Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get your kills back based on your online achievements

Yesterday I replied to some people who suffered from data loss, had deleted the game and only reinstalled it after the new update was out. In this case the game has no way of knowing that you actually have suffered from data loss as there is no evidence (a save file) of it left.

We discussed what we could do about it and arrived at the same solution I hinted at in comments. Upon logging on to OpenFeint, the next update will check if you have an online achievement but no corresponding local achievement. If so, you will receive the cost of the character in kills. This ensures you get the correct amount of kills. You can then use those to unlock any characters you want.

Hopefully this will remedy the issue for the rest of you out there. We will look into restoring your local scores from OpenFeint in a later update. If you see any loopholes with the kill restoration scheme (being able to choose different characters than you did before does not count), please tell us in the comments. Cheers!


  1. yeah i had that problem too because i deleted it before installing luckily i had my old minigore 1.27 bug episode in my trash can still so i just put that back on my itunes installed the buggy episode back on my phone, started a game then left the game, then went back and updated it and now i got all my characters and 100000 kills! thanks Mountain Sheep no matter what anyone else says, i still love you guys and cant wait to see whats in store for Minigore!

  2. how about being able to customize the weapons your character starts with. say i chose to play as xmas gore, and before the game began a gun option came up. you can choose any gun/guns to start but they have to be unlocked first at 50,000 each and you have to do it for each character. end result being that i can play as xmas gore wielding a shotgun and a grenade launcher from the start.


  3. Wouldnt that sort of ruin what sensei has then?

    Cba with no ginger love

  4. So is this coming in the next update?
    Well even if i will get my characters back and 100000 kills i will not start playing again because MiniGore is getting every time more boring with the updates that comes out.I think HardGore will be running on the same engine but it will be a TD and it will be a Fail!

  5. Ooooo perhaps you could add a sort of original version, like you select an option and you can go back to the very first episode. Id love to see that, it will bring back alot of memories, like when a 40 year old plays an 8bit game.

    I remember the first episode, and it would allow people such as cybertox to see how the game has improved so much over the course of nearly a year.

    Reminiscent of my ginger love

  6. is anyone else wondering what happened to the knight melee preview?


  7. Ooooo perhaps you could add a sort of original version, like you select an option and you can go back to the very first episode. Id love to see that, it will bring back alot of memories, like when a 40 year old plays an 8bit game.

    I remember the first episode, and it would allow people such as cybertox to see how the game has improved so much over the course of nearly a year.

    That is not a bad idea but i played episode 1 so shut the fuck up!

  8. Just like that i think you forgot to write less powerful grenade luncher in your desription of the episode 3.7 on the app store

  9. hey kimmo
    can you add more special trials for the characters like

    even hsu gets single granade
    kid gore gets duel shotgun
    santa gets more clovers
    jerry gets more crates
    lizzy gets longer beast mode
    zombieville guy duel weilds a shotgun and
    granade launcher
    easterbunny gets 4 lives

    some of these ideas were said before by other people, im just listing them

  10. This has all been handled very poorly. I updated the app because I understood this to remedy most of the problems, including restoration of purchased characters, not just achievement characters. While I did have the achievement characters, my purchased characters were not restored. Per the instructions IN THE APP, I deleted the game and "repurchased" it, which did not restore my purchased characters and now I have lost the achievement characters and kill count AGAIN. I am patient, waited without complaint for the update, and tried to follow your instructions as best I understood them and I still get screwed. You have managed this in the worse way - now it seems I have to wait again for another update? When will that be released? Will it restore my purchased characters? I am doubting it at this point. I'm not sure I should invest any more time (and certainly no more money) in this game.

  11. That would be wonderful - thanks! Lost all chars as well when I updated my firmware. Looking forward to getting them back in the next update!

  12. @Michael

    actually, you have to re-purchase the DLC characters, but since you've bought them already, they'll download for FREE. You had it right when you updated, but you didn't need to delete the game again -- just "buy" the characters that you bought before and they'll DL for free.

  13. What about those other maps you shown us? (The Zombies?), what about the Knight preview? What happened there?

  14. listen to this:

    the weirdest thing happened to my minigore app. I went on my ipod and saw that my minigore app logo had changed, so I pressed it, and it turned out to be the very first minigore episode. You couldnt even pick characters or anything, it was episode 1, so now i redownloaded the new version and it will not give me my characters back, i had everyone but sensi. But thankfully i still have the open fient acheivement, i checked.

    kimmo or timo, can you please explian?

