Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting Minigore levels

The next episode is in beta testing! It features this zombie fellow below:

This is a bit different blog post...

I though it would interesting to show a timelapse footage of how I paint the level textures.

The only maps you've been able to play so far are the forest and it's snow version. This is one of the levels that I've been working on behind the scenes while waiting for the coding side to catch up:

Snow level making of

I've also changed the forest level quite a bit since Episode 1, adding small details and refining certain areas. It's gonna get yet another layer of polish:

Snow level making of

Snow forest gets similar treatment:

Snow level making of

As I said above, Episode 3.7 is in final beta testing now! It includes new gameplay that will make the gaming experience fresh again :)


  1. keep it going guys!

  2. nice idea showing the progress of making the new map :)
    you clearly poor your heart and soul into your art! :D

  3. Nice! Can't wait for the new snow map :D And i can't wait for the bullet shells, Evil Knight Melee, new textures and predator furry! xDxDxD

  4. Look, the art is very very well done, and im glad the the blog has FINALLY been updated, but this is the part im confused about...

    "Episode 3.7 is still gonna take a little while to complete"

    last time i checked.. the last update we got came out early January, which means its been 2 months since Minigore was updated, no matter how many times people give me answers to this question, I still will never understand.... why does it take sooooooo long to make 1 update, that really doesn't add THAT much?

    I guess I will never know

  5. you'll see why when its released

  6. thats really cool but when you say "its gona take a little while to complete" you mean another month again?

  7. "you'll see why when its released"

    @ playn, do u mean 3.7 or 4.0?

    and have u finally got a beta for it yet?

  8. Finally they posted something... I thought they are Dead ^^

  9. Beta comes in in a week or two

  10. timo/kimmo
    plz remain posting at this blog, i would say like 2-3 times a week, it does not have to be big news, just something about the game or progress update, even something minorly itresting would be good, thx for posting hope to see more

  11. I am very glad that finally you guys are posting on this blog again
    I will wait for the update
    me and my friends are waiting for you guys
    we will wait no matter what


  13. My bad, it's

  14. its not leaked, timo posted it

  15. Ya more updates don't let us down. As a wise man once said:
    Never gunna give up
    never gunna let you down
    never gunna run around and desert you

  16. a short preview of melee

  17. @anon above: you really shouldnt post pics of your infection.

  18. You got Rick rolled son! Oh and stop posting disgusting crap here you dick wads and if you say something like "suck Meh dick" then your just gay why would you want to let a dude suck it

  19. At playn I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about the one for melée

  20. Please give me your art skillz. D:

  21. Better get your updates out quick or else REVOLT will come for you

  22. What does REVOLT have to do with this?

    Revolt isnt minigore, thus nothing to worry about.

    People said the same thing about Guerilla Bob, but unless someone comes out with an exact minigore replica and makes it better, nothing will be coming for minigore

  23. new characters

    jenny gore

    zombie gore

  24. Jenny isn't in next update.

  25. wow I love the new characters. hey I have a question. since zombie gore is already dead how can he be killed in hardland again?
    looking forward for the new update
    hey can we have a cowboy in the game caz that will be fun


    p.s this wait for the update is bullshit

  27. hahahaha you wasted your time when it took me 3 seconds to scroll past it. get a life, go outside! stop typing 0 over and over again for 4 hours. i cant believe you did that. what a waste of time lol.

  28. did that really take you four hours? why didn't you just keep pressing enter and zero abunch of times it would take you like 2 minutes

  29. You are a zero


  30. Im gonna sue minigore devs for false promises

    - campaign
    - co-op
    - snow map
    - desert map
    - indicating that john gores daughter might have her own campaign
    - much much more

    ps: i know everyone will say those features are coming... but I kinda thought when they were advertising minigore with its funner with 2 or whatever... that it would be within 6 months of release.

  31. erm. sue them? yes. sure.

    all those things are coming as you said so it is in fact not 'false promises'

    they never said "this is coming next week" or "this will be released within 6 months and if its not you can sue me because this is somehow against the law"
    they initially said co-op would be in ep3, but it got pushed back to due problems im not sure i can mention. (their not bad, they actually finished co-op but their having technical difficulties) so then they pushed it back to ep4 and it is coming in ep4
    the rest: they never gave a release date for those
    and indicating means nothing. and thats also the first ive heard of it, so maybe a dream?

    ^^ if you look up, you can see the snow map

    FYI you couldn't sue anything for a 'false promise' heck you couldn't claim anything on a false promise. not even 1cent

  32. lol first of all... of course the 'law suite' was a joke... and they said in an early touch arcade post that they hadn't decided yet if they were going to give her a campaign...

    if u dont believe me i can go find it for u..? cause it definitely wasn't a dream

  33. nah lol im not saying its not true, just saying its the first ive heard of it :)

    i know it was a joke, i just was bored so i decided to ramble on lol :p hehe

  34. Hi guys I'm really sorry about sticking up for Mountain Sheep. Their a bunch of shitheads as the beta hasn't come out yet and it's not coming for another 2 months. I hate this game and I think we should all delete it.

    Fuck you Mountain Sheep.

  35. Nice cover playn... just admit you were wrong. Dont say lol. It pisses me off so much.

    Also that playn above definately isnt playn. Its posting at 8:15 AM. Where as the real playn posts between 1PM and 2AM. God man you stay up LATE. According to my bullshit radar, he would also never say that. You fail anonymous. Go back to 4chan and be 'cool.'

    But really playn. The real playn even. Admit you were wrong :D We'll only publicly stone you for a while. Woh this song is good. Athlete - You Got The Style. For reference.

