Sunday, February 7, 2010


Time to introduce the latest addition to the family of furries - the Predator Furry. Sam, a shoutout to you for the name.

This fiesty little furry is quite different from the rest of the pack; it won't come straight at you. This one hides in the bushes, stalking on its prey, moving from one hideout to another until it's ready to make the plunge. I tell you, it is fast like you have never seen before. Predator Furry is exclusive to the Insane Mode, so anyone who is yet to unlock it, start honing those skills because this mad creature is guaranteed to test them.


  1. at least he doesn't shoot lazerbeamz

  2. I really happy to see minigore improve, good job ms and this looks sweet, also the grenades look better graphics in that picture!

    Question: can we have some release date on all of these new ideas, are they planned for future updates or episode 4??????

  3. @Jezzze:
    The best they can give you is tentative submit dates. The release dates are completely up to the folks at Apple. (as we all know after waiting months for the first Minigore update)

  4. @Dustin

    We want tentative submit dates, there pretty much the same. If we know it's been submitted then we know its coming, if it hasn't been submitted, then it's obviously NOT coming soon.

  5. Oh YEAH!

    Working your way to the top, i forsee at the end of this year, minigore would be the game with the most replayability, able to take on any challenge from other games

  6. Nice I can't wait to see this implemented... I don't know what their schedule is but If I'd had to take a guess I'd say... They'll probably have a 3.7 update with guerilla bob maybe other characters bug fixes etc.... Then comes episode 4 strictly co-op possibly could have the menu they were talking about last post but I doubt it.... 4.5 bug fixes there bound to happen with an update this big ( co-op) maybe the addition of another character or so, Minor update... 5.0 the menu new furry... Characters bug fixes etc....

    6.0!? Story Mode???

    Could be totally wrong on this, please feel free to add on / correct with what you think is going to happen.... :)

  7. awwwww yeeeaahhh
    this one sounds fun as! kinda like the blind zombie but.. smart

  8. Nice. Just ad that vampire furry from loading screen (the biggest one).

    @Jezze: Grenades look better because this is not screenshot from game this is Timo's art.

  9. when does minigore come out for PSP and PS3? i wanna play it on my HDTV :D

  10. @the chosen one
    they have mentioned somthing about a frankinstine boss comming in episode 6 on the minigore tagline contest ages ago

    new furry looks and sounds amazing, will it be coming in 3.7 0r 4.0 ????

    also thanks for keeping us updated :)

  11. heres the link to what i was talking about

    read the paragraph under the picture

  12. Hmmm interesting, makes a change from the usual chase and eat behaviour of furries.

  13. @TheChosenOne
    there is this master of puppets (probably ep 6 or 7), old man tackle (he isnt a character he is a boss im guessing and ep 7), cossacks (idk what episode), lumberjacks (idk also), a helicopter from mountain sheeps other game super hind (idk), Snow level, desert level, and there is prob a couple more.
    Just look:

  14. The should add a furry bigger than the giant one now and make it stronger , so basically another boss and make it drop 1 health pack for 1 more hit you can take

  15. Sweeeettt ;) you guys rock!

  16. Add a robot John gore as a playable character. Or as an enemy. Maybe both and the enemy robots are a different color than the player robots.

  17. @Schithead, nice name.

    They would add King Furry, as shown in that awesome pic that guy posted.

  18. @SirDarkened & @SchitHead
    Well maybe not a really big furry, but one that is the slightly bigger, but not to big(because we want to see the head and crown that should be added) and is a bit harder to kill. It should be the called the King Furry (which had been shown in my previous comment's picture)

  19. I think this new Predator Furry may attack with a lunge move, dodge its initial direction and you are safe for the moment

  20. King Furry sounds cool, he could go into fire mode when he is about to die , would be nice or if they make a campaign they could make him the last boss or something , but I don`t really see how a campaign would work ,but if they do they should make guerrilla bob a boss to =P

  21. Why isn't there more information about the releases??
    It needn't be exactly, but I think a little more information isn't expected too much!

  22. @SchitHead
    I think Master Of Puppets would be the final boss in a campaign. But most likely they wont have a campaign so it could go 3 Worfwolves and then King Furry. After 5 King furries (it be pretty hard to last 15 night cycles) Master of Puppets and would repeat the cycle.

    love the whole map design, pocket god did this 2 updates ago and its awsome

  24. Reason I say it could be Guerrilla Bob is because GB is trying to get revenge in John Gore but I dunno , maybe after he beats him they team up in the new co-op addition and fight Master of Puppets

    Random but Master of Puppets looks like Aku from samurai jack

  25. @SchitHead
    I think that would be good considering master of puppets would be outrageously hard. And you're right about aku looking like master of puppets (he has that orange beard)

  26. I was playing minigore last night happily with 356789 kills and every character unlocked apart from Sensei Evan. I didn't do anything that would have brought this on but when i turned it on this morning it said when i clicked "play game" that i could repurchase the in-app purchases if i had already paid for them. Then i saw the character row and only john gore was unlocked!! It says i have zero kills and my "highscore" button only shows episode 3.5 and doesn't actually show any scores there... Please tell me how to fix this, especially my kill score which i spent ages on...Minigore is my favourite game by far (and i have a lot), but i can't play it if it will just delete everything i have on it.....Please tell me how to fix this and why it happened.

