Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minigore Christmas Episode is out now!

Thank you Apple for the swift approval process!
Work is already underway for Episode 4, which includes even more cool stuff! Lizzy and Ninja man from Sway and a third secret guest star. It also comes with entirely new level and... monsters!


  1. Cool this is my favorite app and can't wait for next episode I also love the Christmas episode and bought both of the in app purchases

  2. AWESOME SAUCE! CANT WAIT TILL IT DOWNLOADS!!!1! Gonna play it all night

  3. Now everyone can appreciate the awesomeness that is Ep. 3... I don't feel so special any more :(

  4. Omg this episode is great. This gave the game a HUGE improvement and with the difficultiness to unlock the characters will keep the replayability up. Great job guys. All it needs now is coop! Is it still coming in episode 4? Really looking forward to it. But other than that can't wait to see what you guys have next! Good luck.


  5. It bothers me a bit that one of two directly Christmas related things, Xmas gore, and Santa being the two, that it costs money. I get why they would have inapp purchases, but I don't like that this wasn't revealed til I opened the update thing, unless there is somewhere else this was mentioned beforehand that I missed. Anywho, other than that I love the update and I'll probably buy Santa anyway.

  6. I dont like that fact that kid gore and santa come as seperate in app purchases
    Apart from that though awesome update cant wait for co-op and keep up the good work

  7. In-app purchasing DOES NOT WORK! Noooooooooooooooooooo, after we waited so long:

    "This is not a test user account. Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment. [Environment: Sandbox]"

    Please tell me this can be fixed without a resubmission! I absolutely love Minigore and would like to support you guys in any way. The new updates are incredible and bring back the feeling I had the first time I played the game - the birth of a true iPhone classic.

  8. @Marc, that is possibly a jailbreak error (happened to me for C&C)

    It is nothing to do with Mountain Sheep's coding, it's all to do with your device. The only known fix is a full restore of your iPod/iPhone.

    You can still Jailbreak afterwards.

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  10. @marc its a jailbreak error since you have appsync installed.

    oh and also,
    WTF is up with the kill count. you have to play insane amounts in order to get unlocks. O.O]
    i also agree that kid and santa should have come with it. whats up with that?

  11. marc try this, should work:

  12. something wrong is with the kill count kill so many yet the kill count still seem to be so little,i really would like to unlock all the characters.

  13. Killing large furries counts as one kill

  14. You people complaining about dlc make me sick

  15. This is a fantaxtic update. I played one game, then bought Kid Gore and Santa. $2 to support the hard work that goes into these games is nothing.

    And the grenade launcher is balls!

  16. I agree with Anon^^ and Tige. K&T (and Betas) have worked their asses of for this app to be so good. $2 IS nothing! Show some appreciation for once, sheesh! BTW, are we gonna pull another vote sometime for new content Kimmo? Loved how we all voted for the grenade launcher. Can't wait to see what's next! Look forward to it!

  17. oh man, i love this game. BEST SURVIVAL GAME EVER!
    fist time i got this i scored 12260 kills!
    grenade launcher <3
    here is my idea for episode 4 :
    selectable maps with specific types of furries.
    example :
    volcano gets huge burning furries on night mode.
    mountain has terrain, and obstacles (rocks, trees etc)
    desert has mole-furrie (digs under ground, cannot be shot until comes out of ground eventually, doesnt go back in)
    and so on. these would add a lot of replay-ability.
    also a boss mode. bigger hugger furries, where you get rounds fighting each one,how bout like a huge mountain sheep-ish furrie with huge curled horns and charges around! and so on.
    please add these ideas, or at least consider them.
    thanks for making a great product!

  18. Great game and even better update, if the in app purchases are still there after xmas im buying them only 59p each? Well worth it.

  19. They shouldnt be charging $2 for both of them, they should both be included in a single pack, and if we wouldve been able to buy anything, it shouldve been maps not additional characters, Its not really about the money, $1 a character is kinda a rip off, you should be able to have them both for $1, I agree Mountain Sheep shouldve told us about this, at least we couldve been prepared, and when we buy 1 were not confused about why we get the other one..... Idk if Im going to buy the character packs because, frankly it kinda pisses me off they didnt tell us about it............ Besides all that I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game, In the next update they should be grouped together for 99c If Mountain Sheep wouldve been open about this I might change my mind, but they werent.... I understand they need $$$$ to continue the dev of Minigore, but Speak up next time

  20. It's just a dollar per character. Think about the price of a candy bar. Now think about the price of a MiniGore character. Now compare how long each will last, and how much entertainment you will get out of them.

    Seems worth it to me. I guess people just get used to buying whole games for $1 in the App Store. o_0

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  22. Does enviro-bear drive his car in beast mode?

