Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dinner time baby!

Remember, this is only the beginning - there's a journey of crazy updates ahead and you get to vote on the content! :)


  1. Congrats! First game eva!
    I really think that all your work will be rewarded. Great work and thanks for a great game! Good luck in the future.

  2. Finally! Instant download!

  3. Thank you vicente! We're hard at work on the updates already, gonna be submitted soon :)

  4. Amazing game play, I have to say.
    I simply LOVE the music and the artwork. I LOVE how there's also online leaderboards. It just makes me want to keep climbing to the top!
    Next up: Hardgore! :] Keep up the AWESOME work, Timo and Kimmo!

  5. HAVE MY BABIES I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How long do updates usually take for apple?

  7. This game owns.... I have been playing it for about ten minutes and then stop to say thx for such an amazing game! Now for the time being I'm going to go play some more

  8. we was waiting it for a long time...
    but now.. dreams come true!!!!
    it is the best game i've palyed with! XD
    thanks mountain sheep!!!

  9. I must come here to give a big thank to the dev team giving us such an incredible game!I love minigore!

  10. What happen to making the title of this post being "sexy" because this game is SEXY!!!!!

  11. OMFG I LOVE IT!!
    thank god!

    yous are the best :D

  12. this is the only app i wont be getting through installous, gotta support the cause! thanks mountain sheep its great -LD

  13. +1 to what the guy above said, this is the first app I've bought.

  14. That's horrible!!!! I use to have a jailbroken iPod so I know about appulous. And I checked there website ( and after 10 minutes of this being out they already have 4 links to download it for free!

    Mountain Sheep you have to do somthing about this! Your hard work for this game and effort should not be waised! This game should be bought! Please try to contact apple or somthing about this site an ban them! You should every penny for this game!

    Your fan,


    P.S. Your welcome for the heads up. :)

  15. ohh very good game i was waiting a long time for this game and its amazing good job chillingo!!!

  16. Just got it from itunes and I'm already enjoying it, I must say it's one of the best iphone games so far if not the best. Thanks!

  17. haha just realized you used my headline! :D

    "get it while its sexy"

  18. You should send the update today it will probaly be out well done I posted a coment on the app store and gave it five out of five!!

  19. i love minigore a have a 3 hrs playing and is awsome congratulations for this super grat game

    im wwaiting for hargore xd

  20. What is hardcore? Is it just like this but with a story or somthing?

  21. hardgore is a Tower Defense version of minigore (but you still can move around shooting and such)

    it looks awsome already :) and ive only seen one screenshot

  22. I bought it today and it's really a nice game !!!

    I've got two suggestions for the next updates :

    - A more polished menu (seriously the actual menu is awful compared to the game graphisms)
    - Bluetooth Multiplayer

  23. ^^ bluetooth multiplayer is confirmed for the next update which is great :)

    hopefully we get online multiplayer too
    thats the only thing missing in this game for me

  24. I bought it as soon as I woke up!

    Loving the game, Multiplayer/Online Co-Op will be a great addition

  25. absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gonna love the update but i got something u should add.
    an autosave feature so u can pickup where u left off and an item that makes u get full health again.

  26. Nicely done! Great game... I love the line "Get off my leg!....oh wait, I don't have any legs" :)

  27. Awesome game so far!

    Some comments:
    1) The menu is far too plain for the graphically awesome game; perhaps something more in line with the whole look of the game.

    2) The expert difficulty is hard, sure, but it doesn't seem to pile on the pressure quickly. Like in between waves there is still enough breathing space for me to move about. Perhaps a more 'expert' expert mode?

    Good game though!

  28. Hi MountainSheep! Great game! Love it!

    What's the status on the update? I really want to play co-op, and unlock Enviro-Bear. He looks awesome!


  29. This game is amazing... I hate those fire furies that sneek up on you! Lol. It is a really GREAT game. You guys could probably get away with upping the price!


    1. New Weapons: I would like to see, Flamethrower, a torret, Gernades and nukes.

    2. Characters: i would like to see some really hard bosses to fight in a new kind of game mode. Like you already have survival but maybe in the new update you could put a new mode in for like waves. An every 5th wave there a boss.

    3. Online: I would love you to keep ur word and still concider putting in online co/op and also peer to peer co/op.

    4. Acheivments: first off you need to get some, so we can show off are scores. Second it would be cool if we could earn some that could unlock diffrent players For us to play offline & online. Also you can make it so we can customize are character like to change colors of are hats and cloths.

    Well so far those are some of the thing I think would be great for the second update. I hope you will concider some of my ideas. :)

  30. I started flipping out when I saw it was finally available - been waiting awhile. You guys have done a spectacular job - can't wait for the updates. Time to play...I mean, work.

