger sellouts they become. They need to spend more time making the updates and improving the game, not doing meaningless crossovers. We got Quick Hook, the bear, that lizard, I think we've had enough. They just need to do something about supporting older devices for recording high scores. Matthew mentioned bosses and new maps for all devices, and that's nice, but since there's no actual levels or story, the core of Minigore is achieving high scores. Imagine Doodle Jump or the multitudes of similar apps that are for getting high scores, with no way to record scores! Where's the fun?? Allowing only GameCenter, which is only for newer devices (3GS and newer), WILL limit this app, and the last thing app needs is to be limited to people. It needs promotion and expansion, but by limiting it to certain devices, that will only hurt this app in sales and make promotion useless. But maybe MS is thinking "eventually everyone will have a newer device at some point." So the older device people are just being dropped in hopes of them being replaced by the newer blood. If so that is sad. These devices are expensive to some of us. We can't be spending $300+ every year or two because Apple decides to release a few new features that should've and could've added years ago. Luckily I have a 3GS but I guess I better buy the iPhone 4 or whatever comes out next year before half of my apps decide to only work on the newer devices too...

  76. @jcyoutube18

    That's apple's way of making people buy new devices. Tell them that even though they can upgrade to the newest OS, the newest game social network will only work on relatively new devices. That way, you don't directly force people into getting a new device, instead they let the developers do that.

  77. @Maxwell
    well said. In this case however, MS is choosing to use GameCenter over OpenFeint. I've heard there reasonings why, but the facts are MS CAN use both, but are CHOOSING not to.

  78. can i ask you people something?? I know that 1st gen ipod touches dont support gamecenter, but i have a 2nd gen ipod touch and it is fully updated and running gamecenter just fine! so you guys should just update to the latest software to get gamecenter, right? or am i missing something? cause a lot of people are complaining about it not supporting older devices(i have seen people complain about 2nd gens)

  79. @anonymous
    Yes, iPod Touch 2nd Generation does get GameCenter. iPhone 3G, first generation iPhone and first generation iPod touch do not get GameCenter, even if they are updated to the later software. According to Apple, those iDevices cannot handle it or some crap.

  80. What's amazing is that the second generation iPod Touch was released only two months after the iPhone 3G was, but the iPhone 3G doesn't get GameCenter but the 2nd Generation iPod Touch does... More proof Apple is so full of crap...

  81. Also if you want gamecenter but your device isnt good enough, jailbreak at I haven't jailbroken myne, but I heard that you can get gamecenter. Hope I helped?

  82. does not work on firmware past 4.0.1. So since GameCenter is 4.1, don't waste your time. But there are other ways to jailbreak your iPhone 3G and other older iTouch Devices AND supposedly get GameCenter to work on it. I'm not posting any link sites, but if you search Google for ways to get GameCenter on your incompatible device, there are a lot of links claiming how to do it. I'm not claiming they work though. That's for you to try. But there usually is no risk to jailbreaking. It either works or not with no consequences. Just remember not to pay for it, if they charge you it's a scam because jailbreaking is free.

  83. Seriously I'm really getting sick of this crossover thing ("thing" is the polite way of putting it) and really "ms should really hire this guy he's a catch"?! We can tell it's u twice... And please not another bear! But metalbear is fine. Well that's my rant

  84. I personally think that new achievements are needed ! For example :

    - survive for X number of minutes
    - Kills X furry bombs
    - Have more than 800 000 kills

    I think would be great. Achievements extend the lifetime of the game.
    I really love the game but the changes are minimal since months.

    Anyway thanks 4 your work from Italy.

  85. @Beta Testers: Will Sensei Evan ever have voice acting?

  86. Can we expect a blog post soon?

  87. @anon
    They post a blog every week.

    @anonymous three posts above this who made the suggestion for new achievements. I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! This app survives only by unlocking characters. It DEFINITELY dies down greatly after you unlock Sensei. It needs more things. Then again, Doodle Jump has nothing but a high score system too...

  88. does anyone know if epsoide 4 will be released in december?

  89. it's been a while since I played this game. not since the latest update or two. the controls feel different? I could swear my fingers have to move over more of the screen now - feels sluggish in a way I don't remember it being before. Am I imagining it or did something really change?

  90. epsoide 4 is not till next year since christmas epsoide is coming before it

  91. when is the Evil Knight coming?

  92. Episode four is coming out after this new update, not after the Christmas Episode I think. The Evil Knight is coming out in episode four.

  93. I VERY much doubt Episode four is coming out before the Christmas Episode. If there are three updates coming (new update, Christmas and Episode four) there is no way Episode four is coming out before the Christmas update. No flipping way is that gonna happen... I ain't working for MS nor am I a beta tester, but you don't need to be to know Episode Four has a 2011 release date. Hopefully...

  94. I'm not saying there won't be one, but how does everyone know there will be a Christmas episode this year? I know there was one last year, but that doesn't mean there will be one this year...Did someone say there would be a Christmas episode this year? Or is that just a commonly held inference?

  95. @Matt
    Personally speaking I had no clue there was one last year or this year. Everyone here is saying there is gonna be one so I just thought they knew what they were talking about. Who knows? And who cares? Updates are my only concern. Not the stupid holiday.

  96. i cant wait for the worms 2 stuff in angry birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. how long to the weekly update?

  98. WHat? ! you dont care about CHRISTmas???? what is the world coming too?!?!!?!?! oh well i cant make you care

  99. A few things in mind:

    1. When's the Frankenstein Monster coming out?

    2. How many games DOES it take to get five stars in a character?

    3. I agree with the suggestion to change the monsters in the snow level (to add diversity). You could go with blue furries, or white ones (yetis).

    4. Is it possible to put an option to turn off abilities (like Ninja's long sprint and Gangster Gore's double machine gun)? It's nice to have the option of playing with default abilities with a character that you like.

    5.I also agree with putting off crossovers for now to further delve into the Minigore universe. Though, I'm kinda wondering why Guerrilla Bob still hasn't made an appearance in Minigore.


    7. Minigore's the shitz. ROCK ON, MOUNTAIN SHEEP.

  100. The 2.0 version of "Stick Stunt Biker" game, uses GameCenter in combination with OpenFeint...

    Any chance of Minigore having it too ??

  101. May 2011... still no zombies


Latest episodes

Episode 5

Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
Emperor Penguin.
Penguin Mob squad.
3 New Encyclopedia pages.

Episode 4

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

Episode 3 (update 7): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

Episode 3 (update 6): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.29) Fur Bombs. Auto-aim. Rebalanced Predator Furry. Inferno mode.

Episode 3 (update 5): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.28) HD-certified, completely redone graphics. Weapon recoil effects for all characters. Performance options. Kill restoration against OpenFeint achievements.

Episode 3 (update 4): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.27) Predator Furry. Zombie Gore. Easter Bunny. Bullet shells. Improved controls. Larger play area. Prettier shadows. Level selection. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.