Monday, November 8, 2010

Gangster in white


As briefly explained in my last post, theres a new update underway shortly and it includes the new playable character White Gangster Gore, here's the splash screen:

..And a pic showing all the health states of the White Gangster Gore (the final version has dual shotguns).

Also included first 3 pages of the Encyclopedia. And various bug fixes. We had some problem with the achievements in the last release, they have been fixed now. It was a bit tricky since when Kimmo made a fix for the lost dlc achievements, a new achievement related bug was born in the progress. This is pretty much how game development often goes, you never know what's going to break next when you fix something. The code for a game as small as Minigore is quite a bit of text and complexity (I think it's around 30,000 lines). ANYWAY, the update has entered another test phase, and will be submitted shortly.

I have some good news for everyone out there who would like to (or has already) design a creature in the Minigore Universe. Yes, it is time for a contest! I will make a new blog post on Wednesday describing the rules for the competition. There has been some rumors about having the latest iPod as one of the prizes ;). Here's a picture Timo made that might give you some ideas. I suggest you start warming up your crayons!!

EDIT: Added the picture of the health states and the in-game appearance of the White Gangster Gore.


  1. Wow, the monster looks really good, and a contest would be great.. if I'm a good in drawing something ^^

  2. what does the white gangster gore look like ?? and add me on game centre please i only have 7 friends "Silly Daly" thanks
    jack :)

  3. Great! will Jenny gore be in episode 4? or in an earlier update?


  5. to mountainsheep: please read!

    did you know that there IS an existing online hack that automatically unlocks all characters, including the $$ buyable ones, for minigore?

  6. To answer future questions: White gangster will be a hardland premium in the gangster gore an kid gore pack


  8. this Episode 4 or Episode 3.92?

  9. I don't know where to post this, so since Anon4 mentioned it:
    Once, while one of my friends was struggling with my iPod Touch (2nd Generation), he suddenly unlocked the Sensei - but I had only 250 000 kills, so this schould not have happened!
    I've bought all DLC's you brought out up to date, so I can't confirm what anon4 says about the hack.


  10. Does the contest require that you make a pixel8 bit style monster or what I am very interested

  11. please add me on game centre "silly daly" thanks

  12. @ "silly dally"
    Game Center is all about adding your friends. What a great idea lets add people i dont know as friends... I think thats the whole point of the global leader board system! So stop asking randoms to be your friend. I think i just proved why you only have 7 which you stated before!

  13. Awesome! the new splash screen looks great as for the contest i am so psyched!!!! :D


  14. Ok seriously, Mountain Sheep is there nothing you can do about "Silly Daly"?? I mean doesn't him or her constantly asking ppl to add him as a friend on GameCenter count as spamming??? Block or remove his comments!! Silly Daly, go to the leaderboards urself and find names and add them urself!!! What a lame... I'm tryna keep it cool here but when ur being pushed off a cliff, at some point you scream...

    AND... White Gangster Gore looks BOSS... Sorry but I can't help wish that with all these new characters we have that they could have their own abilities. I said it before, I know, but we keep on getting more characters who do what everyone else already does... What's the point? Still excited though...

  15. @ beta testers and/or Mounstain Sheep

    I love the... I think it's called Splash Screen?? With White Gangster Gore in beast mode, but I wanted to ask, are those other character gonna make an appearance in any updates ever?? Like that bearded demon thing hovering above Gangster Gore? Or that Voodoo doll? Or that guy to the right in the top hat and mustache? Or even the dog Jenny is holding?

  16. so the final stage of white gangster gore will be red?

  17. will ninja man use his sword in a future update since you guys are introducing melee? :)

  18. Hey I think that's johns wife not Jenny....

    Anyways I'd like to say a couple things and ask a few to...

    Q1.) What is the software that miniver uses for concept art? It looks supremely epic and I have vivid picturing mentally of app my ideas, but conveying them by drawing or paint would be very long and tedious...

