Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plan of attack

With Episode 2 fumbling about in the dark trying to finding its way out of Apple's approval maze, we have made the decision to take the following from Episode 3, bundle it up with Episode 2 and resubmit on Wednesday next week:

-Achievements (expert and insane)
-Big Flamefurries
-Gameplay improvements (you can now hit a furry standing right next to you)
-Miscellaneous bug fixes
-OpenFeint 2.1 (it looks a lot nicer!)
-Furry Sense
-John Gore with the headband (third health)
-full save and restore of game state
-faster firing rate on the shotgun

The above features will be ready for Wednesday (September 9, that is). Episode 2 may still come out before that; we won't be canceling it until right before resubmission.


  1. Fuck ya! Nice thing that you finally took action if apple doesn't approve ur new shit fast I'll take a fast firing shotgun and blow Steve back to hell

  2. thats a good idea, but what about the grenade? will that be pushed back to ep4?

    also, just wondering how the co-ops going and have you guys decided to add up to 4player support? and also, did yous end up proto typing that game mode where one player on another device controls the furries (placing them and stuff) and the other person on the other device try's to survive. it was suggested a while back (not by me) and you said you loved the idea. i thought it was great too

  3. Nice job. Hopefully it won't take that much longer or apple to approve because I have gotten 2 pocket god updates in the time it has taken apple to update this game.

  4. pocket god updates are pretty bad... it takes like 2 weeks for them to add a shark that shoots lasers then they say complex updates make them take longer then a week, how is a laser shark complex?

  5. you have to code his pew pew.

    i doubt the minigore ep3 release will be any faster than the ep2 was/is.

  6. finally.. great idea!

  7. Grenade is coming in episode 4 then?

  8. I guess if the earlier ep2 is cancelled the new episode is called ep2 again and that means grenade would be in ep3.

  9. Yes,I love the game, We would like to BETA Test your app, If so then could you e-mail us at

  10. i want another enviroment not only the same i am tired of seeig the same place over and over

  11. "How is a laser shark complex?"

    EPIC Fail.

    However, you probably don't know how coding works so I'll let that slide.

    It's mostly Apple's ridiculous "Approval system" that delays them so long. Just recently they rejected an app because it contained an image of a clock. That clock was at 3:00, and Apple's clock is at 3:00, so logically they rejected it.

    I am going to have to agree with everyone here, I had no idea updates would take this long. If updates really take so long, then larger, less frequent updates would be better.

    Also, all I hear is about the co-op play and more furries and weapons. How's the story coming along? I would think that would be top priority.

    The Sway/Minigore crossover is great. I bought sway simply because I knew I would be able to play as John Gore, and I'm sure many people did the same, and vice versa. You should do some more crossovers, but with hidden gems, not uber-popular flagship games like Pocket God.

  12. Let's hope this update will take minigore right to the top of Apple's approval stack!

    I wish I could just drive to the secret mountain sheep HQ and get the newest build...

  13. good im glad that moutain sheep has a game plan with this update. I hope this update will come out as expected

  14. I say dont submit anything until your are done with co-op. I would rather wait several weeks to finish co-op rather than go through the approval system twice to get co-op. Unless your pocket god, the approval process usually takes a minimum two weeks.

  15. why is the shotgun firing rate increased? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a shotgun and eat up your ammo fast? Unless the ammo for it is unlimited but I don't think so? Can someone shed some light as to this decision?

  16. Many people didn't pick up the shotgun after 4000-6000 points. It had too slow firing rate to defeat all the fast running firefurries. We have increased the ammo count to complement the increased firing rate and I think it lasts a bit longer than in Episode 1. It's a "real powerup" this time ;)

    From there we can expand the system for the powerups. Picking up the first shotgun displays a message that says "Shotgun level 1", picking up it second time is "Shotgun level 2" which has more ammo, picking it third time is "Shotgun level 3" which has even more ammo. Same applies to the exploding ammo box if you decide to shoot the boxes instead of picking it up. "Booby trap level 1", next time it's "Booby trap level 2" with even more damage etc.

    There's been lots of requests for upgradable weapons and I think this is nice and easy way for the player to "upgrade" what they like and it can be tied to achievements: "Shotgunner - reach level 6 shotgun ability"

    Ultimately we want to do the much requested weapon merchant who sells new guns in his hut!

  17. what about john gores grenade? i didnt see it on the list of features in the updates. Will is be included in the bundle of episode 2 and 3?

