Monday, August 10, 2009

Episode 2 submitted, episode tracker available

As some of you may have noticed from our Twitter, Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you was submitted last week. I'm hoping it is going to be available later this week!

We also added an episode tracker as a sticky post of sorts on top of this blog where we are posting what's going on with each episode. Voting and discussion takes place in the actual posts as usual!

Another thing people have been suggesting is we release new episodes more often than initially planned and that's exactly what we are starting to do right now. Instead of a huge co-op update, we already submitted the second episode as mentioned and we'll also release a third one before co-op goes live. It's going to bring you all kinds of flaming furries and an insane mode for those who feel expert is too easy! Probably some other stuff, too, so let me hear what you'd like to see next and I'll see if we can make it fit into the update!


  1. Sweet I cannot wait

  2. Yaaa can't wait for the update! This looks very promising and I hope lots of maps and game modes come out in the future! I love the idea of vehicles. Defending a bridge or room or castle or something like that would be cool. How many maps do you think you'll add? lots i hope :-)

    ****you need to explain future updates in the app descripion (or say that new updates will be coming) so that people who dont go to this site will not think that you only included 1 map*****

    last thing, PLEASE ADD WIFI MULTIPLAYER! I don't know anyone with this game or a 2g iPod. That would be incredible. INCREDIBLE!
    oh ya and do the pictures in the menu have to do with future updates and maps?? ive been studying them very closely and it looks like the story of John Gore or something...? and the main menu is a stage... whats that about??

  3. Andrem720: Thanks for the heads up - I saw it earlier, too! I actually went ahead and changed the description, sent it off to Chillingo who said to me later I had typed over the 4000 character limit. I re-sent it to them just a few minutes ago and the updated description which should be in the App Store real soon now!

    The menu pictures do indeed depict some of the events leading up to how John Gore ended up in Hardland. I can't give out too much yet as to why it is a stage, but let's just say somebody called the Master of Puppets plays a big part in the story...

    Re other maps - I particularly liked the idea of a map, mentioned in another batch of comments, where you have a stream coming across playfield and the small firefurries would be put out by the stream and things like that!

    Take a look at the episode tracker: wifi-multiplayer is coming up. :)

  4. is the wifi multiplayer gonna be lan only or will it be like world multiplayer where i can play with anyone whose playing at the same time kinda like the game Galcon's multiplayer. i think that would be sick and boost the game to the top 5.

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  6. I'm just dying to know what Furry Sense is!
    I'm just a little disappointed that you included OpenFeint since I haven't found a way to turn it off after trying it on PocketGod.
    Keep up with the updates!

  7. i also just wanted to point out that my high scores have been duplicated on the highscore. meaning that my 1st and 2nd high scores are exactly the same. i cant seem to duplicate it (it happened while at the end of a game, i double clicked the home button to pause my music, it then paused the game and i clicked resume to take me back to the high score ending) and it duplicated them. just letting you know. not a serious problem since i havnet gotten it to happen again.

  8. Muffinza192: It's LAN at first and perhaps worldwide in a later episode. You see, Minigore is best enjoyed when you are able to slap your friend around as they make a mistake. ;)

    Luís Artur: Furry Sense lets you in on the whereabouts of the furries all around the level. OpenFeint is not enabled by default in Minigore and you actually need to press the online button in the menu to activate OpenFeint.

  9. Andrem720: I believe this bug is fixed in Episode 2. It's a little hard to replicate but some people were actually able to make all of their scores identical!

  10. Is there going to be a new map in this update?

  11. awesome and thanks for responding so quickly. If anyone has ever been to the Fieldrunner website forum, you know that getting the attention of the developer is pretty difficult. Hopefully these updates will boost it back up the charts too. its falling so fast i hate it!

    (ill let you get back to your work though!)

  12. Kimmo: Furry Sense sounds AWESOME and I'm really glad to know that OpenFeint will not work by default. I hope that having logged in on PocketGod won't log me in on Minigore also.
    Thanks for replying ^^

  13. Hey guys

    I love the game minigore. It's the best game I have installed on my iPhone.

    I want to get more and More and MORE and MOOOOOORE enemies :P

    And maybe a bigger arsenal of weapons?

    Thanks Mountain sheep for this game.

  14. Yeah, the graphics are very nice, and the sound&music rocks to!!
    Nicest game so far, can't wait for the update!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Cheers from Holland

  15. Kimmo: Can you tell us some information or your thoughts on actual story mode, campaigning, missions, objectives (and I dont mean open feint achievements). I dont want you to give the story away just let us know if something like such is coming and what we could expect... cause that for me is the biggest ploy on "storybook" style game...

    Thanks for reading :-)

  16. is this based off the boxhead series at all

  17. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    rob: Missions and proper storytelling is coming at some stage, they just take more time because we don't want to rush it. Just as the survival shooting is high quality the missions also need to be high quality before we're ready to release them. There's been lots of great suggestions by fans which we are gonna implement in one way or another.

    The whole story is already written, we're just trying to find the right medium to tell it. Ingame cinematics is one option but it's quite expensive, another option we've been thinking about is 1 page comic that is released with each new episode.

    Story wise it's stuff you could find in Tim Burton films or very, very dark Disney films. The setting is not totally good vs evil though, John has his dark side and there's some redeeming qualities in the villains.

  18. anonymous: Boxhead is a separate game, it's not related to Minigore. I remember seeing somewhere that there's Boxhead game coming to iPhone.

  19. The Updates Seem Fantastic, i know things seem slow on our end due to developing so i won't bug, all i have to say is love the game, and can't wait for future updates!

    I've Come Up With Some Ideas for updates if your willing to hear them.

    - Unlockable, Playable Characters.
    (Like Achievements, say you kill a certain number of furries or keep up the combo when he turns in to the beast for an x amount of time, thus unlocking a new character.)

    - Maybe some explosive traps of some sort to lay on the field for the furries, like a secondary weapon or perhaps getting it via the crate.

    - I Noticed in the poster(fantastic game and poster art by the way) John Gore is along side a girl, maybe expand on that in the game play having not only does he protect himself but has to protect her as well, maybe do this when setting the game to a harder difficulty.

    - And last but not least, certainly everyone would like to know John Gores story, why he's there whats going on, etc.. Expand on the storyline, although games usually need a story to draw the player in more, this game already does that but I'm sure it would envelop and increase the experience if added.