    Q2.) Where can I c the concept art for metalbear? I heard mentioning of it by never got to c it yet, Also a battle bears related crossover could solve issues of obsolete metalbear by having his primary their special wep laserhead, and in exchange minigore provides metalbear character to battler bears, since they are planning for a cyborg robot bear anyways, I bet Metalbear would sure be happy =)

    Q3.) Would it be possible to have multiple characters/ideas for them entered or even a whole pack (prob DLC) entered for it? I have An idea for an epic 4-pack of which each one has unique wep yet the four diff eels still related and similar... As well as a fourth character for Gansta pack that would have 4 unique weeps, 1 prim others r in wep crates. Now u would think I am crazy and he would be overpowered but no, (also he would not have grenade or shotgun crates) as he as all of eels would b 2 handed.", thus no duel wielding, and would b relatively slow, think of a slightly more powerful envirobear with reg walking speed/slightly higher, he may have 4 healths, and ye cuz envirobear slow and hard to get highs with vs Gansta. I also have a few more vague ideas for not as nic in my opinion non DLC, and some cosmetic diff colours of exist char. Also for people that may complain about another dollar, like really? Monkfish deep needs more cash and would be a very epic char set not to mention that minigore is nice graphics like best out their even compared to newer more expensive games and is easily a $10 app in consideration just would have less sales, with full cult and campaign they prob could Market at that. I have a tower def game towermadness with nice graphics and youth I got for free I bought all DLCs for $7 although now they have promo codes, and it is still a good app.

    Q4.) (I hope this isn't too hard to read or lengthy and t is answered...) Can minigore perhaps make semi negative modes? ESP for non negative compatible I devices? I can just triple Click home for negative and some parts look EPIC. Because of polish things like Santa are lift blue, Blue fire and machine gun fire r awesome, and shDows r like smoke. Good for campaign for say dreamland? Just make landscape negative then which looks sort of whitewashed... Minigore should try playing in negative. Also I personally dot care so much prizes, though nice for contest so mug as conveying ideas to minigore to perhaps be implemented.

    Q5.)? Could minigore perhAps make a custom level mode for when they creTe hRdgore, ie based on themes u make your own paths and obstacles for a freeplY separate high score setup. Also there is a glitch with crates where if near fence one becomes inaccessible, also is annoying how u have tos top firing or stuff to get crates as otherwise u destroy it or b destroyed, also totems when exploded should b collisional and there is a graphics bug with machine gun fire on bushes.

    Now for things to say:

    Love work minigore srry hope u keep posting Ctive jussi notice your comm ahoy last weeks blog though didn't really read, well patch talk one.

    HS anyone else noticed that with old minigore, u have 2000 pts expert, 6000 insane, and 18000 inferno? Well then theorticaply u divide by 3 for easy, then if u drop remainder u get... 666! Omg isn't that ironic eh? Idk if minigore did on purpose but it is interesting... Mayb put that number on ez totem for fun in future?

    Theres a bush in ice map that sports to have x but doesn't real bush hard though as u know if u finally could get to inferno consistent.

    Well that's all for now-- Omnia X

    Also I noticed 666 thig about 8 milonths ago when I first got minigore =p

  19. his suit and hat shouldnt turn COMPLETELY red and two injuries. it should just be like the second one only with tears and/or no hat. just an opinion...

  20. Also for contact plz email to though idk what ms email is to email too, and not quite sure how to make blogspot acc yet...

  21. Also with gangster hire have 5 heaths o have a torn an lost ht? And can when minigore has promos they release diff tikes of day since not everyone can get to? That would b useful to many people I believe.

  22. Kinda hard reading posts that are long... Even harder reading them when the spelling and grammar is... (being nice now, being nice now), bad... And even harder to read when they're not about anything really... And seriously?!?!?! Omnia X do you seriously think this app is worth $10?? Or maybe I misunderstood you. Because NO APP that is mainly a high score app, in others words an app with no story and your primary goal is to simply keep topping your previous score, ie Doodle Jump, Minigore, iDracula, matter fact, even most apps with a story, but ESPECIALLY apps that are only for getting high scores, is worth $10. MS would have a LOT of angry ppl demanding a refund. NOBODY would buy it. $10?! Um, no... I bought this game legally but if it were $10 I'd download it for free illegally, and delete it in a few minutes because of the principle that it is not even worth the $10. AND then there's DLC charges? Oh hell no... I don't think so...