    Stay non trolling people. Also ginger love to all of you. Except you rooteboy. Because you suck eh. I might be joking. Might not...

    Ginger love to all (except rooteboy)


  36. I meant stay cool non trolling people.

    Correction ginger love

  37. playn you need to stop sticking up for mountain sheep they dont give a damn what we say anymore they take forever for little updates and all the while you keep saying wait a little no one wants to wait eternity for a small update you are very annoying why didnt they work on all this during the 2month intermission between episode 1 and 2 thats plenty of time to work hard and get updates lined up for submission

  38. @ elliohow
    what is that suppost to mean

  39. Damn!
    MS, it's Not okay to let These paying customers wait so Long!!!
    The Update Takes more than 2 months??
    You can't Be serious!!

  40. Yeah how dare Mountain Sheep not give me my updates because more than likely I paid a dollar for this app or up to $3-4 on DLC which I voluntarily paid you guys..

    Yeah Mountain Sheep you suck for only giving us Insane Mode, a bunch of characters some which have special abilities, dual wielding, night mode, wormwolf, leveling up weapons, and grenade launcher.

    Its like they never try to give me a fresh experience each time. I mean how hard can it be to update a fully 3D game that already pushes the hardware a bit and create new gameplay elements and designing the art for those elements, applying them, and test all that to be sure it is bug-free?


  41. The mountain sheep team have lives. I can see why you want the update, but don't badmouth them. They have been on vacation and relaxing. When the update takes a while it useally means it will be awesome

  42. *sigh* where to begin....
    Well the guy who posted that long thing ur an idiot it doesn't piss ppl off jus an inconvience
    as for MS: cmon guys u made this game and based it around the fans and now ur ignoring ur community!!!!! I really think ppl wouldn't mind the wait so much if u updated at LEAST twice a week. As for ppl that say that they have lives, are u serious!!! it really doesn't take that long to make a post and publish it. I'd say around 10 min or less give or take. I remember back last year u guys were asking for ideas from the community and giving it feedback whatever happened to that :( all I'm saying is that u guys should update more often

  43. Some of you guys do have a point, i remember the days where we would actively post about stuff for discussion. Hardly see that anymore

  44. If only you guys had a clue what was said in the Touch Arcade beta group.

    Jesus Christ monkey balls, Mountain Sheep isn't a team of 1,000,000 employees working around the clock, some things take a while to code, deal with it.

    Also, let me dissect a post for you guys;

    "- campaign (When did they promise a campaign?)
    - co-op (Yes co-op was promised, but from what I've read from Timo, it's very nearly done)
    - snow map (Also done, but I don't know when it was promised)
    - desert map (When was that promised)
    - indicating that john gores daughter might have her own campaign (Who cares if they said they might do something, if my friend said they might throw a burrito off a cliff, I wouldn't hold my breath)
    - much much more (What does that even mean?)"

    It's Hmar9333 typing, by the way, I just CBF using my blogspot ID

  45. haha lol i was kinda in between :p i knew he was joking but took it seriously

    person who imitated me.. get lost

    and yea i stay up late sometimes cause im a night person :) HATE the mornings. their my worst enemy :/ than and im used to it because i have to stay up late to watch EPL.. all those weekends waiting for the EPL at 4am.. goddammit

    to other person: i stick up for them for a reason. not because i do it for the heck of doing it. as a beta i know a *little* of why its delayed, but then again they didnt really tell us much. even so, as someone pointed out with a sarcastic post. you guys (%90 who bought minigore) only paid 99cents. not even a dollar. its fair for them to take their time as im sure they have other things to do

    and to person who said im annoying, try reading your posts :/ (the ones that complain.. now THEY'RE annoying)

  46. LOL at these quotes from Timo

    "Why would we create all these assets if we don't plan on using them? That would be extremely stupid on our part I spent like one full week painting just that snow level, same for the desert level. What you see is code, 3d models and textures that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Though I would understand your concern if we had nothing but words to show."

    Oh and that post was made in July 2009.....

    "Co-op is in second update"

    posted in August


  47. ^^ Anonymous

    Your post totally makes no sense.

  48. i defended it already? lol. but to reiterate, they initially said it would be in an earlier episode but they pushed it back to episode 4 due to technical reasons. co-op is finished, its been finished for a very long time. at one point Timo said it was nearly done when episode 2 was coming out but due to a very big problem they had no choice but to push it back

    and micer is right you made no sense

  49. @ anon
    Timo asked us if we wanted to wait for a huge update including coop etc or several smaller ones.
    Since we decided for the 2nd thing coop wasn't in ep2.

    offend that?

  50. you people are so stupid playn your frustated i can tell from your posts no one is updating cause they dont care anymore they want this to be done so they can start on hardgore which is what i want them to do minigore is a lost cause with many false promises it used to be the best but it just isnt fun anymore i got my score as high as it will be ive tried to beat it lets move on and start on hardgore

  51. hmmm how did the post above not make sense?

    date posted

    date posted


    makes sense to me ?
    are you in primary school?
    Never seen a quote with a date posted under it?

  52. "Co-op in second update"

    That was then

    "Co-op in episode 4"

    This is now.

    I shall relate to you.

    Scientists predicted the world would run out of oil by the 1980s, that was back then, now, they estimated it would be out by 2020.

    Stop digging up things that were already outdated, if you wanted to post the co-op episode 2 thing, you should have done it months ago.

    Keep up with the times pls

  53. "Scientists predicted the world would run out of oil by the 1980s, that was back then, now, they estimated it would be out by 2020"

    lol those scientists didn't own the oil and have complete control over what they did with it... relating minigore to oil is a bit silly dont u think ?