  23. i know the secret guest is........................................................................pygmie

  24. The in-app purchases are for support as it is noted in their description, i bought both without a second thought, this game is a lot better than soooo many gamrs that cost $-€-£4 or more and the updates are one more awesome than the other, it is and will be the best money spent on a game in the app store, period!
    So, any ideas about when multiplayer will be available?:)
    just one idea from me, maybe a way to challenge friends to beat your highscore? I don't mean via feint btw

  25. Mmm i dont get it,
    First mountainsheep shows a video where wormwolf is helping jerry at daylight killing furries...
    But when i play the update wormwolf is only active in the dark, and doesnt kill any furries at all....
    Any explenation for this?

  26. God as soon as I downloaded the game I bought santa and kid gore... im such a fanboy, PLZZ PUT MY 2 DOLLARS TO GOOD USE!!!!

  27. Woot woot i just beat my highscore by 5000




  28. well done guys!! keep it up

  29. Topped my record again




  30. Updates great guys keep up the good work! :)

  31. Thanks for the update! Still loving the game. I love Santa's voice acting. Well worth the $.99!

    1. Add a counter to the top of the screen to alert the player as to how many lives he or she has left. It was easy to figure out when the only character was John since he had the headband, but it's harder to tell on characters like Santa since he doesn't lose his hat or anything. You have to wait for him to turn around to see his bandages.

    2. Control the character selection screen. The characters spin around by themselves at first and it's a bit annoying.

    3. Game is kind of buggy and crashes sometimes, especially when playing as Jerry. My device has never been jailbroken, so it's not that.

    4. It would be great to be able to get the clovers another way without walking over them. I hate when I've got clovers all over the place and can't get to them because I'm fighting flurries! Perhaps we should be able to shoot them to select them or maybe touch the screen over where they are?

    Anyway, AWESOME GAME! Keep up the good work!

  32. I agree with everything but number 4

    part of the fun of clovers is having to chase around and plan how your going to get them


  33. I second that :P

    I also agree that no. 4 is the only bad one finding clovers mixes things up!

  34. i think it rotates at first two show you the 2 dlc characters because it always starts there

  35. Like the update, hate the x-mas logo

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  37. thanks - you really made my day :) one question: is it supposed to be, that Evan Hsu doesn't speak like Jerry or John Gore?! I just wanna be sure thats its not an installation or download problem on my side.

    Thanks in advance guys!

  38. hi theres a bug on unlocking expert i got 5200 points
    and got expert

  39. ill explain how unlocking expert and insane works

    - in older episodes you had to get 2000 or 6000 points in one play, now its cumulative (it adds on)

  40. Update got bugs - restarted my ipod twice. It has the newest soft. No jailbreak. My brothers ipod got restUarted once too while playing minigore.

  41. Maybe I didn't read all, and then I'm sorry, but : is there a difference between weapons and beast mode levels ? I'm mean are weapons more effective ? More ammos ? Does beast mode last longer ?

    Btw good job, keep on the good work !

  42. Anon (asking about Evan): No, Evan isn't supposed to speak (either Sensei Evan).

  43. My kill count reset itself after I unlocked Evan, what's with that?

  44. Ideas would be

    Weapon shop : you can buy with kills or with real money

    More enemies more maps and like some anon here said that you able to choose what map and type of mobs you would like to have fighting

    also don't lower the kill count to unlock things the idea is to make it challenging
    And for most of the peeps here I mean the app itself is 99 cents so don't be cheap and support these fellas for there work they deserve it and need it for future updates so bare it or don't play it simple as that.

    And kudos for the team amazing job with this update will be expecting more and more.


  45. Alan: It's normal, cause you use kills instead of money, so to unlock some character you need to "pay" with kills. It's just substracted from your kill count (your kill count - 14000). Try to look on kills like in-game currency.

  46. when is next update I want multiplayer !!

  47. 1.000.000 kills is waaaaaay to much for a casual game like minigore! The gameplay is to repetitive to be motivatet for such a high number of kills! Plaese update this! I love minigore but i dont want to play it 24/7 just to unlock a character that was promised to me. Keepitup

  48. Since the devs dont like telling us anything Ill give you guys some stuff about Ep 4 I think the guy from zombieville USA is going to be in there, and theres going to be duel-wielding weapons, and lizzy and the ninja from Sway will be in there, check out this link

    Cant wait:D


  49. wow i cant believe zombieville USA has a characte in minigore:)
    sounds awesome!

    btw i think the million kill thing is insane for a game lke minigore it really would get repetitive!

  50. thanks boosted up m score from 10000 to 27000 i'm 46 in the leader boards :) dun dun DUN

  51. I just got 37948! :) Ranked #16 :D Good job Mountain Sheep :)


  52. I knew some people wouldn't agree with my clover suggestion. After thinking about it, I agree it adds to the fun. I just hate when I am right by a flaming clover and I die!

    I like the idea of buying weapons as DLC, but some people would complain that it's not fair to have to buy anything! I bought both DLC characters just to support the devs. This is one of my favorite games. Great way to relieve stress!

  53. I think it would be awsome to add a weapon as a dlc. But, it would be nice if the crates that furries dropped would stay a certain weapon, instead of cycling between them.

  54. maybe a machine gun with bullets that go through the furries like the shotgun instead of just stopping after each hit as a pick up?