  31. This is probably the most addicting, funny, and awesome game i have ever seen. Its... flawless!

  32. There is only one thing I dislike with the game so far, and that's the user interface... I don't like the menu buttons.

    ther than that this game is awesome!

  33. A great idea for an update would be to add some rpg elements to add to the replay value. It would be awesome to see a multi-day survival mode where each day you have to complete a certain amount of waves that progressively get tougher. At the end of each day (similar to Zombieville)you should be able to customize your character by buying things like guns, ammo, health, armor, etc

  34. you realy should implement adventure mode .... more weapons, and the "score mode" to be co-op ... with a big big map !

  35. I have just bought this game one of the only few that I have bought (thanks to installous) but this game really deserves the money with great graphics, presentation, and overall gameplay you would be stupid not to buy this game.

  36. This is truly an amazing game, and I know the future updates will make it an even better game. Totally worth every penny.

    Hopefully the other maps will be added soon.

  37. Bloody marvelous! This is quite possibly the best game on the iPhone, the sheer quality of just about everything sets a new benchmark in my opinion! The character art, soundtrack, everything, is simply brilliant. Your a talented bunch of people and think the future will be very bright for you all! This new game is going to go places without a doubt! All I want next are the vinyl toys...any plans?

  38. It would be great to have a jeep or something.
    In co op one person could drive while another fires from the back.
    However it could run out of fuel and would not work anymore. Then you could shoot it and make it explode like the ammo crates.

  39. We have minigore Episode 1....

    Will the other episodes be an update, or will we have to pay again for them??

  40. Thank you so much for all the kind words!

    For those who've been asking: full autosave is coming in the first update -- currently the game does save, but it only saves your *score* to the highscore list. Co-op is coming the second update.

    Regarding the menu: we are looking into making it a lot better. The priority is still on gameplay features and new modes.

    Expert not being expert enough is noted. We'll see if can do something about it later on. I understand you want to get the good stuff early, once you are past the learning stage.

    Bosses are coming in future updates. New weapons likewise. Achievements are coming, most likely as early as the second update.

    I agree, a jeep would be really cool to have in a co-op. I'll keep that in mind!

    You will definitely get more episodes as an update for free!

  41. Kevin do not worry about the Piracy.

    I for one bought this straight away, Chillingo does not produce anything less than acceptable, and they should be proud to have Mountain Goat making a game for them!

    I bought it, and everyone else should too... cmon $1.

  42. I mean mountain sheep... <_< ( hey wait.. )

  43. this game is legend it is such a good game for just 59p when does the next update come

    please reply

    :-) :-) :-) :-)

  44. Great Game!!!!!! It would be good if you could creat your own character though...

  45. Is ok if I use that picture Dinner time baby and banner: Minigore 99c on iTunes from this page on my blog? ( Especially asking Kimmo and Timo)

  46. The next update is submitted and comes out as soon as Apple approves it - next week I hope!

    Sure, it's totally fine to use the banner on your blog!

  47. Yaaa can't wait for the update! This looks very promising and I hope lots of maps and game modes come out in the future! I love the idea of vehicles. Defending a bridge or room or castle or something like that would be cool. How many maps do you think you'll add?

    ****you need to explain future updates in the app descripion (or say that new updates will be coming) so that people who dont go to this site will not think that you only included 1 map*****

    last thing, PLEASE ADD WIFI MULTIPLAYER! I don't know anyone with this game or a 2g iPod. That would be incredible. INCREDIBLE!

  48. I hate fags who are like
    "Yeah, IM proud of myself for jailbreakin, AHH YAEH GETS ME PUMPED! IM NOT GETTING THIS THRU INSTAALOUS" what kind of douchebag downloads from installous to take free cracked apps?

  49. awesome game.
    and umm yeah menu buttons arent great but its not a huge deal. keep up the good work =) best app

    Also, I think maybe it would be cool to have the new characters each have different powers(such as grenade, power dash, etc.)

  50. Can't wait for the update! 2 weeks is too long! Apple needs to realize that this is high priority and needs to be approved now!!!

  51. hey guys :)
    i like this game very much
    almost addicted to it...

    so i wanted 2 ask if u have the same problem:

    i wanted to join some chatrooms over minigore and the app terminated.

    is it a common error or just the problem of my ipod??

  52. To the post above:
    It crashes commonly on my iPod too. Don't worry, it's probably just a common error and will be fixed in the next update.

  53. hey guys this is an awesome game i play it all the time, cant wait for the co op update to come out.

    keep up the good work


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Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

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