Saturday, August 29, 2009

Extraordinary fan-art

Every now and then you come across some great fan-art. This one is not only awesome, it's pretty unusual, too. Gupu, the mastermind behind it, has even given instructions on how to make one of your own and suggests you start with the larger one if you're new to papercrafting.

Another version built by Hmar9333 based on Gupu's instructions. Moody lighting in this one: 


  1. First and how do i use it i downloaded it and i cant open it in adobe what do i open it in?

  2. Free Adobe Reader should be able to open the .pdf file, you can get it here:

  3. It dosent want to work im from England would that change anything

  4. if someone cna stick it in word or powerpoint for me id be very grateful

  5. The file format for the download is .rar so you need a program to un-rar it first. It's like zip but tighter packed. Winrar will help you out, at

  6. cheers mate i wondered why it kept coming up with rar

  7. which one do i download and i dont really want to pay for it

  8. You can just use the free evaluation, there are other rar unarchivers but winrar is the common tool for the job. :)

  9. The top link on this page (Winrar 3.90 for 32-bit Windows) is the right one for most people.

  10. ^Actually, 7-zip is an amazing file compression tool that can open RAR, and many others.

    I would also suggest making this on more-rigid cardstock, If you have any at hand.

  11. btw, i highly suggest you also download Pepakura Viewer to open the .pdo files. Those files are meant to be intructions and are really helpful if you don't know where to glue a piece
    download it here, it's free:


  12. This is an awesome thing!

  13. lol wow now anyone can have their own john gore

  14. I cried with happiness a little.

  15. I'd like to re-skin this model with the new "Rambo" look if it is possible to get some quality front/back/side model shots of the new look from the developer!

  16. ...or even the no hat "battle damaged" look!

  17. anonymous: I'll post ortographic hires pictures of John later today in the Flickr gallery. (front view, side view, back view, perspective view)

  18. that'd be cool, timo.
    btw, anyone can retexture the model using pepakura designer. that option is Settings>Texture Settings

  19. Wow thats pretty awesome i mean REALLY awesome.
    Any news on when Episode 2 will come out?

  20. Thanks Timo, I'm the one who expressed interest in re-skinning the model but I don't have experience with making new skins in Pepakura so maybe you could let the author of this model know about the pictures you will be posting? I was just going to cut/paste in Paint but making a skin for the PDO file would be MUCH better! I was going to make a figure of Mr. Gore from polymer clay when I have the time.

  21. I'm starting to believe there is no update at all... A month of waiting for it! That's insane! What is Apple doing?;)

  22. Have faith and DON'T get mad at the developers and start giving bad reviews. I've seen this happen too many times. Believe me, it's just Apple with their thumbs up their asses. They'll wait WEEKS and then reject an update over the smallest most stupid detail.

  23. Apple is probaly trying to figure out a reason to reject it. I thought apple was tough on pocket god, but wow, this is crule.

  24. Here's the first version of the John Gore character sheet: (couldn't finish the hires version yet)

    Here's some goodness from the latest development build:

  25. plz can u make it 5000 points to unlock insane mode cause 6000 is a little much

  26. 6000 is ok, you better start training Anonymous:)

  27. ^^^^^^^
    6300 is my highscore but ive only got to it once all my others are in the 5000's. The reason im saying it is because a lot of people wont even be able to unlock it... i probely will but i know theres people who havent even got to 4000.

  28. You unlock expert first which is 2000 points. After that you can choose it as a difficulty and on expert you star with 2000 points so it doesn't take that long to get to 6000 points - it does take some skill though. Once you have insane unlocked and start with insane difficulty it literally is INSANE with enemies swarming you from the very first second! But I think the more experienced players will love it because you don't have to play long to get to the challenging part :P

  29. yea thats cool how its instantly hard cause i hate having to play for 10 minutes for it to get hard. Whats happening with episode 2? I think u should cancel episode 2 and submit episode 3 cause seriously 1 month for an update something is wrong. If episode 3 isnt that close to being done then i think u should resubmit episode 2.

  30. O and sorry i forgot... if i have a highscore of 6400 already will insane mode already be unlocked or will i have to unlock expert and then on to insane?

  31. anonymous: Yeah, we're seriously considering cancelling the update and sending the new bigger episode 2 instead, this is taking way too long :(

    anonymous02: The new episode has a different difficulty curve so that's why it gets separate leaderboards. Your old score doesn't unlock the new achievements.

    It has some gameplay additions like the grenade and big flamefurries, also a shooting bug that made killing nearby furries harder is fixed. It's a quite gameplay different experience.

  32. i just got a doodle jump update and there is NO way that it was sent before episode 2. there is something wrong and you guys need to make a decision. you either resubmit episode 2 or submit episode 3 as soon as possible. its too bad you cant sue apple for losing sales.

  33. thanks for answering my questions timo. I was always wondering why i couldnt hit the firefurry that was right next to me.

  34. Reskin Model! Here are a couple pics of the reskin I did of the original Papercraft model. Click on each one for a bigger view. I am not the original author and take no credit for the model. It's a pretty rushed cut-and-paste reskin and I lost some quality as I had to use Juxtaposer on my iPhone for some of the overlays as it is the only program I have that allows free rotation and quick resizing of an overlayed picture but saves at a reduced image quality. I hope the original creator makes a new skin through Pepakura using the nice character pic that was given to us! Enjoy! -DarkDjango

  35. That reskin looks great! I wish I had the time to do one myself.

  36. i feel very accomplished with my 8000 points. I like being on a game leaderboard for once

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.


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