    I know That the game is currently in development still as far as releases goes, but seeing as your development team is open up to suggestions i thought i would put my 99cents in haha by the way i see great potential in this.. still wondering why its so cheap for a game of such high quality.

    Thank you for the game and for the FREE updates as well, wish you great success. Can't Wait for Hard Gore to come out and well the updates for this game too! Thanks Again.

  20. Hey guys this minigore is a really awsome game. I'd like to make a suggestion or too.

    A story mode would be awsome I would also love to see peer to peer gaming useing 3.0 (optional for people who don't have 3.0) New maps and characters. And boss fights. Oh and differnt game modes like defend a bunker. Get back to me on what you think. Thanks again for such and awsome game.

  21. 20...

    *cries in a corner*

  22. Please add a bluetooth compatible coop-modus like in Flight Control, so that you can play it everywhere with your friends. That'd be really great, I mean REALLY GREAT!

  23. I'd love to see the graphics anti-aliased, they are very jaggedy right now. Perhaps a 3GS-only option?

  24. Sweet! can't wait for the updates. Oh, I loved the new appstore themed page! Looks cool.

  25. keep up the great work
    i love this games many people that this games doesnt have much replay abilty i disagree but if you added a storyline this would make the game awsome the only thing make the game from being better than rolando one or two.

    i hope you continue to devolp this game because it seems alot better concept than hardgore and i think more people will buy this it you put work into this and make many episode it could stay in the top 50s like pocket god did and i heard they made $18500 per day on their top selling day and thats just the peek you could sustain the sales if you make it like pocket god and if you run out of ideas there is always people with great ideas to expand the game on the internet

    to make it short you are doing a great job and i hope you keep doing it

  26. This is exactly what people want. Speedy updates to keep them entertained (:

  27. i just thought of this...
    the third episode is that gonna include a map because of the catch phrase "Think life's hard? Wait until Hardland." like is hardland a map?

    i have a suggestion:
    I really think u should include health crates that drop every 2000 or so cause that would make the game great because i sometimes get hit at like 300 and then have to restart cause i want my full health and it gets pretty frustrating sometimes.

    I love the game and the updates that are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Thanks for the best game on the app store mountain sheep! I am so glad that co op will be over wifi and Bluetooth as I own a 1G iPod touch. I do have a few questions though.
    1.In what episode is the snow level coming?
    2.Are we gonna get new weapons?(FLAMETHROWER!)
    3.Will there be anymore cross promotions beside pocket god?
    4.When will John Gore's daughter come in to play?
    5.Will Enviro-Bear be in single player?

    Thanks again mountain sheep! Can't wait till updates!


    Hey umm just wanted everyone to know I am making a L4D mod for this.
    -Jailbroken only sorry guys who only have regular iPod touches and iPhones but there is a hard way to get it on.

  30. Hey mountain sheep; my names Matthew and I just wanted to say I've been enjoying this game very much! It's brought great joy to me as other great games like Rolando, Mummys Revenge, Zombieville USA, Doodle Jump, Pocket God, etc. have. This games top notch!

    The upcoming updates are the best part. If you guts might have an email by which I could give you guys ideas (I'm full if em) I'd be honored.

    Best of luck I'll be following this blog very closely :D

    my emails

  31. this is a question to an one that knows I guess... will every update be free? it doesn't really matter to me if I have to pay a buck or somethings cause the updates coming up seem awesome but I'm just wondering... thanks in advance for the answer

  32. on the Internet I saw a picture of a giant worm thing or some thing in minigore is that a boss

  33. PLZ PLZ PLZ DNT BE LIKE POCKET GOD!!! WEEKLY UPDATES R PRETTY FAIL N DNT CHANGE THE ICON!!! KEEP THE HEABAND ONE AND GO ON WITH THE CO OP UPDATE WHICH WAS MEANT TO BE IN FRKN EP 2!!!! NOBODY LOVES WHAT HAPPENED TO POCKET GOD! I USED TO LOVE IT BUT AT SOME POINT THE UPDATES JUST MADE THE GAME WORSE, ID RATHER ONE QUALITY UPDATE THAN 50 DUMB ONES! UR SO GOING POCKET GODDY BUT PLZ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DNT ILL DO ANYTHING I WAS UR BIGGEST FAN BEFORE THIS GAHHHHHHH!!!!!! SO.. NO MORE ICON CHANGES (best cade scenario ppl love it even more but u might make ppl tht liked it hate it, hard to explain but basically u have more to lose by constant changes) AND QUALITY UPDATES THAT ARENT FOR THE SAKE OF UPDATING (dnt listen to the reviews tht say the games shallow! its the best atm! dnt sell out! go with ur original plan of quality updates n ppl will see how good it is an was meantto be, pocket gods just a fail sellout..) pocketgods killing minigore :'(

  34. ^^ what. are. you. talking. about...
    ALL of these planned updates sound very important and episode 4 (co-op) is going to be MASSIVE. keeping it in episodes is a very good way to keep update on games, pocket god only failed because they bought in one (useless) feature at a time. Minigore certainly isnt doing that, just look at the list at top, none of that stuff is useless

  35. and kimmo. just wondering, you dont plan on charging us for updates do you?

  36. well at least a constant icon, n id rather one big update at a time like they originally planned, at this rate lizzie n enviro bear and the frankenstein n wormwolf n snow n desert levels dnt look like theyll see the light of day.. i just had to get all thtout cos it screamed pocketgod.. i hate what its become.. frkn sellout.. but yes it all seems technically right but my spidey senses scream no, its becoming pocketgoddy.. big updates and a constant icon plz, btw congrats on being featured in australia

  37. Hey, first time posting.
    I just noticed that you can't hear the sound of the bullet shells hit the ground when you keep on firing, but you only hear it once after stopping. Is that a bug or is it supposed to be that way?

    Also, I think it would look a lot cooler if there were muzzle fire (3D model, alternating between at least 3 models) and flying bullet shells (just sprites). The muzzle fire shouldn't be too hard to implement, if your bullet creation point isn't too far from the actual tip of the gun (see below), but bullet shells are a bit trickier.

    Also, an annoying gameplay bug: since the point where bullets spawn isn't close enough to John, you can't shoot fire furries if they get too close. This is really awkward, as you're doomed if a fire furry gets too close, but don't die for another second or so as it hasn't touched you yet.