  54. Yea, it does sound a little silly, but its a rough analogy.

    That is beside the point

  55. Now relating minigore to Kevin Rudd... now that is a good analogy.. (anyone from Australia will get it)

  56. hey! leave KRudd alone
    hes sexier then john howard..

  57. john howard should be a guest star.. that would be sweeeet :p
    rove could voice him!

  58. What i was referring to, was Kevin Rudds false promises... or promises that took like a year to accomplish (SOUND LIKE ANYTHING WE KNOW?)

  59. everybody just chill the fuk out! its only a game! the update will come when it comes. minigore is a great game. end of

    ......Rick dont listen to me

  60. just wait guys.

  61. Here's what I've been told (by MountainSheep:

    They aren't just implementing new features, they are implementing ways to make it easier to implement new features.

    Instead of just cramming everything in and hoping it runs well, they are optimizing, and recoding so that in the future they can do things much faster.

    Less now, more later.

  62. exactly 2 months since the last update.. and still nothing

  63. How many other games have updated this much. Games like this and pocket god, even pocket devil are rare to have episodic content. If they wanted they could stop now. I know about "Ooo but they already promised." Well, SHUT UP. Asshole. People promise alot of things, but some of it just cant be done. Did America join the league of nations? Per examplé.

    They've run into performance problems which is why they cant release it yet. Im not making it up, it was on one of their touch arcade posts.

    Also how many other games have a blog like this eh. To update us. About 10% of games on my ipod, so deal with it assholes.

    Play a different game while you wait, a game which has stopped updating. Because these guys are trying, and they dont need you getting them down.

    Angry ginger love

  64. you shut the fuck up. whats your problem ginger-bitch?

  65. @Anon above
    what the hell is your problem, he is trying to help mounton sheep comunicate with you and tell you what's happening/put things in perspective
    so why don't you shut up

  66. you all are retards they dont care anymore they used to but it has stopped selling for them they probably work on it for two hours a day and the rest probably on hardgore. so everyone who is defending their crap needs to shut up who cares if they have a blog if they dont update it regularly itsa waste. i dont understand gatorsxrule micer playn and elihow stop kissing up its annoying to hear you guys defend them! and look like the good guys its gay that you think you are here to defend them! they should come here themselves. i understand they are having technical difficulties but look, just like that one anonymous poster put the 2 month span between episode 1 and 2 should have been long enough to "optimize it" but they did nothing but sit on their lazy asses and wait to get rejected they didnt work on the game anytime during that span or they would have updates lined up for us it shouldnt take this long this is their fault and i hope they realize this. the game could have been good but their own stupidity has brought it down the toilet.

  67. please stop doing this this is pointless
    if you wana complain do it but not in this way
    this is not helping anyone in anyway at all
    we all have wait for a very long time it comes when it comes

    if you are dispointed I can understand
    if you hate mountain sheep then don't come this this blog anymore

  68. "you all are retards they dont care anymore they used to but it has stopped selling for them they probably work on it for two hours a day and the rest probably on hardgore. so everyone who is defending their crap needs to shut up who cares if they have a blog if they dont update it regularly itsa waste. i dont understand gatorsxrule micer playn and elihow stop kissing up its annoying to hear you guys defend them! and look like the good guys its gay that you think you are here to defend them! they should come here themselves. i understand they are having technical difficulties but look, just like that one anonymous poster put the 2 month span between episode 1 and 2 should have been long enough to "optimize it" but they did nothing but sit on their lazy asses and wait to get rejected they didnt work on the game anytime during that span or they would have updates lined up for us it shouldnt take this long this is their fault and i hope they realize this. the game could have been good but their own stupidity has brought it down the toilet."

    I agree with everything in this post *salutes the guy who posted it*

  69. @sunny
    ahem, reading disgusting walls of posts about literally nothing helpful at all is pretty damn annoying. speak for yourself, and stop complaining because its people such as yourself that are the reason why mountain sheep no longer keep the blog updated, because its full of idiotic people.

    if you followed the threads on TA you would get a LOT better posts and insight, you wanna know why? because over there they dont have people writing 0 one million times to fail at 'annoying' people and others that try to put mountain sheep down. if you want updates then i suggest either shut up and stop complaining or simply shut up

  70. to add on to that, absolutely everything you mentioned was assumptions and was in fact completely wrong. and i would know that. if you could see the beta thread you would think your a retard once you re-read that post. and that's no joke. you literally didn't say one thing that was correct

  71. @anon who hates playn, elihow, etc

    Who the hell said they were "Defending" Mountain Sheep? None of them said
    What they are simply doing is calming the idiot masses such as yourself from complaining. Did you know all that time it took you to post that message you couldve maybe wrote a book, Read a good book (Ted Bell is a personal Fave), or gone and enjoyed the earth!
    And btw Mountain Sheep doesnt give a rats ass about what anybody says about how slow the update is. Because they know your mouths will be full of Great Praise when the update DOES come out!!!

  72. Playn could you please shed some light I follow the TA thread it's the same thing false promises (please don't try and defend this) they say we have big things planned for the game what happened to frankenmonster or the mushrroms what about updated regularly none of these have been implemented I'm sorry I don't have access to your beta thread don't blame me for that I just find it annoying that you and all the other people that stick up for them don't realize that they don't care anymore and their at fault P.S don't blame me for the idiotic retard who keeps posting Os two months for an update and a lot longer is too much wait for an update don't say the have lives because that's not how long it should take to get an update out


  74. @ playn

    "stop complaining because its people such as yourself that are the reason why mountain sheep no longer keep the blog updated, because its full of idiotic people"

    lol are u saying that when the devs actively posted here, people were retarded..?