  15. michael, you're a fucking retard. how did you buy your "dlc characters" in the first place? i'm sure it wasn't through the app store, so why the hell you doing stupid things? moron x200.

    mountain sheep rocks! thanks for free sensei evan when i didn't even unlock him or xmas gore. hahahahaha! i had jerry gore unlocked and 10k kills when the bug happened but now i have ALL characters unlocked and 102k kills! and no jailbreak here, just pure mountain sheep awesomeness!

  16. @rooterboy
    those are some awesome ideas! I would love to see some of these in future updates!

    Also ms, I've been experiencing crash lately. And idea why?

  17. i agree with jan. what happened to all the extra stuff like the evil knight preview and the other two maps? im not going to start bashing all i want is to know when these will come out

  18. @MS

    If you want any suggestions, here is a link to TouchArcade's thread for episode 4, there are 218 pages of responses, suggestions and off-topic comments. xD

  19. Beta for next update has been released. :)

  20. I liked the idea of the Easter Bunny that starts with a Grenade-Egg Launcher. Kudos to whoever came up with that.

  21. mountain sheep i think its about time u guys got dirtier with ur updates. Im talking about full out fun porn and maybe a little more hardcore stuff. I cant wait to see those titties. thx


  23. This fix only applies for those who update from 1.27 and not any other earlier version, that means if I downgrade back to 1.26 (after upgrade to 1.27) then I still won't regain any of my unlocked character too, not to mention kill counts...

    correct me if I were wrong, but so far i updated, and my kill count still the same from my downgraded 1.26.

  24. So I have run into the same problem as sone of you I updated lost all my data and then went back to an older version I had. Now that the fix has come out I still don't have my kills or characters. I don't know about the rest if you but I over minigore it's to much fucking trouble just to play a game. Thanks mountiam sheep for making me hate your fucking compand and products with a new found passion


  25. I hope they add a character to the next update

  26. @sir darkened
    as in the beta for the graphical update next week or for episode 4?

  27. omg another graphical update.. awesome.

  28. After the graphical update they game will lag as twice as now

  29. Seriously, please do something about the predator furry. I loved every episode until that furry bastard showed up... it sucks with a normal gun and with a shotgun or grenade launcher you don't stand a chance at all. So please do something, anything about it, I want to love this game again! :)

  30. wow yet another awesome GRAPHICAL UPDATE is going to make its way soon through apple's approval and will be out just in time for iPhone 4g

  31. I did it. I used the fix for the trick to gain access to Sensei. Cheap trick? But: 700.000 kills I lost by the zombie-episode bug. Now I reached Sensei $450.000 kills to fast. There was no other way - I did not use OpenFeint, so my unlockings and the score have been lost. But I hope, Mountain Sheep will create a new goal.

  32. I have forgotten about the 100.000 kills. So I have been 550.000 kills to fast.
    The last kick to use the trick was the changing in the way the score numbers are defined. At this point it was much to hard to start all over.

  33. I think that now since you've given more people sensei even now you should make a character for like 3,000,000 kills or something. you could make him customizable by letting users put different hats and hair on him, almost like combining everyone. then let us equip whatever weapon combination we want to. that would be a great reward and something for us players who have nothing left to work for to do!

  34. This makes no sense. I updated to 1.271 from 1.27 (I never opened the app after I updated to 1.27 though) and it had Jerry hook lizzy and ninja and zombieville guy locked despite I have their unlocked achievements in openfeint. However enviro bear Santa John sensei Evan and Evan are unlocked but my openfeint unlocked achievements for them are gone and each time I open the app it makes me re purchase the dlcs each time I reopen the app plus it erases my kills each time I close and reopen the app. What the heck is the problem??

  35. You know all the weird characters on the first loading screen... there should be mini games which use them; like one where you need to protect that lady with a pet.

    Also what about a jack-in-the-box character who has a random weapon which changes every 30 seconds or so ??