  38. I'd love to see some more environments, with maybe destructible trees, etc... and things to hide behind...

  39. ^^ ohhhh thats why i always die in some stupid way when im firing like crazy tryna get a furry thats right ON ME. pleeeeease fix this ASAP mountain sheep, its the most annoying thing ever in this game. its cost me countless lives

  40. ok, the episodes idea is great, much better than massive updates. this way, there's always something to look forward to, with big updates, people get tired of the game quickly while they're waiting. episodes is clearly better, for these reasons. the other updates are gonna come peope!!!!! relax!!!!

  41. more weapons would be good, like a flamethrower and a temporary turret.....

  42. I'll address some points raised in the comments (sorry, can't address everybody individually but I'm reading through everything!)

    First of all, let me clarify something regarding the episodic updates - we only changed pace at which new updates are coming out and by no means are we going to shovel crappy stuff out there. You will simply be able to play a new version more often. Also, don't worry - you are going to see Enviro-Bear and you are going to see Lizzy.

    It would have taken approximately the same time to get the one massive update out to you, and by that time all but the most dedicated of you would have lost interest. This is what we realized very early on and I see it as a situation where everybody wins! If you prefer a massive update, you can still do so simply by not choosing to update the game until we have co-op. :)

    Second of all, I'm not sure if everyone was aware but 95% of all the features we are implementing in Episodes 2 and 3 we picked up from this blog and elsewhere on the web. That's right! Both episodes are almost completely based on the feedback you guys gave us! You have already influenced the way this game is going immensely. With that said, we are letting you guys vote on stuff as promised. I think I already have a topic in mind...

    As for paid vs. free content: I assure you will get a plenty of features totally free as the large majority of the updates and episodes won't cost a thing, but I don't want to rule out a paid update later on. We will keep on working on the game for as long as there are people interested in it and that's how long we will push out free updates, too.

    Millhouse: The bullet shell sound is supposed to be that way. I agree on the muzzle thing and it's not actually a hard one to implement. We'll see if it makes it into an update soon. Thanks for pointing out the bug with bullet spawn point - I'll see if there is an easy way to fix that without making it look visually inferior.

  43. Wow, that was a fast answer. You know, as a developer, you rock! Let's just hope people know what they want and don't make you ruin your game

  44. thanks for the quick replying!
    i cant wait to vote on the next updates :D thats one of the best things about minigore, we get to choose what we want in it! and you guys actually listen to our ideas. most devs dont bother to check their forums or blogs

  45. If possible I think it would be great if all additional areas stay within the one map, for example, you can use the current green one and veer off to the snow area so as the game expands it remains one big map.

  46. I have a great idea. There are three rocks on the top left corner of the map. There u should put a cabin that if u go inside it starts a minigame. John stands in the middle of the cabin as waves of minifurries come through a window on each of the walls. You shoot them and see how long u can survive. And maybe once in a while u come out all healed up. Get back at me as soon as possible. My email is

  47. poIntin out what might be a glitch when you shoot outside the limits of the screen you can see blood splatter over and over again like your hitting furries and your not cause your score doesn't get higher at all. .. doesn't bother me just saying great game btw my favorite in the app store.

  48. o ya one more thing adding to the idea where some one spawns furries and the other one plays as John gore you would need the spawn time for the furries to be created to decrease over time so it could get harder for the player trying to defeat them

  49. The thing the anonymous who posted at 9:58 is talking about has been annoying me a bit, too. I know it's not blood splattet, but the grass animation that gets displayed when a bullet 'decays', but it does look a lot like an exploding furry.

    Nothing too urgent, but you might wanna change the animation a bit to look less like the other one, or take it our altogether.

  50. great game
    i just wanted to ask one thing about the co op
    when you add co op, will it be peer-to-peer or over wifi? cause peer-to-peer would be lame cause you need someone else with the game and i don't know anyone else with this game
    also, will you be able to play as the contest winner and the bear in single player?

  51. Hey guys,
    I LOVE this game but I really need to know some stuff.

    I read that John Gores daughter is coming. When??
    What are the plans for Ep. 5?
    Will we get a dark level like in the trailer?
    This is my biggest question! When are we getting more weapons??!!

    Oh and the guy above me (anonymous) the co op will be over Bluetooth and
    local wifi. Look at episode tracker.

    Please respond soon. Thanks!

  52. Hey guys, AWESOME game! Just wanted to bring a small bug to your attention devs. It's only happened a couple times but when I shoot a furry while it's outside the bounds of the map and it drops something I can't get to it. I don't know if you'd fix this by letting us go slightly farther out of the map or not letting our bullets go out that far (something that would make the game slightly more challenging). Anyway, hopefully you reply to this quickly and consider this for a future update. Oh, and has there been any more internal discussion on worldwide multiplayer like with SGN's F.A.S.T?

  53. The main things I'd like to see are...
    1. more maps (maybe 2 or 3 new ones)
    2. more weapons (flamethrower, turret, sniper rifle, assault rifle :P)
    3. more characters


  54. hi i love the game but i have a suggestion.

    in either episode 3 or 4 u HAVE to have new weapons to stay in the top 25, im not saying this because i want them (personally i like the 3 weapons)im saying because a large magarity of the bad reviews on the app store are from not having enough weapons (and maps).

    Please consider this
    thank you

  55. Oh btw did you guys make the tempo of John's machine gun match the tempo of Through the Fire and the Flames? Jk but seriously, that song is perfect for this game.

  56. it didn't submit my score to the leader boards :(

  57. Wait a second, what the hell would be the use of a sniper rifle in thise game? I get the turret, the flamethrower and assault rifle, but a sniper? I'm not entirely sure whether it's a good idea to add more weapons, as the game is fairly well-balanced the way it is... Also, the flamethrower doesn't make a lot of sense gameplay-wise, as you'd just create firefurries...

    Then, the automatic pistol John has now would be almost the same as an assault rifle, so there's no real use in it.

    My advice: if you're really gonna add more weapons, don't add weapons that put the logic or fun of the game in danger... But adding an automatic turret John can deploy that has limited ammo seems not to be too much of a dealbreaker...

  58. grenades with a button on the top left corner would be good, or atleast instead of grenades, make c4 that you drop and you press the same button to blow it up whenever you want (but only if the bomb is in range. the range is what you can see on the screen)
    and then make the furrys go flying when you blow it up! haha that would be sooo fun :D

  59. Just a random quick question, but what is this a screenshot of? Its mingore... just not lol. Thanks.

  60. Hey guys,first post,

    First I want to thank you guys for this game,it's totally mind blowing.I love to play Minigore in the evenings,just sit there an relax.