  23. My last post wasn't a diss to MS btw. Minigore is a wonderful and fine app. I have an app just like it and while I prefer not having apps that are just like another, both apps are too good to let go. I simply think certain apps are worth certain prices, and others aren't. Minigore is arguably worth more than it is being sold. But the $1 is very fair, $2, MAYBE $3 is also reasonable. But that is it.

  24. Just a suggestion for future updates, maybe a discard weapon button beside the kills meter?
    Because I get really annoyed when i'm doing fine and then I accidentally pick up a shotgun which has a really slow fire-rate and can't shoot predator furries in time.

  25. Also, give Enviro-Bear another ability which increases the fire rate of weapons he holds, which would make it easier to survive and get more kills, especially in inferno mode.

  26. I know for the contest we can design a monster,but i was wondering if we can design the following:

    -new weapon
    -a new power-up

    also,where can we upload our designs? :) and btw i don't have a facebook in case thats an answer is there anywhere else i can upload it?


  27. i noticed that with the new score sysytem it can only go up to 9999.... maybe master of puppets is some sort of end boss when u get that far?

  28. @leandro why dont you just get a facebook? i would like seeing your pics on there :)

  29. @Alex, the scoring can go much higher than that. The current #1 on the leaderboards (who is not me, by the way :P) has almost 40,000 kills in a single game.

  30. Hey Jcyoutube for the grammar diss, I know my English and are not dumb, but typing on an iPod with autocorrect and virtual keyboard is uber annoying, and di u not read my full post carefully? I was tryig to bring up a few things and state some questions. ALSO the $10 comment is relatively speaking in comparison to games such as GOF2 similarly priced/overpriced. What I mean is with multiplayer and campaign, which I Fully Stated FYI, as well as possibly iPad native support, it would in relative terms be worth as much as $10, now that mans no DLC content ofc which would be included, this is so that there are many tip grosser of that amount with/wo DLCs, that aren't even universal binaries or retina, so it is a relative term, I know $10 is q price nobody would want t pay, but I was dimly saying that to say what a great value minigore is, even if they made more DLC packs, providing unlike pocket god they don't make say 10 different somewhat little content packs.

    I also was stating that negative mode for minigore that some idevices can do, looks EPIC. One is there's a real nce blue fire, but something to thnk about in another map say a dreamland, is the "whitewashed" environment, the built in support for negative flames or something similar would b very nice indeed.

    I also was bringing u the fact that with the old scoring system, that if Easy had the same ratio as Expert vs Insane or Insane vs Inferno fo score, then without the remainder or decimal, it would be a start score of 666; which is very interesting as we have Judgment day or Rapture theme, and may or may not have been an accidental Easter egg.

    I was also wondering where metalbears concept art was, as I have heard of it and would be nice to see, and a sort of Battle hers cosier could allow him to have a special weapon such as the laserhead or bearzooka.

    And one other main thing is I was asking what sort of software minigore uses to "draw" there really nice character ideas and such, as I may be best able to convey my ideas for characters with it.

    Please read a bot for carefully in the future, k?

  31. For anyone interested, the Metal Bear character went through a lot of forms before Timo's Minigore interpretation. ;)

  32. Can we have video of the Evil Knight killing zombies in the next blog post? We haven't had video since July and it was pretty lackluster.

  33. @Omnia X
    I wasn't dissing you, though I guess I can understand why you took it that way, but your English is atrocious (look it up). I didn't read the rest of your post because the length is ridiculous and your spelling hasn't improved. You actually asked me did I read your post carefully?? LMAO. Well, I TRIED... Kinda hard with missing letters and horrendous grammer... So don't advice me to read more carefully, instead, learn to type and cut down your extremely long posts so ppl can read them in the first place...

  34. Almost forgot, the above poster for the contest looks AWESOME!!! Surprised the crap outta me when I went to this page. I can't draw for squat so I'm not wasting my time but it looks great! Good luck all participating!!

