Saturday, July 3, 2010

Evil Knight gameplay video

Evil Knight has went through several revisions and we're starting to be quite happy with this latest version. This knight is the character which we will use to introduce melee combat into the world of Hardland.

Check out the video below of him running around and evading furries:



  1. Will this be in Ep 4?

  2. Love the new template. Think the banner should be wider to make the width of the body.
    Also would you be able to add a tab for episode history that used to be at the top of the old blog.
    Well done!

  3. Will Evil Knight be unlockable or character to buy ?

  4. Character looks great! He will be a great addition to miniGore. Now if we just knew what he looks like when he attacks.....

  5. aww... i wanted to see him attack...

  6. will the update be available soon? will it be a week? A month? A year!?!

  7. Hmmm did you say "introduce" Timo? As in theres more to come:D

  8. The baker anonymousJuly 3, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    The best Ever
    love the knight!
    Thanks Timo!

    Would The knight be a hardland premium?
    Can you estimate the release date of esp 4?

  9. Wicked cool

    Damn! it
    i going on a holiday on 12th of July to the 1st of August

    I got a ipod touch "No wifi"
    and since we are going to Thailand

    Will Esp 4 be finish this week?


  10. Not saying i can to better?!?!?
    But You guys have been working on this update for a long time
    can't you just put up a update that is like a mini update to esp 4 like 4.1 then the full update 4.1.1 or 4.2
    Please Mountain sheep!!!!

    We have been waiting too long

  11. The crunch with a dog in ItJuly 4, 2010 at 12:17 AM

    OK COOL....Not cool but Super Great!

    I been reading among sites like tweeter
    TALKING about the release date of esp 4
    saying it is somewhere in July is this true?


  12. Minigore esp 4 coming out soon?

  13. you guys should really create some desktop wallpapers... i just love minogre and it's art (; would use them both on my computer in work and home...

  14. I wonder how melee combat will work with the furries that blow up?
    Also the blog looks good, the background should definitely be centered (fading into solid black on the sides) instead of tiled, it looks way better and more professional.

    And please guys, can we get a rough estimate for ep4's release date? :3

  15. Alexander FilovskoyJuly 4, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    Yes, how we can destroy Fur Bombs with melee combat?

  16. Meleeing the fur bombs would probably just send them on their little freak-out like a normal bullet would. This is great you guys are working on new ways of attacking, but I'd rather you balance out the current roster first, even at least making one attribute better (speed, weapons etc.) and one worse than the other characters could work. And some of them haven't even got sound to them! I was hoping for the Sway characters to let off a few of theirs from their own game, or in the case of Hook Champ, it could even have those speech boxes pop up with those 8-bit type-y sounds! Sorry for moaning, but it's all the little details that's already made Minigore such an consistent, epic game :)

  17. great the knight looks awesome!! :D but is there anyone that knows if the master of puppets is in the game?

  18. Timmo and friends!! We need answers
    Most of all a release date

  19. Anon above
    As Timo has said before, they cant give a release date, because they dont know when it will be fully finished, tested and reviewed by apple.


  20. @Rooteboy
    Did you guys receive any sort of Beta yet?

  21. @anon above
    Nope they havent gotten any beta yet. The last one was one about 3.9 about revised sound for fur bomb. I'm not a beta tester(I'd love to be one though:D) but im a....lets say bug haha and im always watching whats going on:)

  22. great! looks good!
    i was just wondering that there should be several melee fighters the basic one(which is this one) should be unlocked in about 700 kills maybe and there should be more fighters with better "skills", one should be in 500 000 kills and he should be able to hit multiple enemies at one swing

  23. hi timmo the game is GREAT i have 3 ideas that you could include in minigoree
    1 gunless mode, you just have to run away from furies, no fire or predator furies on this one but some kind of new fury like invinciible fury or rhino fury
    2story modde, fight furies to fill the blod bar and when it is full you get your life back and a boss apears, bosses could be the chef, octopus vudu doll and of course the master of puppets!
    3sandboox mode, buttons on the top to make appear furies off all kinds guns clovers bosses or any other thing in the game

    my keyboard is kinda wierd so sorry for all the mistakes!


  24. will we have to buy him or unlock him???????

  25. hey guys.... when do you expect to see the new minigore update out? also you guys rock

  26. Whatever happened to this guy?

  27. I would like to know if we got zombie levels or any new characters on the way???


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