Thursday, August 27, 2009

John Gore caught hanging around the PSP

What, is Minigore coming to the PSP? John Gore has been seen running around recklessly and hibernating them poor furries over here.

Rumor has it there's going to be helluva lot more furries on screen and while the game is definitely Minigore, there is something distinctly different about it this time around...


  1. is it just me, or does john gore look like a zombie in that PSP Go! screenshot

    i think you should put minigore onto the PS3 now that you've been funded for the PSP Go!

  2. Could u get minigore on the xbox live marketplace? How could u play it on the psp if it only has 1 joystick?

  3. lol shooting is gonna be verrrry difficult me thinks. desperatley awaiting it for the live marketplace too :) from Cooper

  4. Oh, crap... OK, you wanted to port Minigore, but then, you chose the worst entertaining company ever ??? You're worth better than Sony. I mean, Minigore is an awesome iPhone exclusivity, and there are a bunch of consoles out there, at least choose a decent one. Plus, since Sony doesn't know how to build electronic devices, the PSP only has ONE analogic stick. How can you imagine playing Minigore like that ??? And the App Store is an awesome economic model, because you can sell one-buck games, that people cannot not afford, and therefore have no excuse not to buy those brilliant 99c games (Minigore, Pocket God, Flight Control, etc...). Can you imagine that on the PSP game market ?
    My advice is : forget it.

  5. Actually, Anonymous, I can imagine that. They're called PSP Minis. They're games designed to be downloaded to the system and sold at a low price.

    Anyway, this guy's an idiot/twelve/a twelve-year-old idiot I was excited to hear this last week in all the GamesCom coverage.

  6. (I'm the anonymous idiot (but not twelve) guy who posted before)

    I hadn't heard of this system, and it suddenly seems more interesting, although its originality is questionnable...

    But still, the PSP is a lame console in plenty of ways, just like the DSi (although the DSi has different and smaller issues), and I can't help but hating everything Sony does. Now your next guess might be I'm a frustrated guy with no money who just can't stand the fact that he can't afford putting his hands on anything from Sony. But this time you'd be wrong. My brother has a PS3 and it's such a pain in the **s for anything. It's big noisy, always hot like hell, doesn't work well, only has 16+ idiotic fighting/sports games, etc...

    Anyway, that isn't the debate.

  7. I love how minigore is a featured app in the app store but yet apple still hasn't approved the update.

  8. the new PSP looks gay y would u put it on the PSP anyways theres only 1 analog stick so and also its stupid that apple hasn't released the update for minigore

  9. Well, the facebook app update was submitted way after the Minirgore update, yet the facebook update has already been approved and is up in the app store. Something must be going on.

  10. i know... by the way the facebook update is AWESOME! but COME ON APPLE! You don't have the right to ruin the profit of a company like the minigore devs by treating them poorly! its PATHETIC

  11. hey mountain sheep why dont you do something about it instead of sitting there and taking all the bullshit? like seriously your at the mercy of apple, and not just the mercy theyre screwing up your game's popularity and the publics interest. So instead of being upset about the leash around your neck, turn around and bite. I suggest getting a hold of em and demanding an explaination. Immediately.

  12. no one cares about the psp!

  13. some people actually dont know much about sony and the ps3/psp do they?

    oh well, who cares. they can think whatever they want, they can be blind to thr truth if they want it doesnt really matter.

    and Manutaust, your brothers PS3 is broken, or he treates it badly. mine does none of those things and its actually easier to use than a 360. also, those idiotic games your talking about. most of them are on 360 too and pretty much every other main console.. so i dont know what ur on about

  14. People, don't just say things to make the ps3 sound bad. I have a xbox 360 and not a ps3 but I don't think it would do anything that manutaust said it dose unless it fell out of a tree. My cousin has one and it works fine.

  15. manutaust, if you didn't want to start that debate, you shouldn't have invited it with your vitriol. You can't troll the comments on a blog and not expect to be rebuffed. You showed your colors by saying that you can't help but to hate everything Sony does. Well, if you're not going to give the company a chance, then don't go spouting off on them. All you've accomplished is making an ass out of yourself. Nobody's impressed.