  35. @tim mackey
    i prolly meant 5 0's then, but u might b right about it going higher than what it looks like

  36. I agree with the anon above the pure red John looks like way to much blood for their being absolutely 0 on his face make it like stage 2 but with more or maby loose his hat and if you keep him pure red pleese add some blood on his face or maby even some rips in his suit other than that he looks great keep up the good work ms

  37. Red's my favorite color so the final form of White Gangster Gore looks great to me. It's like getting two for one. We get john in a dashing white suit, then we get John in a smashing red one. I love that it's covered and not his face, shows how clean cut he is. But, as Welthyhobo said, they should make the all red the Stage 2 form. His final form should have rips in it, though it'd be a shame to have to ruin such a nice suit, but hey, it's already soaked in blood so go all the way!! he Dry cleaners are gonna have a hell of a time though... But they'll make a lot of money cleaning and fixing it! :D

  38. Just Saying this once... I dont regret the first time i bought minigore. :D Keep up the good work MS!

  39. Sorry For double posting, but i wonder if you guys can put like dripping trails of blood following as you walk at the last stage of white gangster gore. It doesnt look like hes badly damage with just red clothing :D

  40. @ms
    i was wondering can you post more than one entry for the contest???


  41. Please can u respond ms, does it have to be on a certain program and can you draw it?

  42. I'm pretty sure that all the rules will be explained Wednesday. I mean, Jussi clearly put that in the post so be please be patient ppl...

  43. Plz don't make gangster gore full red. I like the idea of rips in his suit though

    I have a good idea for a character. A Japanese sumo named Elchupanebrae.

  44. When are you going to update MiniGore HD
    Because its not cool to play minigore on an ipod touch 2g.


  45. @ Cybertox

    It appears MS is recoding Minigore as a whole to provide a universal app. Doing as such helps them push updates out across all devices consecutively.

    MS also mentioned something along the lines of updating Minigore HD for Episode 4, if memory serves.

  46. @Machination, just to clarify, I don't think MS plans on releasing a universal app, at least not currently. You are right that they are recoding everything, and the effect that will have is that the majority of the code in the two apps will be shared, allowing for less work to synchronize updates between the ipod and ipad versions. A universal app would be awesome!

  47. will white gangster gore be available for free or will we need to purchase it?

  48. @jcyoutube18 why r you so angry this week then?

  49. @L33tb1x
    I'm not aware that I've been angry. And why did you end the sentence with "then"? It implies I said something positive but contradicted it with something negative and angry.

  50. @L33tb1x
    Anything angry I posted I think, when you look at it and why I posted it was justified. One of them was what a few other people were saying as well. Perhaps nitpicking another comment, yes, but "angry"? No. I'm fine.

  51. Wasn't the contest rules meant to be posted today? I guess the day isn't over yet...

  52. Just a question.... I heard people talk about something called Hardgore. Can you explain what that is? Is that a separate mode in-app or another app?

  53. @Qpeurtl1427
    Hardgore is a tower defense game that is in the making from mountainsheep
    a release date has not been...released

  54. Wheres that contest! i was so exicted for today

  55. @ Anonymous

    there's alot of reasons why i don't wanna get a facebook it's personal but thanks for the support i wanna show everyone my pics of ideas :D

    p.s. MountainSheep is there any other way i can submit my entry to you?! :) please respond


  56. i dont have a facebook either but i think I have some great ideas for minigore. Advice?


  58. Wow, why do so many ppl assume facebook will have ANYTHING to do with this contest? Did I miss a post or something? I mean, the rules haven't even been posted to make assumption. Also, what did happen to today's contest?! Explanation is in order here.

  59. A few things in mind:

    1. Can anyone explain to me what MetalBear is? o.o Lost here.

    2. If Mountain Sheep's gonna go with White Gangster Gore going from pure white to pure red, can they do the same for the original Gangster Gore? Hate it when he loses his hat on the third health state. :|

    3. Could you fix the Envirobear character? Like, why does he have only one arm in its normal state, but another hand pops out in beast mode? Plus, all in all, he kinda sucks. :| The shotgun can't compensate its inability to dual wield and t hold a torch at night.

    4. Minigore's the my favorite app in the iPhone so far. :) Ready to invest in its in-app purchases any day. KEEP ROCKING, MOUNTAIN SHEEP.

  60. Noooo minigore is FFFFFFFRRREEEEEEE. whyd I pay a dollar? Give away free costumes for the prev users!!!!!


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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