Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello for the second time blog followers!

First of all I have to say I'm quite astonished about the amount of fan posts here on the blog and also on Touch Arcade, where I registered to view the beta testing forums. And boy.. believe it or not, the amount of ideas, opinions, bug reports, expectations and all kinds of chatter from the past 1,5 years is making my head spin. I think I was dreaming of Minigore last night too. For a person like me who is quite new to this community the information is a bit overwhelming. However, I think I'm getting a grasp of this :D. That said I'll try to answer some questions I noticed on the blog.

So there's a lot of questions about the release of Episode 4. I understand people are waiting it like there's no tomorrow but unfortunately I won't guess the release date. I'm saying "guess" because there's really no way to know. If I throw a date out of nowhere it is most likely to be inaccurate. It will be released when it's done.

About the totems... changing the difficulty setting midgame with the totems will not be possible. The dynamic difficulty made the multiplayer code too complicated and had to be changed. You choose the difficulty at the beginning of each round. Once you have chosen a difficulty, it will be set to default to new rounds until you choose a different totem.

There was also a question if there's going to be new enemies and the answer is yes. Timo has been pulling all-nighters for awhile and I really wonder if he sleeps at all. Please note that this is probably not going to make it to Ep 4, since the content for that is pretty much decided and we are focusing on finishing the update before adding new features.

I have the great honor to introduce to you, the making of: Metusalem's Monstrosity!!

And the Final Version:

Pretty nice, don't you think? :)

Oh yeah, about Game Center. We here at Mountain Sheep are really excited about the GC. We wanted to see how well it starts and we are pleased so far.

P.s. Now I know where my snacks are disappearing to... It's the mysterious "Timmo" character I'm sure. I wonder if he lurks in the office closet and comes out at night to devour my peanuts!!!


  1. Philovskoy AlexanderSeptember 14, 2010 at 6:37 AM


  2. Will this be the "wormwolf"-like enemy of the Zombie-Map/Level?!

  3. Oh, god. This guy looks awsome :D

    I only hope you releas it be4 xmas :D

  4. Amazing. I'm Glad that You guys started updating the Blog. I'm new to minigore and i'm already In love with it. The new "boss" (if thats what it is Looks wonderful) and I can't wait to fight it, but you what? take you time. finish it without any bugs or glitches and make it wonderful!(not that it's anything short of that). Can't wait. :D

  5. Anonymous: Yep, Monstrosity is a boss unit for the graveyard level

  6. Timo: Will there be more bosses? That whould be greate, a little variation. Oh, and will the final boss ( not in zombie episode ) be the skeleton mask guy in the background? :P

    Some 1 have Halo Reach? Mind if i can get ur xbox live name?

  7. Hey guys, I know I have never posted on here before but I have been reading every blog-post since almost the very first and have updated Minigore straight away whenever you guys submit one (Which was, unluckily, a mistake once, as i'm sure you all know ;D ). But I just want to tell you guys at MS something - This new update is looking utterly astronomical, when it's out i'm sure it will be back in the top 100 like it used to be. And by the way I see it, it will be all the way at the top with Doodle Jump and Angry Birds and stay there with them for a long time. Don't be put off by the little spamming faggots, they're just sad. I follow this blog because I believe in you guys, when you accidently made that huge bug that stopped the game from saving I knew straight away that you guys were gonna fix it, and you did. So from everyone from here to you - You're doing great, and we can't wait to see the update finished ( So please get it done soon :) ) Thanks.

  8. monstrosity looks cool but can we have some more info on hargore plz.

    Keep up the good work guys :)

  9. Thanks for the blog post guys, but I'm still itching for information on characters (preferably Metalbear!) and more technical posts.

  10. Teo here:
    Sweet! Another boss!:)
    I've got three questions for ya here:

    -Is it going to be an
    miniboss like the wormwolf(which i dont really think it deserves to be called an boss)or will it be an who appears rarely/once a game?

    -Could you post an new gameplay video
    starring multiplayer/zombies? Would be awesome!;)

    -Why wont you post an inaccurate
    guess? It's better than nothing you know.X)

    Anyway,i do agree with Metalbear,
    any information on a character
    that's not named Jenny Gore would
    be sweet!

    Ps.Now I know what's making me
    so excited,this strange "Jussi" guy is
    posting on the blog with less than a week
    between posts!;D

    -Teo Gore:P

    Pss:Got 10th post.:P

  11. im loving the weekly blog updates hope you keep it up


  12. Thanks for the update jussi!!!!! Can you please release another blog post about episode 4 itself, because these recent blog post are about future episodes e.g. Jenny Gore. Thanks again!!!!