    Your guys are so epic.

    I think Millhouse is right,with the fact that a sniper rifle,wouldn't have any use in this game.and please don't implement to many weapons,they have to be well balanced,in order to keep the high quality of Minigore, otherwise it would ruin the game.Just keep your time,and think twice what you are gonna implement and what not.But actually I don't have to worry,You guys run a tight ship.

    Co-op is ganna be so great,I love it,the fact that I can play my all time favorite game with friend's,is so f**ing epic(sry for my rode language xD).

    I read in another post that somebody asked for a multiplayer type PvP mode.Are you gonna implement that ?
    Let's say for the 5. episode xD.(just kidding):P.It would be great to,but it would be a bigger update than the Co-op mode.When You have plans for one (I really really hope so ),than you have to add solid objects,like wooden boxes xD.But you can even think further,lets say you have solid object wouldn't it be great to add an map editor ,where you can create your own maps,and than upload them.

    enough words for now xD...

    ohh no wait...

    Minigore and Mountain Sheep...

    You ROooooooooCK !!!!!!

  61. its weird that minigore is a featured app (in australia anyway) and its in the top25 (7th in australia) yet it takes sooo long for updates to be approved whereas pocket god which is losing to minigore gets updates approved in 3-4 days

    they really gotta pick up their slack, especially with great games such as minigore

  62. Personally, guys, I'd rather see better gameplay before a story line. Honestly, getting new maps and weapons is about 100 times more important than figuring out why John Gore is there. Oh well, though, I'm definitely overruled in that regard, at least in this blog. My other concern is new maps. I wouldn't see the point in getting new ones unless they seriously changed our tactical options (like having a river that either kills Furries or extinguishes the flames on flaming Furries). I would love to see a snowy level but only if it changed the way I play the game. Oh, and btw, you guys rock! Thanks for being so involved with your fans!

  63. ^^^^^^
    this guys right
    new maps and weapons would be great

  64. I would also prefer a new map most. People will lose intrest without getting a new map quite soon. Also why does it take so long to get an update does it really take other apps this long?

  65. It probably takes so long because they are to busy playing the game.

  66. its weird that minigore is a featured app (in australia anyway) and its in the top25 (7th in australia) yet it takes sooo long for updates to be approved whereas pocket god which is losing to minigore gets updates approved in 3-4 days

    It dosent take pocketgod 3-4 days. the average time for apple to approve is 8 days. this is .mostly why pocket god gets bad reviews. anyway,
    i like the auto turrent idea, and a rocket/gernade launcher would be cool.

    Afer online multiplayer, a online deathmatch would be so cool. (like someone suggested)


  67. and to get more people on your web site, a in game link to here would be good


  68. Hey everyone, just sharing my thoughts (again; wow, I'm really becoming obsessed with this). One thing I'd like to see is a better way of selecting music from your iTunes library. No offense, but it's really annoying to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of your songs to find the one you want (I don't know how much control over this the API gives you). Also, having the action pick up faster would be nice. I don't know if you're planning on adding that in Episode 3 but, still, it would be nice to have the option for expert mode.

  69. Glad to see the episode tracker! That's a sweet feature on the blog.

    I'm also incredibly glad to see "new OpenFeint" in the Episode 2 description, implying updates to OpenFeint (or perhaps just the implementation of OpenFeint in Minigore). Reason being, whenever I try to access most things in OpenFeint, it crashes.
    The system works fine for me in Pocket God, as well as a few other games, but in Minigore, the game ends up crashing every time I try to use the OpenFeint system.

  70. The Main feature I'd like to see is more maps. more weapons would be nice though, If you pick them before the round starts. more maps though

  71. I'd like a mode where u can have waves of monsters come. If anyone agrees with me, post a comment requesting waves.

    Ps. The thing someone said about the C4 is a good idea

    PSS. The PvP would be beast

  72. Oh yeah, another good thing would be being able to switch weapons. I would think this would be an easy feature to incorporate in the next update and it makes sense because there are definitely situations where you need to save shotgun ammo and just use the machine pistol.

  73. I agree with @Icheezy.
    A waves mode would be awesome!

  74. I can't wait anymore :[

  75. Cyberguy has a point about swivhing wepons.

  76. Omg i just thought of a great but really silly idea
    how bout a WATERGUN
    it hurts furries and it puts out firefurries :D

  77. Also a map that has interactive things
    (otherwise each map that u would play on would be the same just different skin)
    the interactive things would need a certain amount of score but it wouldnt take away points or anything
    some ideas
    for SNOW lvl
    • for snow u could cause an avalanche :D
    • puddles of water that would make firefurries to light out
    • blizzard to come through and slow down furries
    • activate guns on the downed helicopter

  78. Wow, I really hope Kimmo comes through here sometime soon and sees all these awesome ideas. I'm loving how influential the community is in deciding what goes into the game. Hopefully Mountain Sheep will eventually get a forum up and running so we can really discuss this game in-depth!

  79. GREAT game i absolutely <3 it (: (: (:

  80. A Watergun would be epic!

    Seriously though I been checking the app stor for the past 3 days about every five minutes to see if the update is out. It is driving me insane.

  81. Hey Guys,
    I posted earlier and my questions weren't answered so now I'll give you guys some suggestions.
    1.A radio which calls in a helicopter.Then John jumps in and you can then shoot then from an aerial view in first person.
    2.A mode similar to Nazi zombie where you barricade windows and constantly shoot furries.(If you do this make it co op and first person)
    3.A flamethrower that kills regular furries but makes fire furries faster and stronger.
    4.You guys have to put snow in the game in Ep.3 or else it'll drop again.
    5.Last but not least you need a tank in co op. One person drives and shoots rockets and one stands on top and shoots.

    Please consider guys and answer my questions. Thanks for the great games!

    P.S. In hardgore do u still control John and shoot while your towers are built. Really been wondering.

  82. Those are cool ideas but I don't think they'll put them in. It would just take way too long; I mean, we're still waiting for co-op and that's using the same basic gameplay and engine. They'd have to completely change the game to get first-person view. Personally, I'm happy with the basic gameplay the way it is; they just need to add more features.

