Monday, July 20, 2009

New Minigore gameplay!

The clip is from the Minigore launch version. Coming up in the first update: two-player co-op over bluetooth, a radar system to show where the furries are, the mysterious mushroom and more! Can you guess what the mushroom does?


  1. Is it released???????????

  2. hi guys, i love this game and i'd like to write a preview on my italian iPhone blog

    is it possible to talk with you?

  3. I hope it comes out real soon, I can't wait!!

  4. Yeah, does this mean you have submitted it for approval?

  5. @Benji

    It's already submitted 9 days ago, so were still waiting...

  6. iSpazio: Send me an e-mail through and I'll see what I can do.

  7. @ Kimmo

    Thank you very much
    Email sent

  8. Over bluetooth? So 1g users get the middle finger huh? That sucks.

  9. its not their fault apple made a phone without bluetooth

  10. This looks awesome - definitely a day 1 purchase for me - keep up the good work.

  11. When is this game going to be available for us? Damn Apple approval and their long damn approval time. I curse them for making us wait. They are the evil furries!

  12. Im guessing the mystery mushroom is a power up that either makes you indestructible for a short time for slows time for the furries for a short time!?

  13. Mystery mushroom could be a hallucinogen as well - furries are getting strange colors and there are far more than you hope for but some of them are not real. Or controls get reversed...

  14. Hi! First of all, I'm really impressed with your game and I've been waiting for it on the AppStore! Looking at the new gameplay video, I just have one suggestion--when John Gore turns into the Beast, the furries should be running away from him instead of attacking him continuously.

    At any rate, you have a huge fan here and I will recommend Minigore to all my friends when it comes out! :)

  15. No-one would pick up the mushroom if they had only countereffects. It should be like..

    2 positive effects and 2 negative effects, so that people are willing to take the risk of picking it up.

    As someone already said, a countereffect could be that your controls will be reversed.
    Then on the other hand, a positive effect could you you'd get an elite weapon blasting everything away for 'x' seconds.

    Just speculating here, but hey! n_n

  16. another good effect could be an instant wild boar without taking away any of your 4leaf clovers


    It remember to me Crimsonland...

  18. mushroom= turns you into MARIO!!!!!

  19. Hahhah, we would like to turn John Gore into Mario sooooo bad! :D

  20. bluetooth? so that means itouch users cant use co-op? it should be wi-fi..

  21. Yeah it should be Wi-Fi every iPhone/iPod Touch has Wi-Fi but not bluetooth :(

  22. Mushroom= Grow to be huge John Gore

  23. Holy shit you dumbasses... Cut it out just because you don't have Bluetooth doesn't mean the rest of us don't... Bluetooth is a way better form of transfering... You shouldn't hold everybody back just because you have the old tech... Are you going to complain your DVD player can't play Blue-Ray? Its one thing to ask for wifi co-op, buy try to remove Bluetooth for wifi... Wifi is such a hassle if your not at your house... Even if you have mobile wifi... Like me... Bluetooth is way easier... Why don't you guys go ask mommy and daddy for a new iPod ok?

    On a side note at some point in this game you should add wifi co-op so people don't drop minigores rating just because they didn't get what they wanted for Christmas...

  24. i want coop so bad i think it would be cool to just play with your freinds itll be liek nazi zombies and the side effects of the mushroom should vary sometimes it might be good sometimes its very verybad example of bad side effect: go really slow? example of good side effect:get and aweswome weapon also in minigore i think you should be able to use a knife? would be cool

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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