  36. @Jacob: Not everyone is willing to sacrifice such loads of life and batteries for a single casual mobile game. Many of us have a work and a family. Anyways: After reaching 2.999.000 kills you will lose everything by a trashy update ;.) Nervous Breakdown, then. Nobody will aim for such a far goal.

    500.000 is more reasonable - cause the points are calculated in a new way. You progress slower after the fix. And the new predator furries are a pain, sometimes.

  37. A lot of people have ideas. Some of those ideas are a little strange or extreme, at least. Things not fitting into the character of this mobile game; cosmetic things which will drain the battery for useless crap without adding gameplay. So...

    What about a new map?
    What about a new map?
    What about a new map?

    Could this be useful?
    Or an option to stop ugly useless battery sucking bullet shells?

  38. My iPod Touch already gets fps of 5-10 whenever I use Gangster Gore with a level 10 shotgun/grenade launcher and a SMG. A graphical update would mean that I would have to get a new iPod to play it (I'm already going to get a new one because of OS 4, but now I've got another reason to get one).

  39. (sorry about the double post) @Mountain Cheap:

    Did you see the post about episode 4 at the TouchArcade forums?

  40. Sorry guys, but whats about characters when they're actually all the same...
    You know just a few have really good Special Traits, and the new characters just look good, but we want more fun, and not something to look at, because this gets boring after two seconds ...


    I have a good idea to introduce:
    It should be possible to change Weapons, like you click at the left edge above, and then you wield grenade and no mor machine gun (sure you first have to pick up a crate!!!)
    would be more effectively, because sometimes you need a faster sometimes a more powerful weapon!


    There also should be more Weapons like:

    -Not flame - no - an icethrower would be cool with this you can slow down the furries, or when you focus some furries, they get frozen for a short period of time, and can't move at all (for Predator furry this would be not bad ... but I think without the idea above it's useless, because u can't kill them with this weapon!)

    - Ninja man really should get nija stars or a katana (or maybe both :) and not the boring sprint (I think it makes no sense at all ...)

    - a laser gun would be cool also, I think you can handle this in a good way timo/kimmo ...

    Another Idea:

    Power-Ups (flashing colourfull objects falling down) like
    - faster for 20 sec
    - better fire rate
    - next time beast mode gets activated when you only have two clovers or something related
    - a little bot goes around you and shoots the furries, lasts only for 1 minute

    Something important is, that you release new bosses, enemies (no hard ones, should just be something fresh[like the zombies you planned already;cosacks and so on]) and of course new maps!

    I thank you all for your patience, I hope I had some good ideas, and they're not to hard to integrate into the game!

    Thankful for all you do in future

  41. Please read my comment above Timo/Kimmo!

  42. @Mountain Sheep:
    This would be an option for a fat new goal: 500.000 - 700.000 points for the option to give dual wielding to the character you really like the most!

    Right now you have to use Gangster Gore for having an acceptable game. Predator furries a real enemy. But I would love to choose a double wielding Lizzy or - even better - that wonderful frankensteined bunny!
    I am sure many other players would prefer this freedom, too.

  43. @Anonymus: That news with the new map is from January 06... The promise is even older. Nothing happened.
    To me even some desert texturing would be enough. Brownish yellowish, removing trees. Rocks, ruins or desert plants instead. And a pyramid in the middle ;.)

  44. im really glad with this update its something more challenging. but just because you all mentioned episode 4 i think its a waste of time. i expect another couple of months to be released NOT ONLY I EXPECT. I BET FOR IT!

  45. This makes no sense. I updated to 1.271 from 1.27 (I never opened the app after I updated to 1.27 though) and it had Jerry hook lizzy and ninja and zombieville guy locked despite I have their unlocked achievements in openfeint. However enviro bear Santa John sensei Evan and Evan are unlocked but my openfeint unlocked achievements for them are gone and each time I open the app it makes me re purchase the dlcs each time I reopen the app plus it erases my kills each time I close and reopen the app. Does anyone else have this problem? Sorry for the semi repeat post, I just can't get anyone to give any feedback on this.

  46. @ftousougamwto: As much as I have heard... a beta has already been submitted.

  47. @Dylan: Caused by never opening 1.27 you have no savegame at all. The repair mechanism of 1.271 needs a 1.27 savegame. This is my guess.