  55. the characters added are really cool, but the amount of kills needed to unlock them is really unreachable.I hope you do something about it in the next update or maybe I should spend two months constantly playing it to unlock the bear.

  56. Gotta love the music from Crimson Skies in there (character selection). Microsoft gave the a-okay for that ya?

  57. Found some info about ep4, prity cool..;p


  58. After long hours of thinking, I finally figured out that the guest star is the ZombieVille USA main shooter character!

  59. @Paulindahouse,

    Really? (extreme sarcasm)

  60. minigore has turned from a high-score-beating-game into a grindfest...

  61. Yes, finally managed to get time to post after unlocking all characters these few days. Night time effects are nice, especially wormwolves to reduce repetitiveness.

    A thing about the wormwolf, isnt the body meant to not hurt you when you touch it? Or maybe i got it wrong while everybody was discussing it back then.

    There was something disappointing about enviro-bear


    Where does the 2nd hand come from during torch holding mode and beast mode? Doesnt really follow the single handed trend it is supposed to have. Maybe this could be fixed in next update? Not that its a problem, but some people may be disturbed by it.


    if weapons get level upgrades, how about give the crate the same level of explosive power that scales with weapon level. Seems like a waste to trade off a level 10 grenade launcher for a small boom

    Level 1 crate - 1 ring, 1 target per bullet
    Level 5 crate - 2 rings, 3 targets per bullet
    Level 10 crate - 3 rings, 5 targets per bullet etc.

    Just a few things i thought of, maybe someone can support or criticise these points

  62. I really like the crate idea! does any one else think there should be a furry kill count somewhere at the top if the screen?

  63. Dash Suggestion - dash both times after being hit seems like a good idea, however its NOT that useful as i'm always already running away from the hord of furries and never have time to change direction and barge through the crowd of furries. so my suggestion is maybe to have the game go into really slow motion once your hit allowing time to decide which way to dash, and then maybe like a release button appears that you press when you ready to go, or you could only have a certain amount of time before the game goes normal speed again and you automatically dash.


  64. @Anon- I already posted a website that has that information
    @Paulindahouse -Really how did you come by this? (Cough Cough) I already put that up...

    @Rick- I think the slow motion effect would be a great idea, to add some depth to the game, it will give you some time to react after getting hit and give you time to map out your game plan, I think the slow motion should last the whole dash, and not really ridiculously slow, just half speed, I think this is a great idea that should definitely be incorporated


  65. +1 to the dash idea from rick, really cool, hope it makes it in

    Furry counter could be useful, but i doubt i will use it. Blocks space but may be good for those who are still wondering about their unlockables

  66. @micer

    so have you unlocked sensei evan?

    i want to know if he has dialogue because if he doesnt i wont go through the trouble of unlocking him....


  67. I have this bug, where I can't get the weapons or beast past level 5. I can upgrade them all in one game, but after I die and restart, it is back to level 5. I like the idea of slow motion and upgradable crates. I thing the furry kill count is a good idea. Stats would be cool, like it tells you how many furries of each kind you have killed, what furry type killed you, so on. Also each character should have it's own special ability. And please fix the bug!!!!

    Love the game

    I got a score of 10,500 and unlocked Evan Hsu.

  68. Stupid question, but how do you buy in-app purchases in this? I mean how do you choose to buy the character...

  69. @ Treyha
    Ok all except sensei evan, maybe shouldnt have said all, but getting close, not possible to get it within these few days unless ur a beta. My bad. I doubt sensei evan has voice over except for death ughh!, since its likely to be evan with a beard. Have been grinding non-stop since it got released. Heh, i do hope its also worth it, otherwise i could have spent the time killing slowly. Betas get a head-start i believe

    @ finn
    If you die and restart, it really restarts, you start at level 5 because of insane mode, just pick them up again to upgrade.

    @ Miller
    To buy characters, scroll over santa or kid gore and there will be a BUY button, for cost, then there will be a face with 2 xx on it when loading after that the Play button will replace Buy. Hope it helps. Choose characters by scrolling

  70. Do I need wi-fi or something to buy characters? There is no Buy button on either character.

  71. I posted some screens on TA containing Sensei Evan an his beast mode:
    ...and no Sensei Evan doesn't speak.

  72. I'm really concerned about one thing. What can I do so that the games saves the unlocked characters and kill count after uninstalling it. I had to reinstall it and I did it through iTunes and I lost all my progress. This bothers me because sooner or later I'm going to have to restore the device and then what? All the hard work would be for nothing.

  73. Fantastic update! Haven't had a chance to comment, because I've been playing every free moment possible. And I'd willingly have paid for the game all over just to get this update.

  74. Hi,

    Will you guys have an update compatible to 2.2.1? Please do have so.

  75. My Minigore app review -


  76. Anon w/ iTouch v2.2.1, you need to upgrade to v3.1. Yea I know it's $10 but it's worth it. Upgrade dude.

  77. i have the same problem.. i cant find the buy button...


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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