Thursday, November 12, 2009

How many clips does it take to save Christmas?

Minigore Episode 3, Christmas Episode is shaping up beautifully. In addition to Wormwolves, upgradeable weapons, grenade launchers and day/night cycles there is a huge batch of playable characters coming up. We'll show a picture of each one here on the Minigore blog.

First up is Santa, the very definition of Christmas. This ancient protector of peace in Hardland was so busy pacifying furries he didn't even notice the photographer taking pictures.


  1. this is what people have been waiting for

  2. so can we have a estimate of what day its going to be submitted... PLEASE?!?!

  3. What do you mean by upgrading weapons? like skill points/ RPG like +1 damage or something else

  4. cheesz: There's 10 upgrade levels for the guns. Each upgrade affects how many bullets are fired at once, firing rate, bullet spread and ammo count. Hope that clarifies it a bit :)

  5. Ammo count for shotgun and grenades right?

  6. I am very pleased by this.

  7. How about us Jewish folk? Don't we get an icon in this update!?

  8. When, when, when is it coming?????

  9. Me like the Playable characters ! Episode 3's gonna be great ! Then you'll just have to add multiplayer, and the game will be perfect ! Well, it won't, since you'll still manage to find new features to add, but anyway =P.



    How many upgradable characters??????

    Anyway looks great keep up the hard work


  11. lol srry for the epic fail spelling error



  12. see micer? i told you they didnt give up on this blog....


  13. also timo/kimmo will hardgore be an in app purchase for minigore?

    -treyha/yerttrey (im on my ipod)

  14. hardgore is a completely seperate game

  15. YEA!! This is really helping me calm down, 1 hr ago someone threw eggs at me while i was waiting at a busstop from a car. Almost got hit.

    @ Yerttrey
    yea i knew they were preparing this news

  16. Unbelievably cool, I think people are beginning to see you are delivering on all Minigore was promised to be, and will be! Can't wait to hang some flaming furries in the Christmas Tree!

  17. I think i just cried a little... in my pants. Good work, i know we were complaining you hadnt posted it 2 weeks, but it made me so happy when i saw santa.

    Really good work! Cant wait!


  18. i wonder if it is like the knight onrush level ups where you lose them when you die

  19. ^^ right now yes but it may change before the final release.

  20. Do you guys have any estimated release date? please please please tell us!!!!

  21. Hmm minigore is turning into the "boxhead" flash series

  22. I think its quite different from boxhead, boxhead has only 8 directions to shoot, boxhead has somewhat limited ammo, yes boxhead has more guns, boxhead has all characters in a boxy shape, etc etc.

    Theres something about minigore that is different.

    I actually prefer the original boxhead game, you know the one where you smash your head onto the ground and stuff like that, that was fun for multiplayer

  23. Wow this looks great! But how many guns are there? I know we have the machine gun, shotgun, and grenade launcher, what else?

    Also, I would attempt to submit this as fast as possible. Once December hits, it'll take forever to get this approved with Christmas....

  24. I gave those ideas their giving out for the update along time ago , and people told me no because it would make it "Rpg like" what now people?

  25. It's still not really rpg ish because you upgrade it
    by running over the boxes, so if you have lvl 1 shotgun and then you go over another box you get lvl 2 and so on and so forth, so it's still pic up and play action, this totally made my day, good job mountain sheep! I hope this is submitted soon so it'll hopefuly be out before Christmas! Minigore is finally shaping up to be one of the best games on the app store (not that it allready wasn't) oh I played boxhead for the iPhone/ touch and while it's a decent game the control scheme it awful compared to minigores they should really take some notes there, good job Kimmo/Timmo and good luck on this update and all future updates and hardgore! (hardgore is a separate game not an add on/ expansion) Cant wait!!! :D


  26. well looking 4ward to the update. loving the artwork as well. think it may have already been put forward already but would love to be able to take a face from a photo and put it on evansu's face like on maxinjury so you could play as yourself. that would be awsome.

  27. are they all gonna have the same beast mode monster? this question is to timmo kimmo or a beta tester

  28. I think Enviro-Bear gets in a car

  29. they all have their own unique beast mode monsters

  30. They may all do the same thing i think

  31. 50 bucks Jerry gets in a tank, Santa a sleigh or reindeer and enviro-bear a car

  32. we asked timo if enviro would turn/ get into a car and he said it didn't fit with the theme
    UndeadZed(TA beta)

  33. Theme? Your puttin a freakin asian kid on there
    should at least put someone as beautiful as me on there

  34. Anonymous, Jerry is more beautiful than you already so just shutup

  35. Totally agree with Cheesz


  36. Anon, you have something against people from asia, evan designed a great tagline, he deserves to be there, besides, how do you know hes even asian

  37. Hey Timo,
    I get the wolf picture but can you please explain to me how to defeat the thing. i would love to know. write back soon.


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