  48. What mean Graphical update? And I don't see that MAPS were changed?!

  49. @Mountain Cheap: Still doesnt make sense. I have even deleted the app and reloaded it and still the same issue. It should act the same as someone who just bought the game today and loaded it. It is just weird to have all the big characters(bear, sensei etc..) unlocked in the game but the OF achievements are gone now..and the smaller guys(Jerry-hook-ninja-lizzy) locked in game but their OF Acheivements are there. Plus it deletes all kills and makes me re-buy the DLC's over and over each time I want to play. Really makes no sense, especially after deleting the game and reloading it from my itunes. Oh well, at least Guerilla Bob is more fun now :(

  50. I think the good Update (if uch a thing exists ^^) will take half an eternity -.-'

  51. Hey I get an I idea for characters
    I suppose they can all have different skills and different weapons right?
    So far we only have 3 weapons and I think that is a little to less for this app.
    I think we should have another two.
    1) chain gun
    with high amount of rounds and rates. That's we can kill the furrows easier( it can't goes weilding and it's rate is 2.5 time faster than the machine we have and it doesn't have limited bullets but limited time. It only stand for half a day. So if u get it in the morning. When it is sun set I will lose it
    2)double hand guns
    with this weapon we can actually walk faster because of the weight it has. And it has a high rate but weak attacks.

    Also I think if you guys really want us to enjoy the app
    please do this. Predator furry is a good idea but out machine gun it's rate is too slow for handle predator furry. So you should make the machine gun upgradable. Then it can have a higher rate so we can kill them easily.
    Cas I find when I am playing gang gore it is easier to kill them because he has two guns and it is upgradable so I suggest you guys let all the charater can upgrade theirachine gun and all have their own skill or else I suppose if people were easily kill they will soon lost the interst to play

    I hop my ideas can hope

  52. I know I have alot of typing errors sorry about that
    I was halo asleep. Sorry guys please look at the idea but not my errors

  53. we better get 100,000 kills this time. I had the exact problem they addressed in this post, but I'm kind of confused how I'm going to be compensated.

  54. The next update is a graphical one.

    And guess what you can turn the bullet shells off! The maps look much more crisp and there is a nice fence around it(like the iPad version, you can turn this off too)! So far no issues, but were not sure if there adding more "cough".

  55. This isn't really the place but a character with dual shotguns would be nice, even giving enviro bear two of the one he already has.

  56. Few ideas but I doubt anyone really reads these.

    Should be able to turn of bullet shells.
    A classic mode were it is almost identical to the first episode so if you get tired of the updates you can always go back, and there should be no leaderboards for classic though.
    And the predator furries need a lot of work. I mean they're cool and all but the rate of fire of almost all the guns they just don't stand a chance. And they shouldn't jump when they die. Thows people off a bit and it kinda annoying.

    Read another post and it had something about light guns and running faster. Sounded cool.

    New weapon. I mean come on only 3? Flamethrower. Burns furrows but runs out faster and is more rare.

    And here's a good one. Update more.

  57. The next update will allow you to turn off bullet shells.

    Another beta has been released :P

    I've been told I can update you guys up to a certain point. Next update ha to go through a few days worth of testing til they submit it. It also depends on what they add as well.

    So far no major bugs.

  58. Thanks for the update sirdarkened. I look forward to finding out what's in store!!

  59. I do not see any use in a flamethrower. Furries, already burning, still attack. Fire does not destroy Furries. Being on fire is a normal state to some of them.

  60. @SirDarkened you mean that there will be smaller updates like the one you mentioned or all these will be in episode 4? if anyone knows please answer me :)

  61. Why not have real bosses and not some larger-than-life furry that's so easy to kill? I know! Timo and Kimmo should make bosses in their image, so we can shoot them "right between the eyes~!"!

  62. Mountain Sheep really needs to balance out the game. The new Predator Furry makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get past 10,000. I mean, the game is quite irritating now. They should reduce the amount of regular furries. It's just not fun.

  63. oh youre wrong! now its the reall fun! im not a great player but i manage to get to 16,000-17,000

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. @Dylan: There is a way... - at a price. You need the bug version of the Zombie episode. You need your brain. It is so easy! Just think about the mechanism. And then you can use the fix to unlock every character inclusive Sensei. But it will remove every goal. So think twice. I am of the opinion Mountain Sheep will have to create a new goal anyways in a while...