    The reason there are so many complaints here is because they never check the comments, nor do they give a shit about the fans on the blog... don't try and tell us that they stopped posting here because of "idiotic people", when we all know that those idiotic people are just fed up with mountain sheep's shit.

    They stopped updating the blog and replying to fans because minigore doesnt get many sales anymore, so they dont want to waste their time updating a game that isnt making a significant profit.... that is the reason..

    BUT, they should not have made all the false promises, and to those saying "they never made those promises" WERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, LIVING UNDER A ROCK??? they made a shitload of VERY SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS and promises soooo..... thats how it is... I PRAY that the update is worth the 2 month + wait.... (to those who say play other apps, I have spent $200 + on apps, I LOVE ipod games)



  76. Alright alright alright you lot. Lets cut a deal eh. If you believe in mountain sheep. Stay. Stay and post. Give suggestions. Just generally be awesome.

    If you hate mountain sheep, have no faith that its ever going to come out, that they have completely stopped working on it, that this blog is useless, that there is better games, that we should care about this, that the wait is too long so i must complain (pocket god comes to mind,) then.


    If a film stopped going in production, and i thought it was 'bullshit.' I wouldnt endlessly post it was, 'bullshit.' I'd go,'Dayum.' And move on. I suggest you do to. Get out.

    Obligatorily angry ginger love

  77. lol nah i didnt mean it like that. thats why i said "no longer"

    and think about it, how much posts a week did MS make when everyone was kind and giving out ideas? i saw at least 1 to 2 posts and a new blog every few days or a week at most. now its every few weeks at best we get one reply or blog post but its not because lack of sales (it couldnt be seeing as their still in a good place in the appstore) and definately not a lack of new features or news (trust me on that one, or just read TA's forums and you'll know what i mean)
    the only thing it could be is because of the pointless posts in this blog.. yes including my replies

    you cant really say MS made false promises seeing as the game is very much in its prime of development. i could understand if they stopped updating it and moved to hardgore, but they havent

    yea i know theres some things they may have suggested on that are coming, but those things probably are coming (i dont know the status of these things but i think its best if we give MS the benefit of the doubt on that one)
    they definitely do care, they give very good insight into the programming and how they devlop the game not many devs at all share

    im just going to sum it up in a few words
    from timmo (dont quote me on the writing)
    "Less now, More later" after talking about the way they develop the game and how they make things work

    to anyone and everyone. sign up at if you havent and if you have, great. now go to Timmo's or Kimmo's profile, click statistics and then click on show all posts
    sift through them and you'll find very interesting things

  78. "that the wait is too long so i must complain (pocket god comes to mind,)"

    lol i dont know how long u have had pocketgod for... but

    - they have made 31 UPDATES
    - update their blog regularly
    - Use fan suggestions
    - and respond to the fans both in their blog and on touch arcade

    hmmmm doesnt really sound similar to minigore devs now do they..?

  79. Pocket God will have a story soon...

  80. is the touch arcade server down cause i cant seem to get on it ??

  81. all you pricks who don't have a life need to stop complaining! how do you know mountain sheep arn't keeping their promise? just coz they may run into problems or not update as often as people want doesnt meen they arn't keeping their promise. If you're all so botherd then why not start paying the fuckers a wage. then maybe they'll work faster, cos as far as im aware they aint getting zip. why are you all gettin so worked up anyway? are you just sitting in your pit counting down the minuets for this one game to be updated? get layed!


  82. @rick Get grammar!

  83. @anon above

    who the f**k are you a school teacher!?! if so your a shit one coz you learn grammer you don't get it.
    plus whats the point in comin on a game blog just say that! get a life prick.


  84. Rick. Calm it now. Playn will take it from here.

    We need to figure out a way to keep this sane!

    Obligatory ginger love

  85. Sorry, but this guy Rick is a little incontrollable kid, he's behaving like an ape, and tells other to get a life...u're so dumb mate!

    And @ all:


  86. @Playn (beta), cheez, Elliohow (fellow Ginger) and the rest who post positive and interesting posts about minigore

    sorry guys. i apologise for my fowl language. i used to come on this blog often to give ideas on the game. i didn't mean to offend anyone (except the guy who told me to "get grammer"). i read allot of the posts on this blog and it gets really anoying having to scroll through all these complaining comments.

    @ everyone else
    chill your bean! good things come to those who wait


  87. Ok first they promised the Frankenstein on episode six go to ta and check no sign up required second pg has only 29 updates not 31 ( I look for details ) just wait for the update and you'll be happy and then co op will be here quick so SHUT UP AND WAIT!!!

  88. @ rick (dickface)

    "cos as far as im aware they aint getting zip"

    LOL are you stupid... u think they are doing this with no wage at all... just making a game out of the good will in their hearts? Of course they get fucking paid..... and

    "If you're all so botherd then why not start paying the fuckers a wage"

    UM we did pay them fuckhead.... WE ALL BOUGHT THE GAME... HENCE, WE PAID THEM....

    Why dont u have a valid argument before you rant on like a jerk

  89. Yes but is that wage that they get a constant wage, does it depends riskily on the market? Yes it does. We did all buy the game, yes, but if we bought paper from a paper factory. Is that a wage?

    It might go towards one but it isn't enough to be one. Leave rick alone now, hes apologized.

    I think what he means by 'they aint getting zip' is they arent getting a constant wage, a standard. It is quite random? Possibly thats what he was saying. Don't argue about the trivial, embrace.

    Embrace the ginger inside.

    Hair dye.