  13. first thing first thanks Jussi for updating everybody good job on the boss i really like it
    and i suppose that boss could somehow summon furries right? cas in his hand that cage he is holding have a lot of "furry's tails"
    so i think he somehow could ? i dont know, please reply on this one cas everyone also may wonder if we wouls fight furries and zombies at the same time lol

    second awww poor Jussi have to read all those long post we made over the last 1.5 year haha
    now we know theres actually someone is reading out post it will have tons more than before so....... hard work and good luck on it

    at last i know MS dont wana just out a guessin release date cas things might just not work out before that, but at least you can tell us what has not be finished and perhas how long will it take?? also about to difficulty changing bit that sad but also good because now player cant cheat on the system lol ( well i only play inferno so....) hahaha

    good luck Jussi please reply cas my question might just be others

  14. Nice post, as usual! And I'm certainly liking this less info-more frequent schedule- it's awesome!! Keep up the good work Jussi. This guy as a boss sounds like I'm gonna be glued to my ipod for hours now (more than I already am). =)

    Jussi, I would like to GREATLY, GREATLY THANK YOU for responding to my question. It was highly unprecedented but a wonderful surprise. So for that, I thank you once again!

    Wow I'm really liking this Jussi guy now, he (or she) is so awesome! Loving the new weekly updates keep it up!!

    Rock on Mountain Sheep and Minigore!!

  15. @Jussi, or Timmo, could you give some info about the charector with 5 lives Jussi mentioned in his first post, thanks!

  16. for the zombie mode you should have to fight a zombie version of the character you played as a kind of boss when you reach your high score in the game


  17. Hey timo, is the monster guy in episode 4?

  18. HEY TIMO!!! I was wondering if you'll be putting any new gameplay footage from Episode 4?

  19. teo gore and metalbear, can you please go away?

  20. Hey everyone,
    yesterday I have posted a toucharcade thread with all the pictures I have collected since release. The collection includes pictures of the Minigore blog, Touch Arcade Forums and also fan made art.
    Hope you enjoy :)

  21. This small update is submitted weeks ago, if its not rejected by Apple then they never submited one...
    Its not possible that Apple need 3 weeks of approvement...
    So whats the real status? Re-submitted already?

  22. Definitely enjoying the weekly posts. Great job jussi!

    I'll be posting on this blog for quiet a while, anon. :)

  23. att: freakeing anon who wants teo gore and metal bear to leave the blog
    first they are two of the biggest minigore fans in the world
    second they have posted great ides like metalbear which will make the game rock.
    and third why would you want them to go away?

  24. they are nolifes they should do somthing else then minigore

  25. hey jussi i have an idea how bout the monster guy is supper powerful, like so powerful that your normal bullets barly hurt him at all the only way to cause real damage is to hit him in the back the only problem is hes sending furies/ zombies at you so it will be dificult to get to his back however he will send his bat at you like a homing missle and if you kill it he freeks out and kinda stands still for a little while letting you hit him in the back thats it pleese tell me what you think if you hate it or love it thx =)

  26. oh and one more thing after you kill his bat a little whial later a new one flys in and lands on his sholder than it atacks you etc. etc. etc

  27. thanks for the update! looks really cool! so what will it just get bigger and bigger every time you fight it then get smaller when you shoot it or something?

    aaannnd minigore idea time:

    story mode!! i did a little more research on minigore and i found that that big bearded thingy is the master of puppets and i think we need to defeat him. so id make like 5-10 levels where you go through a pretty large map fighting furries and solving puzzles makeing it through mazes etc. theres alot you can do with this. like make it so you unlock a map or a character every level you beat. then at the end theres a boss. in the first level, 3 firey giant furries come out at you, in the second you have to kill a giant worm wolf like massive, then the third a giant monstrosity, the fourth you have to take down the furrie machine which would be like a giant chomping metal robot that spawn furries every 2 secs of 10 thered be 3 smalls, 3 regulars, 1 large, and a wolf worm (small one). and finally the master of puppets. id make it so the master of puppets unlocks a castle map, the firey big furries unlocks some character, the worm wolf unlocks a desert map, the big machine unlocks a futeristic lab and monstrocity unlocks a big city map.

    and another idea: make a map thats like the regular one we have except it has a house in it somewhere with two doors, and two rooms. both empty.

  28. i like Jussi! He has a sense of humor and answers the important quesions. Keep up the good work.

  29. Godzilla,
    Sorry, a story-mode does sound fun, but I don't think that that idea can ever become a reality. It would take way too long to make and i think it might defy the purpose of the game a little, as people won't really play the survival mode- they'll just finish the story-mode and delete the app! I think MS are doing the right thing here, new maps and stuff seems to be the place to go for this type of game!
    Also, there's been talk about a Create-a-Gore feature on here and I for one think it's a great one! The game would be alot more interesting, I mean, after you unlock all the characters there's not much else to do! I'll send out my ideas for it in a while.

    By the way Jussi, will the Monstrosity chuck those little creatures in his hand at you? Because it would be fun to try and dodge them whilst having to shoot at him!

  30. @Anon:
    I do have a life.
    Else i wouldn't
    be posting on this blog.

    Story mode/Hardgore has there
    been quite alot of talk about,
    and wont probably be released
    before ep.6 or later,if ever.