  83. Towers? what do you mean towers. Also what is the difference between Hardgore and Minigore

  84. @Anonymous
    Hardgore will be a tower defense game.

  85. Hardgore is going to be a tower defense game. That's really all we know about it (besides the fact that it will involve John Gore and a snowy theme).

  86. Hey mountain sheep this game rocks! :D

    one thing that i would love to see is the abillity to switch between weapons. Early on in the game i dont always want to use my shotgun right away.

    Also maybe a way where u can gain health... maybe not always have a weapon in those boxes... maybe health

    last it would also be cool if u could hold off as turning into the beast after collecting the clovers... maybe touch the clovers at the top left of the screen.

    Like everyone else i would love to see more weapons, enemies and maps! Other than that this gane is awesome!!!!

  87. Yes I would love to switch weapons and become a monster on command after collecting 3 clovers!

    Love the game

  88. Cyberguy:
    I'm just sayin first person for the helicopter and maybe the zombie thing not in regular gameplay. I don't think my helicopter idea would work in third person. I agree that the basic gameplay is great. I'm just saying that they're needs to be a little more gameplay then just shootin furries.
    Anonymous: Hardgore is a tower defense game in the world of minigore. Looks great! Go to for more info on that.
    I agree 100% with you. So many times when I'm at 6000 I will accidentally walk into a clover. Please in Ep.3 make it so u tap clovers at top to access the beast.

    Thanks again mountain sheep!

  89. I LOVE the Nazi Zombi idea! defending a house from furries would be tight!

    Oh and i totally agree with (whoever it was), you guys really need to add a new map in episode 3 to avoid sinking even further in the app store. you guys are looking solid at around 17 right now, but im so worried it will drop! New buyers will see the multi maps and know that new content is being delivered

    (speaking of new content, the app description still doesnt mention that frequent updates will be made. YOU NEED TO MENTION THAT! It's kind of a big deal)

  90. Llama:
    I understand what you mean. I still think it would take them way too long to make a first-person part of the game and it might not be worth it to spend all that extra time on a small part of the game. Hopefully mountain sheep will prove me wrong but I just don't see it happenning in the near future. Great ideas though, guys, let's hope this stuff is seriously considered! (as I'm sure it will be)

  91. Thanks Andrem!

    I would really love a Nazi zombie mode even if it's in 3rd person. It would ass so much to the game. Please consider it Kimmo!

  92. Wait, first person mode? Nazi zombie mode? Helicopter? That game your talking about isn't Minigore anymore! Guys, don't ruin the game, please.

    Personally, I'd do away with 3 maps, one being the forest map, one being the beta ice map, and maybe onee in a mansion in a big hall. Don't add too many weapons, game modes, maps, and stupid minigames. The simplicity of the gameplay is a part of the charm of the game, remember that...

  93. Nazi zombies?!? That's cod5 people, get a life. And are you jokeing? First person mode? Make your own crappy game and get a life.

  94. i vote for keeping one icon..

  95. A bad guy that shoots out a poisen ball would be cool. Like a gun. But I think there should be multible icons because people who don't have minigore will see that you updating it quickly, and they might buy it. Well, I read that's why pocket god dose that.
    Remember, if you think anyone has a good idea, support it, and it can be in the next update.
    Here's some user's ideas that I like.

    1: the C 4 idea.

    2: PvP

    3: rocket launcher

    4: switch wepons

    5: more maps with solid objects.

  96. K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid

    -Abide by it. Do it. It will be amazing.

  97. i was just reading appstore reviews and u REALLY have to include there will be frequent updates because people are saying its reatrded that there only 2 weps and there saying that ur never gonna update untill out of the top 50.

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ stop these lies and update the app store description!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. first person mode? Nazi zombie mode? Helicopter?

    -This is why other dev's don't listen to the public, because they end up RUINING THE GAME

  99. You guys should get a forum up and running it would make discussions mzuch easier.

  100. Couldn't you add a simple story mode and then the maps used in each level are unlocked for free play where you try and get the highest score. Even if the levels are just to protect the girl or kill the boss whilst lots of other furies try and protect him. And add some variety to the maps with some special weapons, mechanisms or enemies so you need to use different tactics and have high scores for each individual map. That would make me very happy :)

  101. "First Person mode/ Nazi Zombie / Helicopter?"

    Thats Ridiculous. Keep the Game simple on how it is. Adding maps, Characters,Enemys(bosses), Weapons + Story. is What will make the game #1 on appstore. Anything else should be brought up into a PS3 or XBLA version of the game.

    I Also agree on Keeping one icon. :)

  102. there should be a poison furrie hat runs as fast as a fire furry but when it hits you it doesn't hurt you but it slows you down so that even regular furries can outrun you for a period of time

  103. u ppl need to shut up i think that nazi zombie idea is great but in third person not in first dont get aall mad at pplz opinion (cheese f@gg) u need to shut the hell up

  104. Ok guys, lets calm down a little bit. Nazi zombies is actually a pretty cool idea, it's just that it would probably take them twice as long to do that as it'll take them to make Episode 4. Honestly, adding a little mini game like that could only make the game better; it would just be too hard to implement. So far I'd say all of these ideas are worth considering and won't end up ruining the game.

  105. ok let me get this straight. zombies are not in mini gore. it dosent follow the story. and nazi zombies are just a rip off call of duty 5. get a life people.

  106. The Nazi Zombie stlye is not bad, but thats already is what Minigore is. Creatures rushing people. The best thing for NOW!! is to add:

    -Ability to switch weapons
    -Ability to turn on beast modeby pressing the clovers

  107. The only think I meant by Nazi Zombies was a mode like it. Obviously, that wouldn't make sense in Minigore but a similar style game would be fun. As I said, though, it won't happen probably.

    P.S. Is anyone able to set up a forum for this? It would be very nice to discuss this there.

  108. I'm overwhelmed by all the comments! Read through them all - really cool ideas. I'll answer in more depth a bit later and I'll have a chat with the rest of Mountain Sheep about setting up an official forum for Minigore. Stay tuned!

  109. Sweet, thanks for considering our feedback! Oh yeah, I noticed a small bug: when I put my 2g iTouch on power save mode (clicking the power button once) while the music is playing the music fades out. When I unlock it the music doesn't start playing again until I turn the music off then on again and sometimes it doesn't start playing again at all.