    Calming Hippie Ginger Love

  90. @ anon above Elliohow

    we bought the game once for what it was when we bought it at a small price and they have updated it numerous times since recieving nothing (unless you chose to purchase santa and gangstergore). what i mean is ( as the ging pointed out) if we were paying them an hourly rate then id expect them to work faster and bring out more updates but were not and they are still bringing out updates regardless, so they can take as long as they want and choose wether they wanna bring out anymore updates.



    Your all so obnoxious.

    If you have nothing good to say (ideas/support)
    Then just gtfo and leave we don't need this bullshit.

    Timo or Kimmo should make it so only people will accounts can post on here, no anonymous.

    Fuck everyone who made this blog a piece of shit.

  92. Hey, Moutain Sheep, I just have one thing to say. I really dont care how long this updates take, all I care is that it is one of my favorite games of all time on my Iphone. If you stopped here and didn't come out with anymore updates. I would give a crap, I would still love the game. Its great! And also all of the people saying bad things about the people saying " Its taking too long" just dont say anything, just because that incourages them. Im just saying.

  93. So far 99 comments (100 now).
    Number of suggestions: 2/99
    "hey can we have a cowboy in the game caz that will be fun"
    "john howard should be a guest star.. that would be sweeeet :p
    rove could voice him!"
    Guys stop ranting about everything it doesnt help at all. And we dont need any more 0s either.

  94. this game is dead work on hardgore

  95. oh oh oh that's my post about the cowboy wow somebody did read it
    yeah I agree please guy if you wana say anything useless to this game
    don't say it caz no one wants to know know about all the argue and useless 0

  96. What do you think the new gameplay is going to be?

  97. ok only productive chat from me now

    Now they are bringing out melee an obviouse guest character would be a character from star wars with a light saber. thing is i cant decide who. any suggestions?


  98. Guys remember this idea by ME, i know its annoying but im saying it again!!!
    Capture the flag multiplayer

    1- who ever is carrying the flag can not shoot, so you have to rely on other teamates to protect you!

    2- every time you and your teamates bring a flag back to the base, the furries pile in more,

    3- if you pick up the flag you can not drop it until you bring it into the base, SO STAY BESIDE YOUR TEAMATE CAUSE YOU CAN NOT SHOOT!

    4- there are leaderboards on open fient.

  99. star war ?well the only one I can think of is anikin or obi one
    but would that be a little bit crazy caz they are skillful in killing

    anyway I like the idea of cowboy
    and I think it should be like this
    a cow boy fighting in the desert
    and when at night instead of the wolfworm
    it is a king cobra. and let the cowboy has two revoler so the shooting is slower but powerful.
    also I think we should have a meun that can change clothes for characters
    so we can use kill to buy some new feature cothes or buy it with money

    hey is it Jenny is coming
    since she is a little girl can you guys make it like
    she is in her room and all her dolls try to kill her
    so instead of using gun to shoot them you use a toy crossbow to kill those toy
    will it be a good idea?

  100. darth vader

    Like the cobra idea

  101. K, I got an idea.
    How about in every map there is special weapons. Like the forest gets the guns we already have there. In the Desert, like K Kinght said could have revolvers and like a rifle that goes through multiple furries. Then since were getting a Black Knight. Maybe we could get a castle or some ruins. Then for the Snow place, we could have a camoed sniper that can go farther but can't break up a big furries, and a Mini Uzi that has better fire rate then the normal machine gun.

  102. Look at the top of the page!

  103. Yeah ok this game is dead sure, sure, sure! Ill meet you all in openfeint highscores soon.
    Lol all the haters fail

  104. Wow, from that top picture, im guessing.

    Judgement day - Zombie apocalypse?
    Revenge - by a friend
    Murderer - Gore
    Trust, Guilt - something to do with a story
    Victim - Maybe some close friend?
    Evil - Evil

    There seems to be an outline of a sniper rifle, maybe its the rifle Fend mentioned, with penetration power

  105. have a close look at the new map picture

    oldman tackle is in the water :D

  106. Im pretty sure were getting an AK47 because in the judgment day pic and in evan hsu's pic theres an ak:

  107. I love jezzze's idea for capture the flag multiplayer, although it would be hard to get it right... mabye have just greatly reduced shooting when carring the flag?...

    Can't wait for episode 3.7 the map looks great. The writing on the picture at the top of the blog seems to suggest some type of storyline to me. Probably involving guerilla bob. Doubt they'll add a campain gameplay though, I don't think we need one to enjoy minigore (no that i don't want one!). The storylines is probably just a very cool looking commic, but that still would be awesome.

  108. fend I like your idea too emm I am addicted to the idea of cowboy and revoler as long as they have this I will be very happy

    o o o by the way I think that is a MP5 for somehow

    um I think they should make a lot of different looking gun but they still do the same as a basic weapon and we can chose which one we want to use
    and afterward we ge sp weapon in the game

    I think the new picture will be about john's past cas he was a gang
    and I think someone will try to kill his little girl as a revenge or maybe john is having revenge for his wife or something

    and I think em... o o o
    please add this in to the game Aku and samurai Jack
    since the purpet king look like aku
    you can put samurai Jack into the game and made him said " this must be another trick of Aku"

  109. its such a shame.... what timo showed us truly does look fantastic, the art is GREAT.

    But somehow no matter how good it is... it is nothing compared to the amount of annoyance that has built up from waiting well over 2 months for the update....

    Im in year 12 now and i have soooo much work. I used to really like having a break and playing minigore... but now this is just annoying.

  110. @anon shhhhh we're going good here

    looks like old man tackle in the top pic to me!
    and that gun in the banner pic looks more like just the normal machine pistol they currently use, deff not an AK. tho one would be nice :)

    any of you's notice the fence added in for the forest level?

