Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Been working like crazy on finishing up Minigore and now I'm starting to think there is an end to the list of issues to be fixed and features we want to get into the launch build! There's so many things we could add into the game, and we will, but right now we really want you guys to be able to play it and tell us what you think and what you want to see in the updates.

Co-op multiplayer has been voiced a number of times by a lot of different people and I personally think it couldn't be a better fit for Minigore! We have a really neat idea for it, too; in single player Minigore John Gore can take one hit which makes him lose his hat and go really angry. The second hit kills John. This how we thought co-op should go: with two players, whenever either one of the players has full health, it doesn't matter if the other one dies -- he will come back to life. But if both are down to one health, the next death ends the game for that player.

I think it makes for some really interesting gameplay. What do you think?


  1. That's pretty neat, you could potentially have one guy taking the risks (clovers, weapons, clearing out a line) and one guy falling back and playing it safe.

  2. ...that sounds pretty neat as an idea on how to run a coop quickly would a player respawn if one player were still at full health? ...though it would be funny if you had "hat" powerup that would put a player back to full health...I wonder how cooperative the gameplay would be when that appeared, lol

  3. This Sounds Great, I Would Like It Better If This Was An Online Thing But It's Most Likly Going To Be Peer To Peer Right?

  4. Prizm: Exactly! If the other one is an experienced player and the other one's a novice, the game can still remain fun for both.

    Devilishly Good: It could work even if you were able to regain your hat. When both players have lost their hats, the desperate search begins. :)

    Michael: Yes, peer-to-peer networking is made easy on the iPhone, so that's what we are looking at primarily.

  5. through bluetooth then i guess thats ok, but you dont really find much people with the same games as you!
    wifi would be a really great addition (eventually, doesnt have to be ASAP or anything) :)

  6. Am i the only one that half prefers the old model? The old textures are one colour only and therefore appear to be higher quality than the new that have detail and yet are relatively low resolution (blurry).

    I like the colour scheme more on the new model but i like the added 3D in the old (like the bits of his head cut out, if you know what i mean).

    Maybe a compromise between the two? :P

  7. It's a valid point about the illusion 3d and the absolute resolution of these models. However, one thing to take into account when estimating the practical resolution is how large the characters are in the game. That piece of production art may be misleading in that sense. Take a look at some screenshots here:

    The relative resolution gets so high with the new ones (as well as the old ones) that it approaches and surpasses the resolution the iPhone can display. Anything else above that resolution basically goes to waste.

  8. Yeah, i did try to consider that (guess i forgot just how small he is on the screen), but i still like the actual 3D cutouts than the wounds "painted" on :D

  9. Still no submitted?how long still?

  10. i knoww i cant wait for this game :(


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