    The idea of the house is good,
    perfect for zombies and
    would be an good place
    to place an crossover
    from zombie wonderland.(If they added this.)

    Good (k)night!
    -Teo Gore:P

  31. @Anon:
    I don't have a life.
    that is why i post my ideas

    @Godzilla the most dumbest :
    Story mode/Hardgore has there
    been quite alot of talk about,
    and wont probably be released
    before ep.6 or later,if ever.

    The idea of the house is good,
    perfect for zombies and
    would be an good place
    to place an crossover
    from zombie wonderland.(If they added this.)

    Good (k)night!
    -Teo Gore:P

  32. After episode 4 comes out, they should add co-op vehicles where one player drives and runs over furries (or zombies) and the other shoots from a mounted minigun on the back.

  33. 4 updates per year

  34. Finally we get more updates!!! This game blog really needs more active posts.
    In the trailer of the game, you can see a mansion in the near distance. I think it would be really cool if the mansion could be a playable area along with the forest and the snow area.
    I know multiplayer by bluetooth is already pushing the limit, but have you guys ever thought about online play Co-op with other people around the world? I hope you guys at MS add game center achievements too!

  35. Would online multiplayer be easier to add now game centre has been released?

  36. Great,A FAKER!
    ignore the Teo below my post,
    I must really get an blogger acc now.-.-"
    Anyway,how do you get one?XD

    -Teo Gore:P

  37. alright guys it was sick! i got home from school today and played a game with zombieville guy, starting and got OVER 9000!!!!! it was sweet! i beat my old record using gangster gore and brought zombieville guy to 3 stars.

    anyway i just got a few small updates i think should be added:

    first off i noticed the lack of achievments i think you guys should add more involving getting to x points on easy or x points on medium then 5 starring a character and so on.

    second i think there should be a high scores thing for each level. so that my high score of 12000 and my highscore of 9000 dont get mixed. (those are my easy and hard high scores).

    and heres some bigger ideas. even though a story mode would be nice like people have said it probably wont happen. sooo heres something else they can do: now, you start out with 1 map in game. the regular green one. then they add a survival mode with waves. if you get to wave 30 on the grass mode and beat a boss at the end (same as the ones i said above) then you unlock a new map or the snow map. then you get to level 50 on this one and unlock another map like the zombie one or something. get to wave 100 on this and unlock the jenny gore lake map. then get to wave 150 on this and make it to another map with another boss all leading up to the castle. btw i think 10 maps for this game would be perfect. BUT i think only 9 should be visible when you beat all the levels theres one that you unlock when you beat the wave thing thats secret where you tap somewhere on the map and then you get to it. but its not showing.

    also i think they should add an enemy who shoots small fire balls. what happens is they move until they see you then theyll stop charge up, and shoot a fireball at you. then if a furrie gets in the way, that furrie will lioght on fire, and if it hits a box that box will explode. you kill it by shooting it 10 times. it shoots about 3 times every 5 seconds.

    another enemy could be like a metal furrie thats really slow but hard to kill. it takes like 50-70 shots to kill.

    and another could be a furrie with a shield of some sort that you have to destroy before you can kill it.

  38. @Godzilla
    The levels are better off open from the beginning. It's already enough of a hassle to rank enough kills to unlock another new character, now we have to possibly spend our hard earned kills on locations. I think all the locations are better off staying open right from the start of the game.
    I do like your furry shield idea. Instead of shooting and breaking the shield though, your characters would have to stun it first and then walk around it to shoot it from behind and nab the kill.
    My ideas:
    -More voices for the characters. I mean John Gore and Jerry Gore are good but what about the characters from other apps?
    -Add the Solomon's Keep Wizard! That would be an awesome character for the series! And instead of shooting a gun, he would use his wand.
    -Archer Furry! Furries that stay behind from the horde and shoot things at you until shot.

  39. im not saying buy maps with kills im saying you should have to complete this to unlock them. complete 200 waves on the beach map and unlock the desert map or something like that.

    and solomons keep would be nice!

    idk bout archer furrie though i like my fire ball idea.

  40. maybe take that doodle jump guy and make him shoot bullets out of his mouth tube thing lol. just an idea

  41. Hello, I know I'm not posting in the right place, do not speak English very well because I live in Brazil and 14 years.
    Ok, the idea and following the new minigore besides you guys could throw new animals and characters, new weapons could also launch with enough creativity.
    And one idea that I was thinking all night and the following: they could put an option to create their own characters (3 or more spaces to create it) and then have several options for editing it.
    Helmets, clothes, glasses, hair, etc.
    Ate infinite weapons like shotgun for 10 days, 15 days, 5 days Launches grenades, laser (invented) 14 days, and so it continues to buy and the money that the case would be the deaths of the monsters (to buy the same characters) .
    5 days> 3000 deaths

    Thank you for your attention
    Remember this is just an idea.
    Lucas Martinelli Ceccon


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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