Monday, September 7, 2009

Episode 2 rejected, submitting with more features on the 9th

After four weeks at Apple's, the update was finally given a verdict. It is not the good news we were expecting and as bad news it is not quite as controversial as we envisioned. Episode 2 was very simply rejected for crashing at launch on one of Apple's test devices.

We have fixed a crash bug during the development of Episode 3 and are looking at a few more potential offenders for the re-submission of September 9. The re-submission will have Episodes 2 and 3 bundled together with the exception of the grenade which will be fine-tuned for gameplay and comes out with the next episode. I will update the episode tracker at the top of the page accordingly.

Our list of things that take four weeks currently looks as follows:

1. Fly 11 times around the world
2. Milk 18000 cows
3. Launch Minigore

While all of the above are a fun way to spend a month, let's hope we can tick the last one off the list with the next submission!


  1. No wonder it took them so long to reply, they were busy milking cows >.<

    Hope all goes well on Wednesday when you guys re-submit it :)

  2. Hope all goes well for you guys when you re-sumbit it ;)

  3. And Apple took 4 weeks to figure that out?! I don't even want to think about it...

    Hope the next update gets approved faster :)

  4. Hang in there guys! Good Luck with the next submission.

  5. good luck! next time i recommend legal action for descrimination :P

  6. when you would put the other bad guys,the ones at the photo please respond

  7. wow it took 4 weeks for apple just tell us the game crashed?! i really hope that they approve this new re-submission of the update quicker!

  8. About time they said something.
    I have a suggestion for future updates.
    You should make it so you can change between guns. so if you dont want to waste shotgun ammo you could switch to the smg.

  9. it takes four weeks for an app to crash at start

  10. Now it's almost certain : Apple testers are jackasses...

  11. Really looking forward to this update. Minigore has crashed upon launch several times for me (bought it the first day it came out). I thought my iPhone was the problem. Adding the features you've described going to improve the overall playability. good luck with the resubmission.

  12. Hey this is great news! not the rejection ofcourse but the fact that you can resubmit with more features. Also I had some suggestions. You know the trailer that you had for minigore? That should play when you start a new game. Also I hope that when new characters are unlocked we will be able to play as them in single player and multiplayer. Thanks for making such a great game!

  13. Have you submitted the game yet? Or will you do that later on today?


  14. We have thought about adding the trailer as an intro to the game. At the same time, we are looking for ways to push this game under 10 megabytes which is the limit for downloading something over the air (not Wi-Fi).

    You will be able to play the characters in both the single player and multiplayer.

    We will submit the game later today.

  15. yess im so glad to hear the co-op characters will be in single player too :)

    cant wait for you guys to submit, lets hope apple approves it within the 1st week!

  16. I think Apple will hurry up this time, I think they don't want to piss off the upcoming giant flaming furries...

  17. Ha ha, I have a feeling they will hurry up too! Hopefully it's true... but who knows.

  18. will it be possible to turn off furry sense

  19. Did you submit it? In my country its 44 past eight PM, so :d. Anyway i think that this update wont make this game much better. When wifi/bluetooth play is added, it will be great but for now...

  20. "We have thought about adding the trailer as an intro to the game. At the same time, we are looking for ways to push this game under 10 megabytes which is the limit for downloading something over the air (not Wi-Fi).

    You will be able to play the characters in both the single player and multiplayer.

    We will submit the game later today."

    This is great news!! Thanks guys! And I think that its good that you want to keep the file size low but games with cinimatics as high quality as that always turn me on to a game and gives me the impression that its a very high quality game. Hope apple hurrys up with the approval!

  21. story mode


  22. So was it submitted or not?

  23. Check out the Twitter. :)

  24. big as a BEAR!!! that could only mean one thing!

  25. I doubt it, that's one of their voice dialogs.

    But who knows. ;)

  26. have you seen the new feint (2.5) coming with real time multiplayer think what could be done there

  27. and is the beast mode gonna be different for other characters like enviro-bear its a car

  28. i dont get it... what is it hinting at?

  29. When should the update be acceppted by?
    Not four weeks from now i hope

  30. Suggestion for mini-boss Wormwolf.
    He dies if shot in the head too many times, but when John shoots at him, he curls his body around his head, so if j shoots and divides his torso, there are two of him. Making him more dangerous when he grows longer from eating furries.
    He has to be a devistating opponent, otherwise he would have no replayability.
    Thanks for the Great Work!

  31. Thanks for the great game. Looking forward to episode 2

    Somehow, the background music wasn't playing after I upgraded to OS 3.1.. Anyone else having this problem?

  32. if their hinting at enviro bear ill have a heart attack. But i thinks anonymous is right its a voice dialog

  33. What episode will hardland be coming out in now that it is no longer in episode 3?

  34. Worrmwolf should split when u shoot any part of its bidy too much
    like it would turn red then pop

  35. Yeah, what's the status about "Hardland"?
    Really looking forward...

  36. I run into the background music problem myself, too. Looking for a way to fix it...

  37. kimmo, these music issues are gonna be in the submitted one arnt they? if so, is that enough for apple to reject minigore?

  38. Yes, they are in the submitted one. It's not a fatal bug, but it's certainly very inconvinient. I'm not sure how Apple will react. I'm trying to find out how common this problem is as we speak, before making any decisions.

  39. one question
    how long did it apple take to approve minigore itself?how long do they usually need to approve a game
    thx for answer

  40. It took about 18 days to approve Minigore. Currently it says on their developer relations page that 96% of submissions will be approved in 14 days.

  41. kimmo is beast mode (the mode when john is a bull) anything different for enviro-bear or that sway guy

  42. Hey just wondering but what ever happened to the mysterious mushroom?

  43. yeah is that still in the game? it sounded cool

  44. It's a real bummer what happened to the first attempt. I was checking for the update everyday, like I'm doing now with this new Episode 2 + 3.



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