Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing Evan Hsu and grenade launcher

As some of you know Evan Hsu won the Minigore tagline contest with his creative entry "Tiny creatures, giant adventure". The main prize was getting made into the game as a playable character, well here he is:

...but wait, what's that in his hands?! Oh yes, a grenade launcher! You wanted grenades and let me tell you a grenade launcher has plenty of those!

Next we'll reveal what happens to Evan when he gets his hands on some clovers...


  1. i love playing as evan! hes cool as and hes goggle hat looks pretty funny :p

  2. Do I see a giant furry split in two? =D

  3. Is Evan Hsu going to be in 3rd or 4th episode of MiniGore?

  4. Oh he's gonna be in the third, no doubt about that. Now THATS what I call a post K&T! I'm not a Beta and even I can tell this episode is gonna be EPIC to the C! A giant furry split in two is f***ing awesome! Like everyone has said before, GET THIS UPDATE SUBMITTED SOON B4 XMAS!!! It's gonna be hell if ya'll don't. Can't wait to see what Evan does when he OD's on clovers, lol! But here's my beef with the whole deal: When does the storyline come out? That's all. Keep up the good work K&T! Same thing goes for you Betas out there!


  5. Ozzy: Evan is in 3rd episode.

    Anonymous: It could be ready for Saturday or Sunday submission, only some small things missing :)

  6. Oh yeah, even if they do submit it on sunday, imagine how long the wait will be.

    It takes two weeks to be approved? (Best outcome?) Are we having snow this update.
    Damnit timo, you are like an ice lolly. I dont know how but you are. Or maybe an artichoke, either way its a sort of furniture.

    Got any ideas of how long ep 4 will take? Please answer in terms of pi (if you have no idea) (Or even pie, which ever suits you best.)


    That is all.


  7. Yea the timing submission is great news, this coming sat and sun (tomorrow) or is it going to be the next? 28th nov. Lets all hope apple doesnt do anything screwy this time.

    Elliohow, patience for episode 4, this just came out, when its ready, we will hear about it.

    @ Timo or any beta tester

    Does grenade launcher have a minimum range?
    Does grenade launcher have a splash AOE attack?
    These are just common grenade launcher properties

    Does the grenade launcher fire at the same spot, for example always hits 5 furry spaces away, with AOE 3 spaces, so u cant hit anything close to you. Otherwise i think its safe to assume auto-target, but by hitting the first furry, AOE (if its still in) will be half gone, since the circle analogy, hit area is only a semicircle, other semicircle has no targets.

    Thanks for this great update, keep up the good work, hope that you guys dont run into any roadblocks


  8. If i could just add a point to previous post, although it may be too late to change now, that the grenade launcher targets a furry 3 units away, fires a shot 4 units away, meaning the hit wont be on the furry but rather behind it, to maximise area damage

  9. Looks Awesome but I was wondering up to what level can each weapon get to and what kind of improvements does leveling up weapons add


  10. Hey timo

    when you start to develope multiplayer, you should read my post near the 43 post it has wicked multiplayer ideas kk!

  11. It's on the santa clover zombie page

  12. what is that THING on the first picture with Evan Hsu?

  13. The gernade dose splash damage. As it gets leveled it shoots more gernades at a faster rate and has more ammo.

  14. kool thanks


  15. Ep.3 is looking great and that's good and all, but I still have one burning question left. After the "Christmas" episode has been sent out and becomes available, are you guys (Kimmo & Timo) gonna take a hiatus from all this for the holidays? I mean, I could see why you guys have packed SO MUCH into this update. It just seems like something that'll hold all of us over til after the holidays, and there's nothing wrong with that, given Ep.3's gonna be awesome. In other words, since the Christmas update is gonna be out soon, are you guys gonna chillax til AFTER the holidays to start with Ep.4? I mean, it would seem kinda pointless to come up with Ep.4 immediately after the Christmas episode, mainly because the approval process would take FOREVER (assuming the update becomes available next week or two, due to Ep.3 being submitted this Saturday or Sunday, maybe). Sorry this post is so long guys, I'm just curious... Post back when ya'll can K&T.

  16. Well it takes a while to get beta's through ect. ect. You obviously can't expect ep 4 in december early Jan but even if they do take a break it probably wont be to long.

  17. Sooooper Badass love the ripping in half animations, good job as usual guys, I remember that at one point you were going to like double flick the attack button to launch a grenade and then it would have a cooldown, buy it appears that it's a pickup now? So is there like a differant styled crate that you pick up now? Just wondering also what happened with lizzy, considering johns allready in sway, was it scrapped? will it be in a later episode, is it going to be dlc? Also is co-op going to be the only thing in Ep 4? Not that Im complaining because that's really all that it needs, wondering if we could have an update on that and Ep 4 and the future of minigore after ep 4 zombies? Maps? Lizzy? Just wondering what's going on, Thanks guys good work! You guys deserve a break so if you take one, I think well all be cool with it, I just think if you guys are going to maybe you guys could let us know and update the blog a bit more often thanks :)

    What's everyones high score Episode 1/2?


  18. Yea Pugway I agree with ya there. I know that it takes a lot of work and time to get through updates like these. Episode 4 is the update everyone's been really wanting, and we all know why; I don't even need to say it. But we can already assume that multiplayer isn't the only big thing for Ep.4, we all know K&T will add something else huge to go with it. Hopefully a storyline to explain everything. Since you're a beta, I gotta ask, Survival Mode isn't the only game mode available for MiniGore right? There's gotta be a campaign in the works for all this. Remember that MiniGore collage on Flickr? It looks totally epic. Btw Pugway, what's your HS? Mine's 12506. Just curious...

  19. My highscore is *looks at iPod* 12900 beat ya by a bit ;). In the current beta there is only survival mode but it was said earlyer that the entire minigore story was already written out and would be included in some form in a later episode although I don't know any details on that. Also zombies will possiby add a new game mode. I can tell you that this is by far the best update ever. Preapare for awsomeness

  20. Thanks Pugway for deets! Btw, just played last night, just bumped my HS to 13780! Hellsyea! Check OpenFeint if ya want, my name's there in the rankings. It's so gay though how you build up such a good score for yourself and you think you're the s***, and then when you check your rank on OF, you're like #219! lol I hate that s***!

  21. LOL omg my friend is a asshole for saying that


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