Saturday, November 27, 2010

Before Minigore there was RamMan

Before John Gore we had a physics based game concept called RamMan. It was a game about blocky treasure hunter running around a level evading a monster. The player had no guns, he only had a grappling hook & slippery shoes. The grappling hook and his slippery shoes allowed him to swing around obstacles and make RamMan hit the obstacles instead. The gameplay was based around accurate timing and use of momentum:

The ancient beast who is chasing him is the RamMan. If you combine ramming and man that's pretty much what you get, literally :D

3d models of the characters that were modeled in Zbrush:

RamMan & the treasure hunter posing in their final form:

The temple is many floors deep. As you complete each floor the earlier floor will break into pieces and you fall on the deeper floor. Only on the deepest floor you can finally reach the green jewels of the statue and defeat RamMan by putting the jewels into his eye sockets.

Very blocky test scene:

Mockup of how it would have looked like:

I might have some video buried deep in the archives, I'll update this post if I can find it.

-UPDATE - Here's the footage I talked about:

DISCLAIMER: This is old and buried game which never made it into full production.


  1. Would there ever be any chance of implementing it into minigore?

  2. It requires advanced physics and more complicated character animation system than Minigore. So it's highly unlikely we could implement it into Minigore. The main reason why we didn't develop it further is because it was just too much work for our team size.

  3. It's sad that GREAT artists like you don't have the resources of big game companies, like Gameloft, that instead make poor games.

  4. So the game will never come to appstore?
    I relly love the design on the last picture:D

  5. woa cool, hope this game will get further development

  6. aw this looked so awesome, i hope theres some little chance that it gets into devolopment :D

  7. You are an awesome artist Timo!

  8. You guys should try and finish this as a separate game! i would for sure buy this if it were in the app store!!

  9. You guys put so much effort into minigore so you should just raise it's price, minigore is worth a lot more than .99 so then you could get more money for better development.

  10. Agree, i paid 0,79€ for minigore and 0,79€ each for the two in app purchase packs. But i feel i have to pay a lot more for a game of this quality!
    If, in the future, Hardgore will come out, i'll pay for it even 40 or 50€! :)

  11. How's it going with hardgore?, No update in years in Hardgore blog:c

  12. If you ever make this game, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  13. Hardgore is almost here!

    No..seriously, have you at Mountain Sheep got plans for future games?

  14. Hey Timo, do you buried Hardgore really.


  15. If I knew how to use code I would love to help, however I don't know how to use code. Doesn't Chillingo and Secret Exit sometimes help you with code? You could have them help you with Hardgore, Ramman (which both look great), and Minigore?
    On another note, what happened to Minigore on Xbox Live and Playstaion Network? I would definitely buy it on my PS3.
    Anyways, thanks for making Minigore awesome!


  16. WOW you shoud make the ramman a enemy! :D


  17. This looks amazing maybe those characters could be implemented into the game not necessarily the game it self.

  18. Treasure Hunter as a playable character and Ramman as an enemy/boss in Minigore! :D


  20. Ramman should be like a secret character or something! And i would have totally bought this game had it have been released, even if i didnt know it was minigore releted! You just lost yourselves 60p there... ;)

  21. wow sounds awsome, think i would get pritty addicted to that game!!

    and what about hardgore. i heared about it a long time ago but we never got news.. :'( is hardgore also a burried game now? i would love hardgore also because there arent any nice tower defence games on the appstore now... i love TD's (WarCraft 3 ROF FTW!)

  22. i can never tell if this game is ever ganna release multiplayer, let me ask you this mountain sheep is it coming out for real near christmas or just another excuse?

  23. I heard somewhere that Hardgore was going to be implemented in Minigore, is that true?

  24. Hey Mountain Sheep,

    Just wanted to start by saying that I love this game. I've had it for about 6 months now and I've bought one of the extra skin packs.