  16. manutaustur your a noob ps3 is a good console it got many exclusives like lbp and mgs4 and many of these idiotic games ur talking about arent exclusive and are on both the xbox and ps3

  17. This sucks fat monkey banana

  18. The thing with trolls, is there are always people to feed them. I'm sorry to those who're pissed for launching it, but does the fact of hating Sony unconditionally make me a "noob" or an "ass" as you said ? Maybe, even probably, but then I'm not the only idiot here anymore. And no, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm just having fun laughing at Sony because I just saw that article parallely to being upset by the update. Okay, those aren't reasons, they're excuses.

    Do whatever you want with them.

  19. Without taking part in the console wars myself (nothing wrong with a few standard-fare flames, so carry on), not having two sticks is something you simply need to design for on the PSP. It's going to be great to play - we wouldn't settle for anything less!

  20. so. many. fanboys. who cares what it's on as long as it plays well

  21. Manutaust, I hate you.

    Just thought i'd get that out of the way...

    Have you ever even played a PS2 / PS3 / PSP? In my eyes the PS3 is the best console (though not by much) and the PSP is the best handheld (and before you ask, yes, I have a 360 and NDS as well, and have played on the Wii)

    How can you hate a company for absolutely no reason? You're missing out...

  22. Manutaust i got an xbox360,psp,ps3,wii and i got no prob with them ur stupid u never played on the ps3 or psp and u call it dumb

  23. you guys fail this update is never coming out

  24. Oops. Turns out I have a PS3 and a PS2, purchased by my brother. That must really hurt if you're a fanboy, Shokz. You had verry good arguments for Sony's consoles, though. But I'm afraid I don't remind all of them, just "the PS3 is the best console" and "the PSP is the best handheld". Therefore could you just quote one from your comment, please ?

    BTW : how can you hate a person met on the internet for absolutely no reason ?

    Ah, I love so much provoking idiot fanboys on the internet, even though it makes me an idiot too. The cool thing about it is it can last forever since you keep on calling Sony crap.

  25. ^^ shut up. no one could care less about your pathetic life and how you waste it posting on a blog trying to provoke people

    back on topic, its a great deal for mountain sheep. they now have a much much bigger budget, and that means lots more potential into the minigore series and also hardgore!

  26. one stick possible and easy to play on but u fingers will hurt i think

  27. manutaust:Turns out I have a PS3 and a PS2, purchased by my brother im going to bury it cuz i hate it and cuz im a noob who hates my brother cuz he bought me a ps3

  28. You guys are just too funny ! Keep on insulting me, I at least don't get those IRL ...

  29. lol u hate the ps3 cuz u didnt have it wow u were jealous

  30. u are the most hated player on the internet

  31. manutaust:You guys are just too funny ! Keep on insulting me, I at least don't get those IRL cuz i avoid going outside so people cant tell me these stuff

  32. And you really think you're impressing me, and that I'm actually going to cry. Awesome. You're all Dwight Schrutes.

  33. manutaust: I'm actually going to cry. cuz im a noob

  34. Anonymous:I think I'm funny because I quote manutaust and add stuff to it (mainly "I'm a noob"), which does actually make me funny to manutaust, just not in the way I'd expect.

    Still having fun ? I do, Dwight.

  35. manutaust:make me funny to manutaust did i just say that wow im wierd

  36. did u buried ur ps3 why didnt u break it and burn it

  37. have you beaten ur bro cuz he bought u a ps3

  38. manutaust:yea i did that i even had to break my ipod/iphone cuz i think apple sux cuz they didnt get the update to appstore

  39. john gore:WHY cant u buy sony stuff xbox is a great console but u should like the ps3

  40. Wow . You indeed look very busy in your afternoon. Do you really think you can go all day long ? At least, you always left me satisfied and smiling.

  41. anyone else beginning to realize manutaust is in love with himself? because no one else does? i guess thats why hes gonna marry his xbox when hes old enough. its obvious hes 8years old

    whats that? next your gonna say "haha you made my day"
    yeh or nah?