  111. yeah I saw it. it was so funny caz my friend keep on run to the end of the map without noticing. and they always say why he( John) stuck there?

    yeah I love the idea of the fence

  112. indeed the fence is really clever.. anyway, wouldn't it be cool to add a terminator character(because of the "judgement day" thing on top)? what do you think?

  113. hey everybody let post which character you wish they could put in the game for mini gore as a guest star

    em... I think I want SAMURAI JACK

  114. I would like an ETA and kangaroo jack :-)

  115. here is another one of my ideas...

    a sniper - it has a laser view so you know where your aiming, and it shoot once per one second, but it penitriates through 5 furries for each shot.

  116. noone cares about your ideas. out of all the crap most of you have said theres only been like 2 at most that actually fit in with the point of the game, let alone decent. MS know exactly what they want to do with it, and that doesnt include any of the major slow-downs or complications a lot of you twats think would make it better. keep your shitty "ideas" to yourselves please. the last thing any of us want is this game being swarmed with crap that makes it more like a fucking modern warfare wannabe or full of pointlessly random characters, maps and guns because the fans "thought it would be cool". seriously, keep a clear mind or fuck off.

  117. I just bought this game from iTunes. So I assume I have the newest version and such. I try to buy the extra characters in game like Gangster Gore but it wont let me. It keeps saying "You must purchase the app this item is for". Any ideas?

  118. @ anon

    noone cares about your rants. out of all the crap most anons have said, theres only been like 0 at the most that actually fit in the point of this blog, let alone decent. MS know exactly what they want to see here, and that doesnt include the spammed 0's or profanity a lot of you anons think would actually work. keep your shitty 'language' to yourselves please. the last thing any of us wants is this blog being swarmed with crap that makes this more like a bloody swear war wannabe or full of pointless random posts, just because some anonymous' "thought it would have an effect", seriously be nice or get lost.

    Leave Jezzze alone, at least he is saying something productive, unlike some people

  119. @ David

    Did you buy minigore with iTunes account A, then switch to iTunes account B before buying those characters? If that is the case, iTunes account B does not register minigore as purchased, hence, "You must purchase the app this item is for" with the right account

  120. @those thinking about judgement day ideas

    I came up with the idea of the furrinator Afew blog posts ago. The idea was that it was a boss furry who arives in an electric ball from the future (like in the film) and you have to shoot him alot before he dies (losing his fur as you shoot it until it's just a furry's metal skeleton). It would run as fast as a flaming furry and when you shoot it a few times it would melt into a camoflaged liquid (again like in the movie) moving across the map and reapearing in a diferent position


  121. @ Micer

    I only have one iTunes account. So Im not exactly sure where I could have gone wrong.

  122. Hey in the pic at the top John has feet maybe they're adding feet ;) oh and I like your idea Rick nut if they do add it then it should only apear either in a new harder mode where it's like expert but everything is twice as fast and needs twice as many bullets to kill or in like every 30000 to 50000 points and also maybe there could be a furry that if you don't kill it in a matter of time it regenerates like every 3 minutes

  123. i can tell you now there wont be feet :) feet take up too many polygons/triangles and isnt that big especially since you cant see hes feet anyway

    and im %100 sure the weapon is an UMP. it fits the looks perfectly
    notice the back of the weapon on the banner? it has a hole and the shape is the same as a UMP

  124. Oh sorry I didn't look at the banner at all but it looks kinda like an Ump or an MP5k

  125. Would would be cool for the weopon system is it could be like MW2 so when you get to a certein point you could buy it and you
    could choose what 2 weopons to bring into battle. Ex: Mini Uzi SMG( John's current weopon) and a M9 handgun.


  126. No, it would not be cool if minigore had a weapon system that makes it like MW2

    Didnt we already discuss this multiple posts ago?

  127. eh a weapon system would be sucky. just takes the originality out of it. every game nowadays has a weapon system and theres always a gun thats the best. better off with one of each type ex. mini uzi, shotgun, grenade launcher


  129. seriously now, wtf are you saying dude? haha lol

  130. im diggin the new forest it looks sweet

  131. go play you fucking mw2 but leave minigore out of it

  132. We are being good, remeber?
    Hey I get a new idea about mini gore weapon thing
    since some of the people say " we want Minigore be Minigore"
    I think maybe we can add more weapon but like this
    remember after the night cycle and the dawn time there are two weapon box drop from the sky?
    We can do it like this
    we have shot gun and the another one for the day cycle
    and when sun set there also another two weapon box ( another colour, so we know what it is)drop off
    but it will be special weapon for kill wormwood or other boss in the futhure
    as usuall there are only two sp weapon
    I think it could be a AK with high damage with high rate
    another could be a bomb box( it works like this, remember if you shoot the Ammon box in the game it will turn red and explode and the bullets fly all direction. So work the same way but it is after you throw it out and there are bullets fly all diresction)

    hey give some idea of which sp weapon for the night and feel free to give opinion

  133. @ k knight

    "but it will be special weapon for kill wormwood or other boss in the futhure"

    1-Its to kill, not for kill.
    2-Its wormwolf, not wormwood! LOL
    3-Its future, not futhure.

    enough said...

  134. i meant wolfworm,

    oops thats embarrising! :S

  135. lol jezzze its wormwolf. you had it right

  136. Oh haha that's funny and embarising
    I was half asleep when I was doing that
    well you know I was just try to balance the idea of
    some players want new weapon system and some don't so
    I just come up with that idea
    well is fun and embarising

  137. @ playn

    please tell me u have received a beta for 3.7?

