Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where'd the furries go? Just swayin'.

Our friends at Illusion Labs have just released a new update for their hugely cool physics adventure Sway, and guess what - John Gore is in it! If you still don't own the game, I suggest you get yourself a copy right away. It's a great one!


  1. I just got the new update and it started crashing every time. They just pulled it I think. It went back to the old icon.

  2. I completed the game and have just downloaded the update and it keeps crashing too!?!

  3. WTF? It has been 5 days away for it to be a MONTH since you guys submitted Episode 2 of Minigore! WTF is Apple thinking? Why does it take them a MONTH to release a simple f'ing update???????
    (by the way, I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with this post...)

  4. in fact it has something to do with this post considering Illusion Labs have been able to update Sway. You guys should really try to contact apple to see what's going on

  5. come on get the update out!!

  6. It is notoriously hard to try and get information of pending approvals from Apple, but we have been talking to someone there and they are trying to sort it out.

  7. i hope so kimmo, maybe after its all 'sorted out' as they told you then ep3 will be quick to go through

  8. Have you thought about pulling the update and then send it in again. Something is probably wrong cus' Lima sky has just gotten the second update for doodle jump out in the same time as yours been in the system

  9. manutaust:noooooooooo dont get minigore to psp go the wurld will explode

  10. Minigore on PSP would be a little tough using the face buttons as the 2nd analog stick. It wouldn't be smooth enough. Still, it would be cool! I think the iPhone rivals the PSP in processing/graphic capabilities. I know the iPhone trumps the DS, like that's really hard to do though.

  11. I'm still crossing my fingers for an HD version on either X360 or PS3!!! I would pay big bucks for that!!!

  12. pocket god has just been updated for the 3rd time since the minigore update was submitted.

  13. thats funny i was just about to say something about the pocket god update... you beat me! but honestly ive run out of words for how annoyed i am with apple

  14. PSP is better with polygons which means it can show at least 5x more characters & mayhem on screen. In our earlier PSP game Super Hind the player helicopter had almost 8 times more polygons than John Gore.

    iPhone is better with textures and has somewhat bigger resolution (PSP resolution is 480x272, iPhone is 480x320) so it has a lead in image quality.

    On PSP version we're doing some major gameplay changes so it's more about gun management (PSP's buttons are great for that) instead of pinpoint accuracy.

    Ultra pimped HD version is something we eventually want to do, but it's not in our calendar this year.

    andrem720: Yeah, it's pretty crazy that some apps have had several updates approved during this time!

  15. Did Illusion Labs take Sway off the app store? I cant find it when I search for it anymore. All I can find is Sway Lite and Touchgrind. Did they take it down to fix it? Does anyone know?

  16. I think they took it down temporarily to fix a bug that affected players who had completed the game and unlocked all characters.

  17. How do you guys complete the game BTW?

  18. Oh. Thats a strange bug. Do you have any word from them how long it will take?

  19. I fixed my Sway. I just deleted it from my I-pod and synced it back on. All the data of it is gone, but now I can actually have a reason to play the game as John Gore.If you dont care about redoing the game you can just do what I did.

  20. In can't download the complete version of Sway in the Mexico's iTunes Store!!!...

  21. Hi guys! Sorry I'm late to the party.

    Sway is back up, you can get it at (search was a little weird yesterday)

    Anders from Illusion Labs


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