  18. Guys how can we unlock new characters in EP1? vicdslick

  19. Something is very fishy about the App Store approval system, I have received 2 Pocket God updates, and a dozen other updates that were submitted way after the MiniGore update. I know this cause I follow their developers on twitter. Most interestingly has anyone noticed how Apple seems to have speeded up the approval process of the facebook app after the developer ranted about the approval system on his blog? It took weeks for version 3 to go live, but just days for version 3.01 & 3.02 (this morning). There is something extremely fishy about this. An update is an update. I totally get it that Apple might take it's time to approve a new game, but to take a whole month to approve an update that adds a couple of features? Who are they kidding? Something is happening behind the curtains and we are not aware of it


  20. The only thing going on behind the curtains there is that Facebook is probably the biggest thing on the internet. I can't believe that an update would just naturally take this long to approve. Minigore must have somehow slipped through a crack. Facebook and Pocket God (which has sold more than a million copies. ! ) are too high profile to not move up on the queue.

  21. What? Weapon merchand? Well, it's your call, but that's gonna completely destroy the flow of the game. You don't wanna give the players a break, you want them to feel desperate and completely outnumbered

  22. A break everyone once in a while can make going back in all the more difficult. especially in the 10k + play times. Apple's approval process is gonna be their downfall.

  23. I hadn't heard about this merchant before, but then I've only started reading these comments recently, but I really like the idea. Do the points you earn become like currency to buy new guns and upgrades, because then I would have a whole new reason to play again? And i don't think it will ruin the feeling you get in minigore, you can already pause it and there is a start screen at the beginning; this will just add some depth the game, something it is desperately in need of.

  24. Nice initiative !

    Still, it's really a shame from Apple not to have approved it before : during this time lapse, facebook for iphone had three different updates approved successively, including, as the first one, the big 3.0 update.

  25. The gun merchant is a bit pointless. It defeats one of the main objectives - constant hassle and pressure. I think the gun hut would just remove that objective all together.
    Put upgrades in trees and bushes, not just from fallen enemies. And maybe give the player better guns once they've got so many points.

    Or you could implement the gun hut with a damage-like quality, so that certain furries will target that instead of John, which would increase the pressure into killing those furries

  26. Yay you used my idea

  27. no, no ,no...
    the hut is the best idea so far, but instead of buying good weapons right away, taking away the pressure, you should have to unlock guns and abilities for the more point you earn.
    and you should have to SPEND YOUR POINTS as money so you dont want to spend too much beacuse you lose points.... now thats an idea! BAAM!!

  28. I Completely Agree with millhouse.

  29. According to MiniGore's twitter, Apple finally responded saying it crashed on launch. I personally don't believe Apple, though.

  30. i think the hut is a bad idea. because it would make the game boring, and what Millhouse posted. that its going to destroy the flow of the game

  31. I think you should be able to buy weopons of the start screen. You could use points as currency and maybe you could buy clothes for john gore! This would make me want to keep playing minigore until I had bought everything.

  32. I think the Hut should only be in normal and expert mode there.
    In insane mode you are ALONE ALOOOOONE and no one helps you.

  33. You know why the hut is a bad idea, because when you had bought everything in the hut, why are you gonna keep playing you already have all the weapons. There are no new things to keep you from playing.

  34. Will Minigore get Plus+? Would be very nice!

  35. Hey just asking, but what ever happened to the mysterious mushroom? I think I read in earlier posts that it was going to be released in episode 2 or something?Can mountain sheep please explain!

  36. I think that the shop is a bad idea if they are going to continue with their campaign and story mode ideas. If there was not going to be a story mode I would say yes, but my vote is no!!

  37. So will ep 3 have grenade and co op then?? co op and new open feint are wat I want

  38. ^x3 No, It already has OpenFeint.

  39. Crap, I meant to reply to Autrach.

  40. Yeah, OpenFeint 2.1 FTW!

    OpenFeint 2.1 is better than +Plus, just that its a little laggy (for me at least, iTouch 1G)

  41. So... after Apple's rejection, original episode 2 have been submited again? or the plan of attack still stand?

  42. Surely Apple should have a policy to contact devs back if there's a catastrophic flaw with any app as a matter of urgency?

    Regardless, what's the Minigore plan?

    **Can't wait for the update - awesome game!**

  43. Apple has contacted mountain sheep and told them minigore ep.2 (the original) crashed on launch, now the question is: did, or will, mountain sheep resubmit the old or the new version of episode 2?

  44. I think you should us Plus+ instead of Openfeint. I'm not to fond of the way Openfeint looks ugly and works slow. Plus+ looks really nice and is easy to use. There are not many games that use this yet, mostly just ngmoco inc and Flick Fishing, but you should be ahead of the game. I will never use Openfeint because of its ugliness and many other reasons.

    but cant wait for the update!

  45. OpenFeint looks AMAZING in the new update.

  46. this update looks so cool can't wait

  47. I haven't got update!!! Getting restless


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