Saturday, July 31, 2010

Introducing Jenny Gore

Jenny Gore is the short-tempered daughter of John Gore. When angry she can be more frightening than a pack of giant furries!

While all the animation is done we're not completely finished with her and this is where you can help! Jenny needs a voice. User "Mat_rix_007" over at suggested Rina-Chan as the voice actress and I quite like her work:

So let's hear it, who would be the perfect voice actress for Jenny?


There's this cool browser based game called Minecraft and I decided to do official John Gore skin for it:

If someone else has been infected with Minecraft fever here's the texture file which let's you run around as mr Gore:

More detailed instructions here



  2. ^ haha very true. I like how there was no mention of the update either.

  3. I don't really care about Jenny. Just finish the update already!!!

  4. Wow. FINALLY, but not impressed at all.

  5. Multiplayer optimization for oldest devices is what's taking so long. HD version already runs well on iPad.

    The reason why I don't do any release date estimation is because I know next to nothing about multiplayer coding.

  6. @Timo Even art improvements, your speciality, would be better than nothing. All progress is cool, even if you describe things on a totally technical side.

  7. Thank Timo for responding why YOU DO NOT TELL PEOPLE THE RELEASE DATE ,-- lets stop whining about it shall we.

    Thx for updating the blog

  8. w00t thanx timo! You're a true pal -.-

  9. I like her a lot, but I think only showing her bottom teeth makes her look masculine.

  10. bout time make a mini update with just the zombie map! would make everyone happy :)

  11. You should use iJustine as the voice actress, that's also good because you will get lots of publicity because she will surely put it in one of her videos on YouTube if she is a voice actress for Jenny

  12. Looks cool Timo!

    Timo i am very sorry for the harsh words i said
    i was pissed off

  13. One question....
    When is all this going to be released?

  14. 4 months working on this update!

  15. Is jenny going to be in episode 4, or a later episode?

  16. so basically the updates never coming.. could you at least release for the ipad and maybe the iphone 4? you could also keep in mind that even apple has given up on the first iphone and 1g touch :P

  17. release date estimation now???

  18. We all love the existing characters especially those with a voice and hopefully new ones as yet unacquainted. Is it safe to say that you continue to brew a level of humour into your characters? We expect, no demand, the unexpected!


  19. I also agree with ijustine being a good idea for the voice actor.
    Or maybe boxxy lol

  20. I think rina-chan is totally appropriate. She has worked with egoraptor before and seems to be a really talented voice actress.

  21. Timo, speaking of voice acting, will there be voices for characters such as Zombieville guy and Sensei Evan in the next update?

  22. I agree can you at least release it for iPad but if you are going to release itnfor iPad I just want the whole big update at once

    - Co-op
    - Zombie Level
    - Evil Knight
    - Jenny Gore
    - Metal Bear
    - Inferno Mode

    I just want everything at once not little 4.x updates I'd rather a long wait and big updates

  23. When it comes to game voice acting Rina-chan is the way to go

  24. First picture.

    Top left.

    Hellooo, new, freaky monsters.

  25. Allyson Court is a canadian voice actress who plays the voice of Claire Redfield in every single resident evil game that features her character. Considering that it's a zombie survival horror episode, get her to play the voice of Jenny Gore.

    I cant say whether she would accept the role, but I wouldn't be surprised if she said yes.

  26. I really don't care who does the voice of Jenny Gore, if that's the only thing postponing the update, then get someone's sister, for goodness sake!

  27. what about the guy who voice acts john gore's daughter so that way his real daughter be jenny gore, johns real daughter

  28. sry about the post above i ment to say the guy who acts as john gore his daughter in real life should voice act jenny

  29. Definitely Rina-Chan, she seems like an excellent choice for voicing a minigore character. I certainly don't think it's appropriate to just pick up a random hot blond from youtube. I'm not saying her videos suck, that's not the point. Unless you get jonlajoie to voice... himself in the next episode. Now that would be sweet. :P

  30. haruhi suzumiya IS MY FAV Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. YES, I've been waiting to see who the girl on the minigore box cover art was. Now I finally know. Don't know what happened to the fox-skin scarf, but I love the hat.
    Then again, maybe that lady isn't Jane gore. Do you know who I'm talking about? Maybe that's John's wife or something. I dunno. Could you tell me


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