  27. If King Furry comes to reality -
    -Large health
    -Throws something at you have to avoid (like 5 fiery rocks)
    -He's super fast and can only be slowed down by being shot, but to add challenge to it - your being bombarded by furries at the same time

  28. @Heladoman: Apparently, you lost your game data. How did you manage to do that? Did you delete the game and install it again?

  29. No, i didn't do anything that would have erased the game data....

  30. About the king furrie I think it should also not be affected by grenade launcher or is like wormwolf with the shot gun and when he dies there should be little furries in armor that are like the kings nights that can only be afected by a special weapons wich he drops one of each weapon with a health pack (maybe if added) but the crates are half damaged. And the knight furries are reaaly slow

  31. Sorry for the double post that really sucks heledoman

  32. @shadow gamer

    What are you talking about Wormwolf not being effected by the shotgun? I have killed him plenty of times with it! I don't know what game your playing, but I'm playing MiniGore.

  33. @IcecreamMan

    What have you done with your device since the last time you had everything? Then I probably can tell you what happened.

  34. Maybe you overwrote minigore somehow if you synched it. Or got a bug. So did you synch your idevice?


  35. @ sirdarkened I meant that it takes multiple hits to kill wormwolf with the shotgun not like the grenade launcher that kills it in one hit

  36. @Heladoman
    I've had this happen to me before when I deleted and reinstalled the app. I think that your data should be stored online w/ OpenFeint as well as on your iDevice to restore your high scores & characters.

  37. Just unlocked Sensei Evan... now what?!?

    Gimme an update on a new release!!!!

  38. @shadow gamer
    That "furry" is called the pupprt master, not a furry...

  39. @anonymos above no there is a king furry who is a furry he has a crown and every thing



  41. it would be awsome if there was a practice mode (there is a picture of all the furries/any other enemies, and you click on the ones that you want to fight) there are no kill points rewarded and maybe you could design the map (where the bushes/trees are how fast you and the furries run, you could save this on a file) but olny for the practice mode. it would also be cool if you could us the kill points to buy new maps (possibly you coustom map). tell me if you like or dislike my idea

  42. Lost all of my data on minigore when my friend deleted it on accident:(
    i agree with the guy above me that we should have a save system implemented because I'm not going to re-unlock all those characters
    But I don't think that's possible because openfeint can't do that
    and plus network supports online multiplayer ;)

  43. erm. SIMPLE update? wtf.. you try making a game like this and provide updates that MS is doing and at the rate their doing it.. i bet you could get only ONE update out per year

  44. @Heladoman

    that happened to me too. i think it happens if you have the game music on. i had racked up 200k kills then suddenly it lags and restarts automatically. lost everything i had earned. there is no fix unfortunately

  45. @Anon above
    Oh that sucks dude, they said they would submit a small update or two so I'm sure MS well fix it before ep 4.
    Well if OpenFeint can't maybe they could get Plus+, or maybe the newly released Crystal Network can store data.

  46. I heard on a forum somewhere that they aren't going to switch networks

  47. @all anon

    Open Feint will have Multiplayer Servers soon. Go check their site.

    Also save data can now be or will be able to be stored in the latest version 2.5 I think.

  48. @SirDarkened
    Awesome. No more loosing our characters :)

  49. well, Open Feint already has Multiplayer Servers, MS just need to update to it ;)

  50. @schit head
    dude ever since day 1 that is exactly what I thought. I was like hey that dude looks like aku from samurai jack

  51. By the way, congrats in winning 'Best Action Game' guys :D You've done yourselves proud!

  52. @playn (beta)

    Gimka (Maker of Defender Chronicles) Came out with 3 updates in 1 month. Major ones. With two of the updates coming out within a week of each other.

    MS is pretty slow compared to that. This guy is by himself too no other programmers.

  53. @ sirdarkened
    if that guy can do that much work he must have no life lol

  54. can sum1 pls clairfy sumthin 4 me.... do the devs of minigore have other jobs and do this in their spare time or is minigore their full time job?

  55. @SirD

    the games are completely different tho ;)

    the MS team play around with ideas, look for feedback and try things out. then they have to make their models which are really great looking for an iDevice and optimize it to make it not lose any frame rate, then they have to do their new *things* __cant disclose__

    i know the DC doesnt run on intelligent AI's, their all predefined which makes it a lot easier

    MS have to build around the AI of their furry's, wormwolf and now zombies
    minigore most likely has a lot more work to do, which is why they have a whole team

  56. for everyone wondering when the predator furry and other major update is coming out, itll be in 4.0 for sure. Im pretty sure because then the leader boards would have to be reset again

  57. I had an idea. An alien with 3 arms and 1 eye. His trait is that he can tri wield lol

  58. THE FURRYNATOR - a boss furry (medium size) that is the same speed as a small fire furry and has the same abilities as the bad terminator in terminator 2 (turns to liquid so you cant see it until it re-appears somewhere close to you). it appears in one of those electric balls from the future like in the film and you have to shoot it for ages until all of its fur has been blown off revealing its robot skeleton. only then does its life go down.