  42. Still having fun, try again, super-mature-man !

  43. manutaust:You indeed look very busy in your afternoon ahhhh im talking to myself again

  44. manutaust:noooooooooooo dont get minigore on psp go the wurld will explode

  45. Welll, at least, you fullfilled YOUR day. Man, do you spend that much time on your computer ? It's bad for your eyes, you know. You don't wanna two severe medical issues, including a mental one, do you ?

    By the way, you were right : I'm four =).

  46. you do realize these are a lot of different people right?
    your a very unlikeable person

    go away please, no one wants you on this minigore blog and you taking away from the ontopic discussion

  47. On the other hand, calling yourself Anonymous is an easy way of posting a lot of comments to make them look like they're written by many people.

    Anyway, since someone finally asked politely, I guess I'm gonna stop now.

  48. Wow these are the lamest like 70 comments ever...... Anyway felt like throwing my opinion out there..... Just for fun.....
    If you want games, go for the 360 if you want hardware, go for the ps3, having both consoles I use my 360 alot more and really end up using he ps3 more as a cheap bluray player (now especially it's only $50 more than a standalone player) though there are some good exclusives like Resistance and to some misinformed commenter mgs4 is not an exclusive it will also be on the 360..... Also xbox live is arguably better, depending on how you use it..... If you want a cheaper less advanced online gaming platform go for psn.... If you want to have friends lists for all games cross invite people from differant games and have party chat etc. Go for the more xbox expensive xbox live.... Also since most people don't know this... The xbox has better graphics (go look it up, it has a more powerful gpu).... But the ps3 has a more powerful processor.....

    The psp can never be a true portable gaming system until it has two analog sticks..... (coming from a person who owns a psp and a ds) I think I can make this decision... I personally prefer the iPod touch to the ds and psp... Slimmer form factor, better looking, better music player, cheap games etc. Until the psp gets a second analog stick.... I won't even consider it when I can just use my one device.....

    Just my thoughts though think what you want.....
    Sorry about spelling and gramatical errors.... Wrote it on my iPod

  49. hey anmynous mgs4 is an exclusive u must had confused the game with mgs deadrising an xbox exclusive

  50. hey anomynous mgs4 is an exclusive u never touched ur ps3 and do some research before u say mgs4 isnt exclusive u sound like an idiot saying that without doing some research

  51. lol yea mgs4 is an exclusive and it mgs rising not dead rising

  52. wow... you guys are pretty vicious.

    But anyway, ive got nothing against sony, but it seems to me like they always find a way to screw their customers.

    Like how they alway come out with a new system and then make a slim version a year later. and how theres no remembersement system for UMDs from psp to pspGo (except for the UK), also, you cant use ur old memory stick duo in the GO... you have to buy a new one...

    But on the other side of things, the 360 (according to gameinformer) has the higher rate of failure of the two systems

    Does anyone else think its funny that the wii is not even a factor in these discussions?

    just my opinion

  53. This should be on PS3/PSP because it gives you the Fat Princess feeling like Cute looking people Killing thinks and blood everywhere

  54. Things not Thinks,
    Also seems like a Wii game.

  55. Sony bought Mountain Sheep and that completely destroys the chances of Minigore on Xbox

  56. If anyone was wondering what the controls would be, my guess is it would follow the same control scheme as the other arena shooters out there for the PSP.

  57. all u ppl who wont think it will work are totally brainless of course it will work on psp u dont need two anolougue sticks cus uv got the x, square, circle, and triangle buttons. age of zombies is a similar idea and uses the anolougue stick for movement and the x, square, circle, and triangle buttons for shooting and it works perfectly it is one of my favorite games. I cannot wait for it to be released on psp iv played the iphone version and its amazing :D does anyone kno when its released?

  58. some ppl dont understand... psp is not a cosole... its a handheld just like the dsi, theyr both good
    iphone is not a gaming system... it is a media player with the capabilities to play small games
    GAME-----------------MEDIA PLAYER
    DSi PSP Ipod
    dont make ignorant comments of what you dont know
    this game is great on psp
    (also X SQUARE CIRCLE TRIANGLE serves a the analog replacement)


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