  66. I have a question for kimmo, sorry if is off topic: how dies the star syatem work? I mean what Are they for and how doni obtain them?

  67. *how does the star system work? I mean, what are they for and how do I obtain them?

  68. This is a mini update. This is NOT Episode 4.

    The star system just lets you know who you play with the most. More you play the character the more stars you unlock. It does nothing besides that.

    Still in testing....

  69. Predator furries really effin' stink. They can hide in the bushes all they damn want but when they hop and fly and land right on you. That's just utter bullshit. You can't even see them coming. And the only way in my opinion to make it past 10,000 is to start at expert mode instead of insane so you can build up your weapons. In the case of Sensei, lv 10 grenade launcher is far superior to whatever nonsense lv he starts out with at insane.

    I was able to get to 22,000+ score by getting Sensei up to lv 10 with his grenade launchers and just spamming the shit out of everything.

    And also, can you work in an option to toggle the predator furry on/off? Clearly some people like them, and I wouldn't mind having them at every other game(to keep things fresh), but right now, they're just an effin' nuisance!

  70. I want to kiss this guy/girl! Thanks Mountain Sheep for free Sensei! Best update EVER! No way I'm gonna complain about losing my 550,000 kills now. I've got every character there is! Hahahahahahaha! Awesome!

    How to: GET FREE SENSEI EVAN said...
    1. get version 1.27(the bugged version) on your idevice. play a game with it, and quit and go back into it to create a "bugged save game"
    2. update your itunes minigore account with 1.271 and sync then go into the game and play a game. you will unlock the xmas gore character from your achievements. sync with OF.
    3. delete 1.271 from your iphone, and itunes. and reinstall bugged version 1.27 on your iphone. repeat step 1.
    4. repeat step 2. except that now since you "unlocked xmas gore" you will get sensei evan free because of your OF achievement.

    That's how you get free Sensei Evan along with a worthless 100k kills. Minigore has just lost all it's "drive to play more".

    Well done Mountain Sheep! I really love how you gave Sensei Evan to everyone for free! :D:D:D

    April 18, 2010 5:47 AM

    p.s. it really works! ahahahahahaha!

  71. I don't think there should be an option to turn the p. Furry off as I think it's importaint for lifting the difficulty of the game. I do think though they way they occour in the game should be changed. What I mean is at the moment the first time you encounter them is at 6000 kills but instead of gradually building in numbers, it seems that you just get bombarded with a huge wave of them. So maybe they way to make the change in difficulty more gradual would be to build up the amount of p. Furrys gradually rather than hit you with tons from 6000

  72. get plants vs zombies!

  73. guerrilla bob is shit!

  74. Can't wait for the next update in 3 months.....=(

  75. Yea the post above me is right. Can't even take a guess on how long it will take to change the game...... Hate the preditor furry....

  76. @Timmy

    Right, I realise you might be looking at it from a leaderboard standpoint. I personally don't do online leaderboards so I don't care much for this apparent difficulty bump. I want a casual game and not one that I die in after a minute by no fault of my own. I mean they effin' FLY AT YOU amongst a mass of furries, and you only see them coming when they actually hit you!

    Ok how about this, a toggle that turns them on/off but if you turn them off, your scores don't count in the leaderboards. Sure they count for your kills. But what difference does it make? Even if MS releases a new "goal", it still takes months to work up a decent kill count in the 100s of thousands.

    Although at the rate that MS produces updates, I don't have much faith my love for Minigore is going to be restored soon.

  77. for all of u who say "getting past 10k is impossible" go on OF there are tons of people who got passed 10k with new update. So stop complaining cus MS isnt gonna change the game just cus U suck

  78. I dont like that preditor furrie either..
    Sometimes they hit you from 2 different sides, and thats pritty frustrating!

  79. Predator furry is killing fun. Now it is just the question of being killed or not like playing dice. No sports - just luck. To all the people who do high scores still: how many games du you have to start to make run? How much time has to be invested?
    Predator furry should become part of a special mod "Expert" or "Lunatic".

  80. I wish multiplayer would be added already!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. I have an important issue with minigore and I sent an email to MS but I've not received any reply.

    This is my problem.