  138. But do you think this idea will work

  139. ummm, maybe, the final desicion is up to timo or kimo, BUT THEY DONT READ COMMENTS!!!!
    so idk

  140. awesome game guys my number 1 favourite app on iphone/ipod touch and i just cant wait for episode 4 with multiplayer


  141. Hey guys I have a problem
    I bought a new Itouch so I download minigore again
    and when o try to buy gangster gore aain
    it said" this is not a test user account
    you need to open a new sand box account "
    what is that can someone please tell me what goes wrong

  142. ingles

    should increase those numbers to continuation of 2000 and 6000 pra 4000 medium and 20,000 hard and reduce the Sensei Evan 1,000,000 pra 500000, when you go out to upgrade to v3.7?


    devia aumentar aqueles numeros de continuaçao de 2000 e 6000 pra 4000 médio e 20000 dificil e diminuir o Sensei Evan de 1.000.000 pra 500000,quando vai sair a atualização para v3.7?


    dovrebbe aumentare i numeri alla prosecuzione del 2000 e 6000 Pra 4.000 medie e 20.000 rigido e ridurre il Evan Sensei 1.000.000 pra 500000, quando si va fuori per l'aggiornamento a v3.7?


    devrait augmenter ce nombre à la poursuite de 2000 et 6000 pra 4000 à moyen et 20.000 dur et réduire le Evan Sensei 1000000 PRA 500000, quand tu iras à la mise à niveau vers v3.7?

  143. there not going to reduce sense evens cost because he is ment to be a chalange to get

  144. oh he is very easy to get
    after playing for 3 days i got him
    em.... let me think.... i play 6 hours a day
    so i think if you keep on playing and try to break your own record it is very easy and fast to get it

  145. It would be cool if you could get C4 in a box and place multiple explosives around the map and explode them all with a special button.


  146. Oh I beg you MS, please be quick :(

  147. Hey has anyone noticed the o comments are gone and have you gotten the beta playn

  148. No we don't have the beta yet, although Timo says that they keep adding new features before they've completely finished the other ones, so when we do get the beta, it will be like a different game.

  149. OMFG no beta yet... this is fucked... almost 2 and a half months... THE UPDATE LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD.. why wont they JUST FUCKING FINISH IT!!!!!!!

  150. 0.o
    just wait

  151. how gay can timo and kimo be (i dont care if i spelt their names wrong) posting up some pictures and not even have the decency to post an actual post no news just pictures let me quote kimo here "we are likely to submit one or two more smaller updates like 3.6 before it hits the store" two months for a "small" update is bullshit this should not be happening but it is and it is the most retarded thing ever. so let me get this straight they update the blog with photos and remove the ridiculous 0s which means they read the comments so they should know that we want to be updated and they put garbage on!! wheres the sense shame on mountain sheep for posting this junk. all i and alot of other people want is for you to update the blog weekly not put pictures up thats nonsense it is not that hard. and for all you retards say they have a life or patience and they work hard with updates let me paint a picture for you. this game came out in july give or take a month and we have had 5 updates (no i dont count 2.5 cause they did nothing) in 8 months and most were tiny add ons to previous episodes (3.5, 2.5, 2 and 3.5) and 1 big one (3.0) that should not have been the case and this game belongs in the garbage for this kind of trash and false promises (and to all the fags out their i know i did some grammar mistakes dont need to point it out to look all badass)

  152. Wow.... If it belongs in the trash why don't you delete it and get off the blog. You're not helping everyone by ranting about how they don't post enough stuff, and how they don't have enough updates, you know they could have just left the game how it was and never updated it. You seem like the kinda guy who wines when he doesn't get what he wants.

  153. I want ice cream right now but I ain't cryin

  154. We're sorry for the long wait. I think it will all make sense once it's out.

    (I can understand if you don't have the patience to wait any longer. You can do something else instead and come back once you see the news - it should be kinda hard to miss :))

  155. Wow zombie gore????


  156. Wow Timo responded, this is epic for our situation now, its reassuring.

    Zombie gore model looks great, maybe its time we had a character who could take 4 hits instead of 3? (zombies have more resilience)

  157. Hasn't it been said Zomibie Gore has 5 hits?

  158. I think it shouldn't be called New Year's Episode How bout April Fool's Day Episode Maybe throw in a clown real fast that would be sweet.

  159. Timo can please just tell us when u are thinking of releasing the update... and if the snow level and zombie level (as seen in the map thing) arent in update 3.7 it will be VERY hard to understand what has takin so long... VEEEERRRRY.. i mean over 2 months... PLEASE give us an estimated submit date

  160. @ Anon

    5 hits? I must have missed it. Thnx for mentioning

  161. Haha, great joke XD

    I agreem with anon, who meant, that when the snow and zombie level aren't in update 3.7, it's really SHIT!!!
    But I have to add something:
    When the episode 4.0 gets completed fast after next update, because they worked for more than one update, then it's okay!
    No one had the idea, that they're maybe working on more updates in this long period of time...

    And sorry guys, BUR I REALLY HOPE SO!!!!

  162. dont stress guys, its off the map screen but it doesnt mean its off the game or the update

  163. but is it off 3.7 ?.... cause if it is.... then that's just ridiculous... they cant expect us to wait for 4.0 for the zombie map and snow map... can they..?

  164. the feak timo posts were gone!!!!
    Anyway I am still waiting and keep playing minigore

  165. Nice picurs ^^^^

  166. Hey guys I'm sorry I havn't posted in awhile, I've been really busy. The way the next update is talked about, it sounds great and I cant wait to play it.

    I'd appreciate if you guys could check out my game JetPacked! you can find it on the app store here:

    Alternatively, you can also search for JetPacked! or William Fink

    Its only been out for a week and theres already been one update. There will be another major revision soon. :)

    I appreciate your support!