    Why I keep coming back to minigore is probably because I'm so intrigued by all the interesting characters that you display as artwork (like that puppet master and evil moon santa). I'm confused though because the actual game has very little story or discernable plot. Are you guys planning on making some giant world where everything gets explained? Take the zombie chicken, for example. Before you select him as a playable character, it notes that he was made by some random doctor that I find no mention of anywhere else in the game. Are all of these characters connected somehow or do you release them because they look awesome?

    I think that the encyclopedia is going to help tie up loose ends. I loved the minotaur explanation and Jenny's was decent too. But elder gore? I would rather have a page on John Gore before one on a random old dude who's not in the game (I think).

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I'm fascinated with all characters and artwork this game has. My favorite is that sky octopus. looks insane. How will we learn more about the Gore universe? Will there ever be a campaign/ storymode?


  25. I feel like it's the mystery of minigore that keeps bring ME back too it. It keeps you thinking. It dosnt seem like it was a full year ago that the last Christmas episode came out. I can distinctly remember my friend and I sitting there waiting for the update. We were sitting on his bed when HE got the update first because he had an IPhone so I guess the 3G coverage helped out. I am obsessed with this app at this time of year. Im not sure why. It might be sedimental value. I am truly so glad Minigore came instead of Ramman. I would have probably seen ramman as one of those overpopular apps that everyone loves but no one really cares about it deep down. I'm gald minigore is what it is right now. I also think it shouldn't go on to xbox. I guess I'm kind of sounding selfish. I feel like I want MountainSheep to become popular and get loads of money but on the other hand I feel like I want to keep minigore all to myself. I don't know. I like the little updates. Like the last one. I'm not sure about multiplayer.... I think this should be a separate app... Not incorporated with Minigore

  26. Ramman looks really good but similar to hook champ and super quick hook in a lot of ways. Nevertheless, I'd still get it!
    Anyway, I had this idea regarding the main menu. The current main menu that we have now is getting WAY TOO CLUNKY!! I think it would be better if the main menu was the same as the character selection screen where you just swipe over what you want and then select the go option. It would be so much better for the user interface and a lot less clunky!

  27. Well i hope now that your team has grown you can finish your earlier games, and see your visions become reality! this just proves that mountain sheep is awesome, and creative, and i cant wait to see what youve got coming, minigore and beyond!

  28. I love the unique gameplay of RamMan. I hope the dev reviving this game :) RamMan, power-ups, bosses and many more can be added.

    ps: or they're working this silently now, surprise! :D

  29. Wow it looks amazing to bad you didn't go through with it and finish it. Now that u have a bigger team maybe you could spend a little time on it and try to revive the game. I would defenently buy the game if it came back. If not at least add one of them onto minigore. MS thank you for showing us this cool stuff that we never knew about.

  30. Dang this looks incredible! Whether it's gone forever, or slowly coming back, I would support this concept any day, especially if Mountain Sheep is the mastermind behind it! Hey, it would be kinda sorta cool if these guys became implemented as a character and boss or enemy wouldn't it?! Especially if the actual game is a dead fish...oops sorry I think I stole an anonymous's idea. My bad!

  31. Did Hardgore get abandoned too?

  32. i would buy this in a snap.

  33. This game looks amazing and should be brought back into production.



  35. looks good maybe you should put a small part in minigore like the swing, a like side weapon you can switch to and you can swing around poles on the map knocking furries out as you swing past them

  36. @Timo
    How many rounds of beta testing are there for co-op?

  37. can you give us info on the coming of co-op?

  38. Is episode 4 even going to come out this year?

  39. Are you guys going to make a story mode? Please answer

  40. If were working with a friend for the monster comp do we both have to send it or just one of us?
    Btw this looks awsum u should try to give it to gameloft or chillingo and
    Get them to make it!

    -Wacko Jacko


  42. The song in the video,
    i cant find it on the soundtrack album on iTunes.
    does anyone know, or have an idea?
    i really want it...


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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