Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do not flip the screen in Episode 2

Do not flip the screen in Episode 2. There is a bug in the game which causes you not being able to control it after you do.

SOLUTION: Delete the game and reinstall it.


  1. I noticed that, it got rather annoying after a while.

  2. There's also a bug with OpenFeint. If you dismiss the dialog for the first time, you need to reinstall Minigore in order to get it back. And it never came up for me.

    *cough* QA *cough*

    Please pay better attention on the upcoming updates. It's kind of ridiculous.

  3. ^^
    these bugs we're in the version submitted before the beta testers (me included) got a chance to play the ep2 beta. within the first hour of it being released we picked up the bug and it was fixed straight away. we also picked up every other bug that was reported in this version and they are currently being worked on

  4. if you delete it and reinstall it will it cost you anything?

  5. but you will lose highscores!

  6. Cybertox:Well thats not good now i know why apple was everytime rejecting the update guys pls pay attention i dont think you work very hard like you said if you guys was working hard there will be no bugs like this one!

  7. Can u post some screenshots of the wormwolf and grenade and well just everything in episode 3. Cant wait for bluetooth and wifi ;)

  8. Re: that pesky OpenFeint complaint. When I installed the Minigore update, I never received the OpenFeint prompt. That's not a problem for me because I don't really use it. However, when I decided to check out the OpenFeint issue, all I had to to do was go to Options and select OpenFeint. It immediately lit up and took me to OpenFeint with no problem. Perhaps for some people, they need to actually try to select OpenFeint first to see if it works?

    Anyway, great update! Can't wait for the next one!

  9. Lol it happened to me :( i lost my scores! and are all of the beta test slots gone ?

  10. Anon (post 7): STFU and enjoy the game. The devs are great and are working very hard on this. If you don't like it, don't be rude about it or GTFO.

  11. I purchased this game from AppStore after enjoying playing on my friend's iPhone.. a great game to be honest but I just couldn't believe it shipped with bugs. I wanted change the orientation of the screen and when I tapped on Flip, the whole game went funny... this was even before I started to play the game. Had to delete and re-install, and things were perfect. You should really send an update fixing it as when I checked reviews before purchae I could see many negative comments due to the bug.

    I do understand nothing is bug-free, but for first time users like me... its a big let down but I knew this game would still be good although it was buggy with this update.

    Looking forward for updates and more fun :)


  12. i love the new update

    but whenever i play the game it messes up my volume thing
    i have a first gen i pod and the volume control mechanism stays on one volume and wont move after i have played this game other than that keep up the good work

  13. @Rahul
    There was nothing wrong with the Anon post #7. If anything, your post is very rude. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, assuming they paid for the game.

    The bugs shipping with episode 2 are pretty bad. It appears obvious little to no QA was performed on episode 2.

    We can just hope the development process for episode 3 is much improved.

  14. I agree with InZane, bugs of this magnitude should not appear in the release build. I hope some sort of fix will be released to address the issue instead of waiting till episode 3.

    Despite the shortcomings, I'm enjoying the game =)

    Keep up the good job guys and thanks..

  15. i red it too late!! i lost all my highscore =(
    but it's awsome... i've done a great work!!!

  16. think that it took 2month for this update to pass through, you guys would have prepared episode 3...

  17. What do - ya do? Perhaps it's apples fault they let this slide with such a nasty bug. Anyways along with the bug fixes can we maybe see a bigger map? Or maybe the same one that just loops itself?

  18. Episode 3 will definitely be better, seeing that there are so many beta testers now. But if episode 3 is not ready for submission yet, the devs should submit an update to fix bugs first. Other than these bugs, the update was quite nice overall. Nice job.

  19. We didn't have 80 beta testers when Episode 2 was submitted. Fortunately that has changed and now we have 80 testers. They found those bugs before Episode 2 was released on the App Store.

    Yesterday we submitted update to Episode 2 that should fix them. It also adds really epic extended battle music (twice as long), OpenFeint 2.2 and you can now see clovers and ammo with the furry sense:

  20. when is hardgore due?

  21. I think you guys might want to rewrite some parts of the game, its a great game, but it really seems like you guys messed up a little.

  22. yea ammo and clovers on radar would be nice

  23. @Anon Sorry I was in a bad mood that day. But still, you should not be that rude to the devs, as you see they are working VERY hard on this game.

  24. Yeah, we submitted a new update to fix the nasty bug.

    Anon #2: Our QA cycle broke down a bit after the release. The first rejection was OS 3.1 coming out during the four weeks in approval and us not having been able to done extensive testing on that one. The second rejection was a build process issue which we have since been able to work around, but this flip screen bug was clearly due to us being so eager to get the new episode out that we didn't do enough QA on it.

    We will address the OpenFeint issue in Episode 3.

    Anon #9: Oh, we have done work on Episode 3 and Episode 4, as well.

    Anon #13: That is actually more ironic than you'd think, since rewriting parts of the code is exactly what broke the flip screen. We did indeed mess up a little. One line, to be exact. Sometimes that's all it takes. :)

  25. hey!

    just one word about the fire Furry and giant Fire Furry. The colors for the animated fire texture should use the same color-set as the fire animation on the fire minifurry and the burning clover. it looks kinda cheap now..

  26. I found a bug in ep 3.5 on my 3gs. Using the vol. buttons on the side of my phone within the game causes the touchscreen vol. control for music and videos, after closing mini gore, to break. The vol. slider is dragable but snaps back to the initial position all the time. I need to restart the phone to get it worinkg fine again.

    I'll try to post a video.



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