  110. I was scrolling down to see your older posts, and you said in the update there will be a mushroom that does something. are you still gana use it?

  111. Icheezy calm down man I was just suggesting it ok! It's amazing how much people care about this game. I want the gameplay to be simple and I wasn't saying they are zombies icheezy. I'm sayin there should be a seperate mode similiar to Nazi zombies. So next time calm down before you comment!

    P.S. I have been checkin the app store every 5 min for the update but it's not there. What day did you guys submit it exactly?

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. guys stfu and stop fighting this site is meant to vote and discuss ideas as a Community don't be bashing others ideas your not the developer or creator or whatever so you don't get the final decision of what goes into the game any way. it's up to mountain sheep

  114. ok guys the whole nazi zombie mode is alright...
    (i personally like the idea)
    but i think we can come up with an easier to do and a more unique idea than that
    i for one would like to see the game expand in places like weapons, maps, and enemies before we can start thinking of big ideas
    stuff like interactive maps, other game modes, and a storyline
    4 right now u guys reading this should come up with small ideas (he did say something SMALL that they can implement in the game within the next update)
    * WATERGUN i really dont think itll be too hard to implement that...
    though I do say its a ridiculous idea i made up
    * C4 (again, I dont think itll be too hard)
    * the poison furry doesnt sound too bad i like it =)
    * touch to activate clovers sounds awesome

    come on guys we need to think of unique and simple ideas that havent been done before, which is what this game is built upon and what makes it insaneley fun.
    i mean russian nesting dolls with a vengence...
    brilliant idea that hasn't been done before
    (or ive just never seen it done)
    Halo's flood i dont really count lol they werent that deadly

    plz take consideration of what i put on here and THINK what is SIMPLE and EASY to implement in the game RIGHT NOW.
    there will be a time when we can suggest big things
    and if u think im wrong plz tell me otherwise (but in a respectful manner plz)

    P.S. i dont think being called retarded is respectful u could have simply said u REALLY didnt like the idea and provide proof of why
    afterall hewas just throwin ideas out there

    P.S.S. srry bout long post Mountain Sheep lol

  115. Dom (anonymous before)August 13, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    in addition to my poison furry idea there should be something to make gore move as fast as if he got hit by a furry to get out of tight situations and get some breathing room. say a red or blue clover? I agree with the guy above me

  116. I'm not a cod nerd either andrem I played it at my friends house thought it was fun. When I was playin minigore thought maybe it would be a fun mode (not minigame). I was talkin to cheezy not u andrem. CAN WE STOP FIGHTING NOW!

  117. Wow I love the different colored clovers idea! The main thing is being able to save these powers so we can use them whenever we feel we need them (by touching the clovers). The other side of the coin is that the enemies also need to get harder. We can't have all this awesome stuff because at a certain point we'd just be able to go forever. The poison furries are a good idea. The thing i'd like to see is maybe improving the Furry AI so they hide in bushes instead of constantly running right at you. Of course, the graphics would have to be changed so you could sort of see them hiding, but you'd have to really look and be aware.

  118. o ya I like ricks idea of the water gun too it could putting out fire furries would be useful and it could push them back too

  119. i really cool thing for co-op online would to have more then just two people fighting, it would cool if there was like 4 or 5 people together!!

  120. Keep it simple. Zombies and furries don't mix well. Awesome game so far!

  121. i dnt think the public needs to be shown so explicitly that its being updated, besides theyre already being shown with the 1st update, after that just keep the icon PLZ! i not only vote to keep it simple, but also to do WHAT U WERE ORIGINALLY GOING TO and then consider fan ideas.. cos tht sounds alot better than waterguns..

  122. pocketgods gay!! if anything they should be trying to NOT be like pocketgod.. the constant updates were good at first but in the end it just made the whole thing cluttered and not fun anymore.. icon changes and features added for the sake of adding features is nothing but gimmicky.. follow ur heart, as corny as that sounds, and do what u wanted to do originally! stop paying attention to these people and the 'o theres no features' bs.. u have a top ten app with a 4 n a half star rating based on like 1000 reviews thats on the featured list.. ppl will realise with time if they havent already that u are updating, sites like headline stuff like tht all the time..

  123. btw it always takes two attempts (it says ur comment could not be processed) before i can submit a comment.. anyone else having the same problem?

  124. well tht was ironic.. it took one attempt to post that ^

  125. All right, I personally think the poison furry that slows you down is a great idea, as well as the power-up that speeds you up.

    However, I don't think the thing with being able to willingly activate the beast is a good idea. It kinda makes it too easy to score huge combos, also, while being able to switch weapons is something I caught myself wishing, too, it would have to be tested to see if it is for the better...

    Then, I think the heli idea isn't something you might wanna add. It's too mighty of a powerup and it destroys the flow of the game...

    Which brings me to my next point: the nazi zombie thing.
    Of course, there wouldn't be any nazis or zombies involved, but furries, but still...
    Having a minigame cabin in a map completely destroys the feel of the game. What you could do, however, is make a co-op mode in a mansion where you can build barricades to prevent the furries from storming the room. Voilà, you got nazi zombies without nazi zombies. Now that I think about it, that would actually be pretty neat.

    Oh yeah, the water gun. Please don't tell me you're serious? The automatic pistol john has now would be more effective than any water gun I can think of, so it'd be pointless. Also, I don't think players would choose a watergun against a rifle when confronted with a huge firefurry


  127. Srry for being so mean. I guess I was gust angry and was looking for someware to vent it all out. I thought you wanted to fight Nazi zombies. Anyway, I don't think they should add the water pistle until they make some more wepons, like a rocker launcher. If there gana add a new map it should have walls and stuff. I still like the C4 idea someone said. And if you want more people one your web site, in the menu make a link to here. Or an in-game news letter. Whatever, that might not work, but did you put your web site name in the app decripion.

  128. One word: CHAINSAW!!!!

  129. One word: HURRYupAPPLE!!!!

  130. ur original ideas s word all over these

  131. Couldn't you add a fog level where you can only see enemies when they are closer to you but fire ones should light up an area of fog so that you know roughly where they are, as not to make it too hard. And i still think you should release like a level of the story mode to an update, obviously later on when you've got the fundamentals of the gameplay sorted, and once you have completed it you unlock the map for the free play mode where you try and get the highest score.