    I updated minigore to the 1.27 version and lost my characters and my kills (I'm not worried about that, I am going to play it again and I'm going to enjoy doing it) but I bought all characters and I cannot recover them re-purchasing them. When I try to re-buy these characters a first popup that appears to confirm the transaction appears with a little cue in the bottom with the message: "[Environment: Sandbox]". Then, when I accept the transaction and introduce my password a message appears saying me:

    "Esta no es una cuenta de usuario de prueba."
    "Crea una cuenta nueva en el entorno de Sandbox."
    "[Environment: Sandbox]"

    Translated by me:

    "This is not a test user account."
    "You must create a new account in the Sandbox environment."
    "[Environment: Sandbox]"

    So, I cannot recover my old purchased characters.

    I've updated the minigore app to the new version with the bug fixed (1.271) obtaining the 100.000 kills and unlocking my old characters, however I still having the same problem trying to obtain the pre-purchased characters.

    Now, I removed my application trying to reinstall it from application store to recover these characters (losing my 100.00 kills - I repeat: this is not important). However... the problem has not disappeared.

    What can I do? Can you answer my email please?

    PD: I'm from Spain and my English is too poor. I wish you can understand me. Thanks.

  83. Anonymous said...
    for all of u who say "getting past 10k is impossible" go on OF there are tons of people who got passed 10k with new update. So stop complaining cus MS isnt gonna change the game just cus U suck

    April 20, 2010 8:03 PM

    You suck too dick wad. Only one guy complained of not getting past 10k. Where's the "all of you"?. Fucking moron, you should learn to read instead of wasting your time trying to be macho. Bad news dude, IT AIN'T WORKING! You just come off as being similar to soggy toilet paper, ugly to look at and sticks up all the wrong places.

    The problem is not getting past 10k here, the problem is that your death now is not a matter of skill or lack of. It's a matter of luck. If the predator jumps on you or suddenly pops out of the bushes without you knowing. Last time I used to average 20,000+ on most of my quickie playthroughs, and that was when I was just killing time like waiting for a bus and intentionally died/quit when my bus arrived. When I was playing at home or at the office, I would die because I would get greedy with weapon pick ups or clovers.
    NOW? I have NO control over when I die!

  84. I fully agree! Starting a game now is just like throwing dice. Either the predator jumps on you early or not. Game is taken out of the players control. When skill becomes useless... gameplay dies.

  85. Yes I agree about that also. Before P.furry came out I have the skill to get to 5xxxxx pts but now I can't even get 13000 pts.
    I mean there must be something u can do about it. You can still make them jump but don't let them jump from different directions. Make sure to go with all the others. And also let the machine gun be upgradeable.

    To MS
    if you really want people enjoy to play this game do something about it. Cas sooner or later you will lose you fans. Trust me on this one

  86. Did you recognize that Kimmo answered a few posts, and now there's no more replies!
    Sorry MS, but what should we think about xou, when you don't care about us? And I really think they give a shit... They just want to make money!

  87. It would be good to take out that new monster, or have a setting to take them out. They are just annoying and they make me not want to play anymore. And it makes me not want to buy minigore HD because I'm sure they are in there too. I don't care if it was put in to make the game harder, it makes it less fun.

  88. Don't even waste ur time trying to convince ms to change cuase they won't.

  89. anonymous saying ms wont change their game
    stupid fucking retard ms has changed so much that they have heard from this blog its just dumb shit eaters like u who make it seem like they don't. Maybe u should read the blog posts before making stupid statements u will regret late on dumbass. People have suggested characters, ideas and many other things so go and get that dick out of your brain and then try again. So if all u can do is post useless bullshit then go back to sucking your boyfriends dick faggot

  90. u guys i think i kind of like the predator furry because i was getting a little sick of having total control over what happened and getting kills that really meant nothing. Now it feels like ive earned it and i have gone up against the challenge as opposed to sitting around shooting like i used to. BUT i do agree there should be an option to turn it off cos lots of other people are having trouble with it and i do get a little sick of it jumping out of the bushes without warning and killing me almost immediately so dont get rid of it just MAKE IT OPTIONAL!

  91. making it optional would affect the leaderboards... maybe add an additional small icon next to the character to identify that predator furry was turned on when the score was recorded.