  167. Wouldn't it be cool if zombie gore had a back story? Like john was evading furries when the predator furry strikes him down and john dies. Suddenly a mysterious lightning strikes John and you see an out line that looks like a sheep with someone riding on it then disappears.After the lightning strike and the screen clears there stands zombie gore!
    (It just be a skippable cutscene)

  168. Why do I have a feeling that the two pictures were deleted because the constant complaining fom various people....

  169. When timo says "it will be hard to miss :)"
    notice how he says "hard"
    does that mean hardgore is going to be released, and all those pictures are actually for hardgore!
    I called it if it is :D

  170. mwahahahahahahahahaha

  171. Don't want hardgore for now! :(
    Noticed, that the levels are now on the map?

  172. sorry is this hardgore game out? cause i cant find it anywhere..its not even in the itunes. its been over a month im trying to find it. do you know anything?? :)

  173. hardgore is not out yet. it will be out sometime after minigore development has finished

  174. @playn thanks a lot man

  175. still waiting for Minigore
    But if it is worth for waiting i will
    coz minigore is the best app ever ( it just takes time to update)

  176. man i can't even play minigore anymore i got tired of it. I'll always keep it on my itouch but i need the update to start playing again! Hurry guys haha

  177. Mountain Sheep is working hard and I can't imagine how long it takes to code things perfect items so people will like them....Anyway I want the update to come out but I'm not complaining.

  178. Hokay so remember 2.5? They called THAT half an episode so now there's 3.7 and it adds:
    "Predator Furry. Improved difficulty curve. Bullet shells. Evil Knight melee combat preview."
    and 2.5 added a bug fix and a radar for boxes. wow.

  179. man i cant wait for this uptate.. it will surely be kick-ass!! please hurry up and finish it! :) :)

  180. Who knows they might release 3.7 and 4.0 as a single update

  181. @ PLAYN

    have you heard any news of the beat release yet ?

  182. @the guy keep saying the F word
    hey get lost. No one want to know about how you feel about Timo.
    IF yu would like to swear this is not the right place.
    Respect yourself , respect others
    We all have wait for the updates. you are not the only one who is waiting

  183. Man, It is so easy for people to crack under peressure nowadays, huh? I absoultly love minigore, and I am willing to wait a year for them to come out with the update. will it take that long? not sure, but what I do know is that this game needs great supporters like Rick and ellohow who, along other great fans, are willing to support this awesome game, unlike the guys who put down the game 'cause the wait SEEMS painful. I can understand if mountainsheep won't respond because of the ranters that are hanging around here, but I can only hope for the update to come to fruition soon. by the way, instead of dumping your rage on the internet like it's your personal, emotional toilet, why don't you delete the game, and crap on some other blog, maybe complain about HD being on PS3 or 360, and leave this company alone. mountain sheep, if you are reading this, do what you can. your true fans will always beleve in a good game, and a good company.
    just some guy, Rin Colt

  184. :) Yes yes, all dump on the pocket god blog eh :D

    Lets talk about the zombie mode, what does everyone think will be in it?

    Questioning the gingerness

  185. maybe some slow, but numorus and tough zombies, lumbering towards you, with bullets not fast enough to kill even one before two more join the horde, until you pick up a special weapon, or three clovers, then you rip those undead jerks a new one. and, maybe the undead boss can be the undead minotaur gore. not sure, just throwing ideas out there.
    P.S. I wasn't saying anything about pocket god, because they might have it as bad as this one. I don't know, I haven't checked it. plus, I said "maybe complain about HD being on PS3 or 360, and leave this company alone." I men't OR leave this company alone. sorry about that.
    anyways, let's keep these Ideas coming; I think sombody will think of a really good one.
    again, just some guy, Rin Colt

  186. zombies mode?!
    well you can have two mode of zombies mode
    first original game play you shoot zombies instead of furry
    ad zombies won't get on fire but they can get hungry at night and run faster
    but you still can kill them with you Uzi

    survive mode
    they will never die but if you shoot them they will fall back ( like when you shoot the biggest furry he will fall back) or slow them down
    but in this mode their speed will not afftect by the day and night cycle and the only sp weapon is shot gun (you can't kill them with shot gun too) you can just slow a lot down by it
    so this mode is a time game is a matter of how long you can hold and how many you can hold

  187. Ive checked pocket god blog before. They have none of this (the admins check each posts before it is allowed.) Hmm im not sure about the not killing the zombies mode, it wont feel satisfying. Wont it get boring? Wheres the variety.

    On the other hand, i THINK it has been confirmed that there is going to be blind zombies (there is concept art.) Also may i state that if you havent already joined.

    Advertising my ginger love

  188. are you sure about those zombie modes?

    where did you read it

  189. whoooooooo 200th comment lol

    and i hope timo logs into his TA account so he can give us an update on the minigore thread

  190. hmmmm getting close to 3 months now....

    In 3 months they could have made a whole new game..... (hardgore)

    I wish they had like a video blog so we could see wtf they have been doing this whole time...

  191. Mountain Sheep just sent the new episode beta! So quit whining!

  192. just looked at the "what is minigore" post. so what is this "mysterious mushroom"? ;)

  193. The next episode is in beta testing now :)

  194. Hope the episode gets released quickly.....


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Episode 5

Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
Emperor Penguin.
Penguin Mob squad.
3 New Encyclopedia pages.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

Episode 3 (update 7): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

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Episode 3 (update 5): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.28) HD-certified, completely redone graphics. Weapon recoil effects for all characters. Performance options. Kill restoration against OpenFeint achievements.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.27) Predator Furry. Zombie Gore. Easter Bunny. Bullet shells. Improved controls. Larger play area. Prettier shadows. Level selection. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.