  132. o ya when I heard about the water gun the gun he already had slipped my mind

  133. I completely agree that right now they need to stick with getting the game basics down and adding maps/weapons to draw people in (and make me happy). Its funny, last night for some reason i was thinking about a chainsaw too! I don't know if it would be a good fit for this game (if it would be too difficult), but its something to consider. Lets just shove the Nazi Zombie IDEA in the bad idea folder for now.

    I cant stop chekcking for the new update! I was wondering what the furry sense will look like once there are furries coming at every angle... hmm if it will get annoying...? i doubt it will

  134. I think it would be pretty cool if after a certain amount of kills you could activate some sort of adrenaline boost bonus. It would work by slowing time for a little while to help during those times where you are completely surrounded. You could even make him John Gore yell in slow-mo (which I think would add to the humor in the game) and hear every bullet fire. Great app though and I hope to see some good updates in the future!

  135. Wow, that fog level might be the best map idea yet. I really like how it adds to the challenge without making it impossible for the player to defend himself.

  136. Hi i think you should add more guns a fort or something more maps a story line and levels (have levels and points so theres 2 ways of how well youve done as i think its better when talking o someone to say i got to level 33 instead of i got 3000 points) Thanks just a few thoughts obviously you cant do all of them! :)

  137. I love the poison furry and speed clover idea'

  138. The fog level would be really cool. At like 5000 points fog start rolling in on any map. With like every 1000 points the fog gets harder to see through.

  139. i think that the radar and the third live should be optional...
    i mean, it's kind of for puss thoses things.

  140. Ahhhh!!! I can't wait anylonger! This game is awesome and I can't wait for episode 2!I'm checking the app store as I type this.

  141. Yesss great description on the appstore! Minigore just moved up again from 7th to 6th and i believe its because of that! Great work guys

  142. How about a weapon that turns furries onto your side for a short time and they attack other furries? Turn them into other things, do crazy things?

    I could see alot of options/inspiration from the weapons in the Ratchet and Clank series on PS for weapons.

  143. stFu about ur own ideas and let them get theirs out first, especially seeing as urs get pwn4g3d by theirs.. theyre not only professionals but also 10 times more creative than any of u! out of all the ideas put forward to them so far none even compare to what they had planned... and now u might be wasting time having them implement ur ideas before they can actually get on with the game! plz do all the ppl tht play this game but not talk on forums a favour and SHUT UP until the games 'finished', then maybe the devs can add some bonuses and that (ie ur ideas)

  144. Thanks for the great description that you have updated

  145. Actually the makers of minigore have said that they got a lot of their ideas from these post: "Second of all, I'm not sure if everyone was aware but 95% of all the features we are implementing in Episodes 2 and 3 we picked up from this blog and elsewhere on the web. That's right! Both episodes are almost completely based on the feedback you guys gave us!" written by Kimmo further up on the page.

  146. and both those episodes pale in comparison to mulitplayer and new maps and characters, although ill admit it needs a save feature..

  147. They hardly seem like creative ideas. Anybody would have suggested those. The developers want us to summit our ideas and it can only improve the game.

  148. SO WHEN IS THE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. theyre not my ideas, theyre the devs, and id much rather those than poison furries and water guns, im saying we should let them finish their ideas before making them develop ours, cos all its doing is delaying the bigger, better, more important updates like bosses, maps and co-op!

  150. @Anon who said "stfu about your own ideas". I seriously doubt the developers have any problem prioritizing what they work on, and don't need posters like you to remind everyone else. They have asked for suggestions in the past, and history shows game players will ask for enhancements. I also seriously doubt anyone here expects them to drop what they are doing and develop specific ideas.

    So get off your high horse and take your own advice and STFU

  151. I agree with the guy above me. just leave the site if your gonna complain

  152. This is such an amazingly addictive game! Daily, I check itunes for the new update, but to no avail! Um....will there be a John Gore action figure? 'cause I would soooo buy one!

  153. I have an idea for a map:
    That map would be like a village, with buildings and shops and stuff. Villagers walking round, getting eaten (you wouldn't have to protect them). You could go in the buildings, the smaller furrys would just go through the windows and doors. And maybe get on a Morobike and shoot at the furry things, and run them over.

  154. How about make a map creator/ gun creator!

  155. @Anon-6:26


  156. FOR coop you need to make health that you can pickup i dont want to die and have my friends go on 4 5 hours

  157. OH i forgot to mention weapons see my touch arcade thread just saying this game NEEDS A FLAMETHROWER

  158. I'm startin to think they didn't actually submit it a week ago.this is taking too long.

  159. when does update comes ????

  160. please i want it now

  161. aww man i guess ppl dont like the idea of a watergun
    but come on it doesnt necesirraly have to look like a watergun
    it could just be the good old shotgun with blue bullets
    oh and to those that say we already have guns better than the watergun think about it

    would you rather have to shoot the big furies with machinegun and then have to worry about smaller firefurries that catch up to you or...
    have a gun that can push them back a great deal and extinguish firefurries giving you time to get out of a tight spot
    i still think its a good idea but eventually it comes down to the dev and if ppl reading this want it or not
    and if you still oppose me thats fine too you are entitled to your opinion :D
    Oh and plz guys INTERACTIVE MAPS PLZ!!!
    like ive said b4 it'd be the same map just different skin if there is no interactivity

  162. it should be fun and very gore with a flamethrower

  163. What happened with the update!!!

  164. man! stupid apple. they are just toying with us. waiting tilll the last second to release it

  165. Thanks for that wonderful game. I'd like to know how many time does APPLE takes for releasing an app when submitted ? I mean, it's almost 10 days...

  166. It would be kinda cool to just have one big map with grass and snow in it. I have a feeling the loading times might become prohibitive, though.

    Unfortunately minigames is something we don't have the time to explore at this point. I want to focus on making Minigore really good at what it does and also show you guys you can make a great game that feels complete even if you are updating frequently.

    About the "grass spatter" - thanks for the feedback. It's straightforward to remove stuff and this one we actually might do better without!

    Gore's daughter is coming somewhere down the line, we actually haven't decided yet. Likewise for Episode 5 - haven't decided. A dark level is being considered. You are getting a new weapon in Episode 3!

    I've been meaning to fix that bug. Looking forward to squashing it once and for all. Worldwide multiplayer requires quite a bit of time to develop. We are still looking for a way to cut some corners WRT setting up servers and all that, but currently it is still only being considered.