  59. This is such a great game, that has so much potential. But why do the devs take SOOOOOOO long to release updates??? I know it takes time to make new character models and design new features and implement new coding.... But it doesn't take over a month... At this rate, by the time we have reached update 6.0 and 7.0 it will be christmas... I dont mean to bitch so much, but its frustrating when there is so much potential and it is wasted :((

  60. well they only got back from holidays a week ago, give them time. its not your usual update. its 4.0

  61. @anon

    I agree. takes WAY too long

  62. @playn

    New beta out? And if this is update 4. (Not 4.0 its 1.4) Then co-op will be in it? Or have they lied.

  63. @SirD: No BETA information can be leaked in public. :)

  64. You have to remeber that mountain sheep havn't got that bigger team and they still have to work on other apps as well plus this is going to be a very big update

  65. @SirDarkened
    It's Episode 4.0 not Version 4.0

  66. @Anon

    I said if this is update 4 not 4.0 its 1.4
    I know its episode 4 techinically major update 4.

  67. A nice and fresh idea. Let's hope this is a new beginning. Minigore is great and so are all the recent updates. But I really hope there's going to be a change in gameplay. It's just that after 10000 points the game becomes very, very linear. Not to take away from what some people have achieved but I don't think it's fun to run counter-clockwise and do the same thing for hours. It doesn't take any skill either, sure you have to be all concentrated and know what you're doing but that's not what "game skill" is in my mind. I'd just love it if the game gets more variety. Then again, as I've said before, I have faith in the team behind Minigore - I'm just vocing an opinion here.

  68. This is so dumb... for a team of developers, it should NOT take this long. I know everyone is saying 'they have lives as well', 'they are working on other apps', but even if they worked on this update for a few days fulltime (6-10 hours), your telling me they couldn't finish it..?

  69. @ Anon above
    give them a break they went on holidays and did there own things for about four weeks now there back to work and probably nearly finished the next update

    They could of not went on holidays and worked on minigore and probably could of had 4.0 finished by now but they have lives just like the rest of us and you should just be pacient

  70. its not as simple as "write this" "build that" "draw a cute new character"
    they have to make a road-map and plan how their going to do things. they don't just jump onto a computer and start working, they write everything out on paper, that includes drawings too. they have to create new AI's, touch up on anything they have to that's already been made and be careful with bugs.. its not an easy job. its more work then most people know

  71. I just don't like the fact they have abandoned their community and kept it all with their Beta Testers.

    They should be more like Kepa from Hook Champ.

    He has answered at least 15 of my comments.

    MS - 2-3 if that many

  72. I think mountain sheep died agein.

  73. @anon
    Your right! Were is the resurrecting shaman bear with one arm from Hibernicus?!

  74. It's dead.
    They've lured us back with these news updates but what we're really missing and what really counts are the actual game updates.

    Heck I'd be satisfied with a miniscule update, hey at least it's something.
    Don't tell me that one little tweak is going to take over a month.

    I love minigore but hey give us something to keep us going, something to keep occupied.

  75. what would you rather them do?
    work on the update so it comes out quicker? or waste their time posting blog posts just to make *some* people happy?

    i think i would rather the first one

    and its not like their keeping things from you. sure theres some things we know that you's dont, but we're supposed to know. otherwise we dont know what to test and etc. theres reasons they keep things from the public, theres reasons every company does that. its to keep the hype low and to not make the update seem disappointing to some because they heard a rumour about what might be in the next update

  76. @ All
    I would like to say that I don't mind waiting beacuse I Know MS is doning all they can, so suck it up and be patient.

    And I would love to see Stephen Colbert in this game. Forget king furry's or whatever

  77. I think it'd be nice to them to give us an update like once a week or soemthing. Why can't we hve an update here as well? Don't tell me we can't have both

  78. It would only take 5 - 10 minutes out of their schedule to post an update on the blog saying.. we are working on update 4.0, we think it will be submitted on this date. Im just sayin, an update to the blog once a week would be appreciated.

  79. but they dont want to raise hope just to push the release date back further if they say anything

    and then if they drop by and only say "we are working on update 4.0" then you guys are gonna say "well that was pointless" and MS dont want to release information so what do you want them to say? the same thing over and over again every single day? thats pointless

  80. ^^ good point... Im just annoyed it takes so long and when I said update the blog.. instead maybe they could pop into the coments section every now and then and reply to some people instead ..?

  81. Have a break ... Have a KitKat :)

  82. nebody notice the update to the top of the blpg
    more specificly these lines "knight mele combat"
    and "1.27 preview of knight melee combat"?
    are they finaly making a mele weapon! if so i think ninja needs a katana for future usesu

  83. double post, where were all of you whiners when minigore took 3 months to get through apple's inspectors? i was patient and have been so, just go play something else till it comes

  84. I hate you all. Mingore is done. Go get lives.

  85. @Kimmo

    Why do u hate us? We buy and play your game? Just asking.

  86. hes just a fake see look im kimmo too click my name and everything hes just a fake :)


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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