  92. good idea anonymous above that would help identify the sissies from the hardcore

  93. for everone who doesn't like the preditor furry read here.

    I'm pretty confident that ms will make the preditor furry easier to kill or just make less of them in the gameplay. Obviously everyone has something they don't like about them. They will probably not FULLY remove it becuase it is part of the game and they would have wasted there time to make it. It will most likely take time to change it becuase they are still working with this update and it's problems and constructing the next one. I just hope they make the next update faster than it took to release this one. Keep your fingers crosses.

  94. Thanks MS! Now I feel happier knowing I'll get all my characters back!

  95. That's why I said make it a TOGGLE! Turn the predator furry ON or OFF. And only sync leaderboard standings WITH the predator furry turned ON. Like give it an easy mode(p.furry off), and a normal mode(p.furry on). Have a little bracket that say something like; "with this option turned off, scores will not sync to online leaderboards, only local leaderboards."

    Some people like it, most people don't. No use punishing anyone, so add a toggle switch and everybody is happy. Those that don't like the "not-syncing-to-leaderboard-idea". Well, get over it. This is what MS have come out with, this is what will stay. They just need to make their game more accessible to everyone.

  96. Anonymous said...
    good idea anonymous above that would help identify the sissies from the hardcore

    April 21, 2010 7:55 PM

    Hardcore? You're proud to be hardcore in a little game? What a fucking loser you must be. Some people just want to blow off some steam or unwind with a little shooting around, having them die so often with the new furries is counter-productive.

    You can be hardcore all you want moron, Minigore 4 LIFE doesn't get you to Oxford.

  97. random person guyApril 21, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    Its a good thing it takes about a week for apple to approve minigore updates

    Thanks ms for the quick updates!

  98. The predator furry randomly jumping wouldn't be an issue if you geniuses didn't lower the rate of fire of the weapon pick-ups at lower levels.

    The predator furry is moving at a certain speed, the shotgun and grenade launcher fire at a speed that is much slower than how fast the furry is approaching you.

    You simply cannot hit it under certain conditions. Sometimes you may fire, sometimes you won't. That is ridiculous.

    We are being punished for using the weapon pick-ups. Getting the shotgun and grenade launcher is suicide when there is a sudden swarm of predators, specially after the night cycle.

    Goddamn geniuses at work.

  99. stupid mountain sheep. they should just release episode 4 and be done with things. instead they delay and delay and make worthless annoying creatures that only serve to annoy people. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING WANKERS! STOP CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR STUPID KEYBOARDS AND PROGRAM SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!


  100. "stupid mountain sheep. they should just release episode 4 and be done with things."

    my thoughts exactly.

  101. Beta Testers have received a beta w/ updated graphics.

    We are pushing for altered firing rates on weapon pickups.

  102. "Beta Testers have received a beta w/ updated graphics.

    We are pushing for altered firing rates on weapon pickups."

    that's good to hear. thanks for the update.

  103. guerilla bob is a much better game, and it also recently got updated, and is on sale for $0.99
    so get that. you get to kill john in the end!!!
    i'll skin you alive and use the wool to keep me warm, while i feast on your intestines.die sheep, die!!!

  104. Hi, how do i purcahse hardland premium characters?

  105. MS should add melee weapons....or maybe laser rifles!!!!! like fallout.... that would be something to behold..MS Hear me OUT!!

  106. Or how about nail guns!!! or throwing knifes!!!! or harpoons!!!!!! or have the ability to throw fire or ice!!!! im giving MS some ideas that can keep minigore alive and swinging for years!!!!

  107. i bought this game like a couple of months ago, and out of nowhere it told me that my save file appears to be corrupt and could not be loaded and that if i havent modefied the file myself, then it could be a bug. just read that from the app itself. i dont know what to do. help me and fix this. i bought it when it was episode 3.8 with the boom furrie icon. please help!

  108. Hay mountain sheep I got a new iPod and I lost all my data on Minigore. I had the hardland premiums so I re downloads it and I don't have them anymore please help!!!!

  109. Would like to know if sensei evan scores are not valid for the leaderboard. I just scored 84k with playing at inferno mode with sensei but it dod not update the leaderboard. Also when I got to the trick on the x for the skull I never get the 18k like people do. Anyone else with the same issues?


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