    As far as I remember, Through the Fire and Flames is a really, really uptempo song. I guess John's gun is too!

    It's supposed to submit all scores, but I'll look into it.

    We'll try to add weapons in the game that don't feel redundant.

    The image from IGN is Minigore's level with cossacks. It is not completed yet.

    We'll see about PvP after finishing co-op. User-created maps would be cool! All levels are currently hand-made without a level-editor, though, so there's a pretty big gap to go from here to there.

    I'm wondering about the update approval times as well...

    I totally agree with you, Cyberguy, I think new levels would be at their absolute best if they actually brought something new into play. We don't have much control over how you pick songs from the song library unless we want to write our own frontend (an effort which is best left for gameplay features). I guarantee the action is going to pick up fast enough on insane in Episode 3! :D

    I'll comment on the rest on another day. Keep the conversation going!

  167. Awww i guess the watergun idea is redundant
    watev now thats gonna make me think harder about a useful gun

  168. I was just thinking, what if there was a gun that shot through a big cluster of furries. It wouldnt have to have many bullets because of the massive damage.

    Im still having loads of fun with this game, but still waiting for the update....

  169. this is stupid how were waiting this long for an update to be accepted, ive had enough talking about it i wanna play it

  170. this game is great! I really hope the finish with the approval soon... its been 15 days, if I were on a hunger strike waiting for the update, and only drinking water, I would be dead by now.
    what I really want is some back story, you could do it the same way as pocket god, I just am curious because a lot of the aspects of the game seem like pure [awesome] randomness.
    why 4 leaf clovers?
    why does he turn into that monster?
    why is he in the forest?
    why are the furries there?
    WHAT are the furries?
    why can't john escape the forest alive?

    with john's daughter, it would be really neat to do an escort/survival mode, in which you not only have to stay alive but to keep your child alive as long as you can. and if furries kill his daughter you could have john fall to his knees and cry as the furries engulf him!

    anyway great game, I hope apple approves it soon, with such a popular app they could get in trouble with this, just like Google voice and such.

  171. Wow, Kimmo thought my level editor idea was good! :0

  172. Is the night level going to be a bit like the fog one where you can't see as much or is it purely aesthetic? And will it include some new creepy music to go with it?

  173. wellll im gonna sayyy

    4leaf clovers because those are irish and john gore is irish

    he turns into that monster because it is a bull, and bulls gore. hence johns last name. john gore

    in the forest. idk, we will find out in the storys im guessing

    dunno what the furries are, i guess the master of puppets made them. we will find out in story mode :)

    he cant escape the forest because where would be the fun in just running when you can kill?

    so yea. hope that helps


  174. where THE FUCK IS THE UPDATE APPLE!!!!!!!!

  175. Apple to be honest is pretty disappointing we've been patient long enough, too bad for such intelligent people they lack consistent efficiency

  176. Hey Apple ! What are U doing ? Do U want to kill Minigore ?

  177. Where is the gore in minigore. Like the rivers of blood in the concept art?

  178. This is insane...
    The update was submitted by chillingo on the 6th and hasn't arrived yet? 14 days for an update?
    I can almost understand why it would take that long for a game but this update could be reviewed and shown to have no objectionable content within minutes.
    Apple has done it again...

  179. Cmon apple... wheres the update? where is it? where is it????? ive been waiting for a week now!!!!

  180. its one thing for them to be swomped with updates or something... but pocket god has had their update submitted, then to find out there is a bug, fixed it, and today the update comes out! WTF! pocket god gets to update within a day???? Im getting really tired of waiting and seeing minigore go down in the top 100

  181. Yep, Apple killed Minigore, sorry

  182. yeah im done with minigore i thought it would be great game to recommend to people, well they lost my vote

  183. ^^ dont blame minigore. its apples fault the game hasnt become what it could of by now. it WILL be a great game once again as soon as apple hurry the f*** up and approve the updates!

  184. Minigore devellopers should submit Episode 3 now ^^

  185. I think chusky has a point. If it's gunna take apple as long to approve episode 3 maybe it should be submited soon. However good things come to those who wait.

  186. apple you suck you want this app to make money and popularity? get off your fuckin asses and update this thing

  187. I love minigore i check everyday for the update like 3 times and i am getting annoyed with apple. I read a blog saying that an app that takes over a week to get updated most likely will get turned down. I sure hope this isnt true

  188. @Kimmo : Can U tell us what's happening with this update ?

  189. Hi, I'm I'm the guy who said about the map creator. I'm gonna post something that doesn't complain at apple. When I was on the leader boards, and I tapped the load 10 more about 2 or 3 times. An on the last time it wouldn't load the 10 more and crashed, the next time I done it it happened it happens again. So I hope you can fix this in your next update, athough I've not seen anyone else say about it. :-)

  190. What u need to do is tell apple via phone that the update is in the system and has for several weeks and. That both of you are losing money on it

  191. Minigore Episode 2 : Tousands AppStore update
    Minigore Episode 3 : Think that waiting for Episode 2 is hard? Wait until Episode 3...

  192. Come on!!! If episodes take this long submit them sooner. I am super bored of this game already. Ridiculous!!!!

  193. To add from post yesterday I found another crash while I was trying to connect miniore with facebook. Hope you can fix this in the next update too.:-)

  194. I want the update :(

  195. This update is taking forever to be accepted by Apple. What's taking so long?
    And I've noticed Minigore is losing momentum in the Top 25 Paid For apps of the App Store.
    Can't they recognise the fact that you're possibly losing money because of this?
    I mean, everyone checks the Top end of the Top 25, not the middle or bottom end.

    It makes sense ;'/
    Stupid Apple twonks -___-
    But I guess this means Minigore joins the 4% of Apps which aren't accepted within 2 weeks eh?

  196. I've been checking for update everyday!!! Apple sucks! Or is there a rejection due to bug? What's the status?

  197. im getting bored with waiting already apple is overrated they suck


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Episode 5

Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
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Penguin Mob squad.
3 New Encyclopedia pages.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

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Episode 3 (update 5): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.28) HD-certified, completely redone graphics. Weapon recoil effects for all characters. Performance options. Kill restoration against OpenFeint achievements.

Episode 3 (update 4): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.27) Predator Furry. Zombie Gore. Easter Bunny. Bullet shells. Improved controls. Larger play area. Prettier shadows. Level selection. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.