Sunday, September 26, 2010

Info about the bug fix coming up!

There's detailed info about the bug fix update coming up in 24 hours!

In short: we put in a lot more stuff from Episode 4 into it as you can tell by looking at this screenshot:

Jussi has been in fever since middle of last week so I might be the one doing the post if he's still feeling ill today.


  1. Amazing! Hope you are planning to introduce online multiplayer via GameCenter in the future. Anyway, good job MS, seriously :D

  2. Yay second coment anyways u guys should add a turtle charactur he is slower than other characters on land but when he go's in water he's crazy fast he also has a button apear when he go's in the water and when u push it he hides underwater for about 10 seconds just a way to get away from those pesky furies/bunnys and aligators he also has a grenade launcher to give him a little help cuz he's slow tell me what you guys think good or bad :). -welthyhobo

  3. Bad idea, dear welthyhobo. Stop that turtle thing. Now.

  4. Why do you think it's a bad idea anonymous?

  5. to the minigore team can u please put a demo of the zombie level for the i opd touch or can u please add a new character in the next update.

  6. Stop telling what to add tell to rekease the fuk'ing game now its taking so lobg wat have they done on picture omggg easy medium hard that wat you done its slready now in game dont sjow what is going to be ep5 first releease ep4 after work on next thinks you noy making call of suty black ops guys its only stupid small game called minishit release it dont mess around long

  7. Too complicated. Minigore is beautiful because is simple, it doesn't need water/special bonus/buttons/underwater mode etc....

  8. I no it doesnt need nothink that why it shoudnt take long its so easy game and basic release ep4 now omg you taking year to do it omg u re crapp

  9. Yikes. Anon fight. :P

    Everyone has the right to an equal opinion. You may dislike the opinion of others, but please fight with a logical argument. It'll make you both better people.

  10. Yay metal bears back anyways anon. Ty for your opinion and all those thing but just to tell you they are allredy adding water so you can take the water part off your list -welthyhobo

  11. Hooray Metalbear has returned! Welcome back!

    Just a quick question, since this is the bug fix, does this mean the game center and/or frame rate + retina support for iPod touch 4 features can be expected as well? Just got mine this morning (thank you so much parents!!) and set it up and I blown away!! Apps like Tilt to Live and Fruit Ninja look incredible, so I can't wait for my most used app, Minigore, to join their ranks!! By the way that muzzle flash looks pretty sweet!

    Jussi, very sorry to hear about your ailment, I very much hope you feel better as soon as possible!!


  12. Awesome! Mountain Sheep Rocks! The countdown to Episode 4 begins....
    Keep up the good work guys!

  13. Weird... So you first say you can't break episode 4 into small updates because of reasons X, Y, and Z. But now you're going to??? But if I start expressing your contradiction, everybody will start replying for me to shut up right? But all along, I was right... Wow... Glad ur releasing stuff, upset u contradicted ur early claim (lied) welcome back Metalbear.

  14. Nice!!! Something tells me Episode 4 is right around the corner!!! :D WHOO-HOO!!!!

  15. @jcyoutube18 yes, they contradicted themselves, but "lied?" I'm not sure it's fair to say they lied...we really don't know all the details. More likely is that they listened to the fans and decided it was worth the extra work to split off some stuff from episode 4 and include it sooner. I'm with you though, in being happy that they're releasing a bit of teaser stuff! And no, I'm not going to tell you to shut up :-)

  16. @MS
    Good work
    Keep it up
    Supporting and waiting hope there will be a update soon
    Good luck
    "I don't remember this forest ". IOI

  17. @Tim

    I only used the word lie because they explicitly and repeatedly said they COULDN'T release it in smaller portions, plus EVERYBODY who was talking stupid at me was repeating that they can't release it separately, so now those ppl can have nothing to say and can shut up for talking about stuff they knew nothing about. As for MS, they did technically lie. They made a claim and are now doing the opposite. So, in a sense, it is actually a lie. A hypocrisy, and a contradiction are both lies essentially, (though hypocrisy and contradiction are two different things...) However, glad SOMETHING is coming out like I have BEEN saying was possible. All ppl who tried to come sideways at me can make amends like at least one person has, or you can all swallow your words and shut your mouths. And thank you Tim :)

  18. Does this mean mountain sheep is releasing finished bits of ep 4 while they work on the other bits of it?

  19. pleasee go away again metalbear, and teo should follow your lead...

  20. Piss off anonomous above they have as much right to be here as u probobly even more!

  21. jcyoutube18: It takes extra work to cut away stuff from Episode 4 code base, in this case that's taken over a week of hard work - later we have to insert that code back into Episode 4 because some changes were made.

    We want to support Game Center so we had to do this, otherwise we would not do it.

    The thing with Game Center is that the leaderboards cannot be removed once they're created. So if we had used the old score system with Game Center and then updated to kill leaderboards you would have two types of leaderboards mixed and it would very confusing.

  22. @Timo
    Cool so can u get some of the zombie level off as a demo?

  23. @jcyoutube18

    Looks like you were right after all. :P
    I'm also happy they're releasing more stuff earlier. :)

  24. O hai Metalbear!:3

    Simply put:Nazo was an big critic guy,like you,
    just that he flamed people.;-P

    @Timo:So...How long time would Sawing off Zombies from
    the ep.4 game code take? Just wondering:)

    -Teo Gore:P

  25. Oh cool....a bug fix update. This is totally what we've been waiting for for 9 months.

  26. Estimated time was wrong...AGIAN!

  27. hey mountain sheep, i reckon you should release a new character like an american-indian dude or something. it would look good and maybe he could have like an extra life cause he is sustained to the environment. just an idea so don't hate on me.

  28. Hey, I was just flicking through some of your awesome concept art and I came across a picture of 'Blodo the Bleeder', who looks like a massive furry who bleeds alot when its killed! Is he ever going to be introduced into the game? Maybe, when you kill him and run into his blood you gain a life or something? Or maybe you LOSE a life!! :O


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