Saturday, July 11, 2009

John Gore released into the wild!

John Gore has been released into the wild!* Hardland Magazine photographer managed to shoot this exclusive photo of Mr Gore before he himself was shot dead.

*TRANSLATION (for people not yet members of Minigore Anonymous): It has been submitted for AppStore approval!


  1. Hmm. So probably a week or two?

    Also please tell me you're going to create Minigore dolls for sale. That John Gore is too cute, wouldn't mind owning a giant furry version.

  2. How much will it cost?

  3. Niels K.: That's what I thought too, until I realized I better start working on the next episode! :S

    Radish: We might put it up for sale and yeah, giant furry puppet would be cool :)

    Andrea: Minigore is gonna cost $0,99

  4. I need this game on my!

  5. Is it really gonna take 2 weeks?? i was hoping it would be soon after submitted. like tomorrow lol.. aplles been approving slot very fast lately soo hopefully tomorrow

  6. sweet!!! ive been watching and waiting for this one. Hopefully apple will be quick with the submission, so i can get my paws on it. I know it will be a big hit, so congrads on the awesome game in advance.

  7. For a while, from submission to approval has been around two weeks, but very recently it seems to have halved to about a week... Maybe just a lul in app submissons? Who knows. A week is still a reasonably optimistic estimate, but i'm not saying miracles don't happen :p

  8. Timo, This is a great news ! that's what i wanted to hear ! pray to be approved in less than a week !

    One Question !?

    Chillingo are the one who creates these games or ? i don't know the meaning of "Publisher"

    Congratz & Cheers,


  9. well i think now that 3.0 has parental controls aproval has gone preaty fast i cant remember were i saw it but one game got approved in like 2 days so it shouldent take that long just dont expect it out 5 minutes from now

  10. this is gonna be sick, ive been checking this page like everyday for the past 2 weeks haha

  11. @ Chris - I presume English isn't your first language;

    Mountain Sheep are the developers of the game, meaning that they created it, Chillingo are the publishers, meaning that they market it, help advertise it etc.

  12. Mountain Sheep-how long do you think the approval will take?

  13. hey just heard about hardgore, are you guys going to be making that too?? or a seperate set of people

    p.s. checking the appstore every hour hoping for minigore :)

  14. @ Shokz... thx for answering ... and YES, english it's not my first language ! now i get the idea.... thx


  15. Is Hardgore going to be a TD I hope not there are enough of those on the appstore

  16. Kyle: One to two weeks I believe, but my guess is as good as anyone's.

    Anon #1: We are the ones making Hardgore!

    Anon #2: Hardgore is going a little bit like a tower defense, but just like Minigore, it will have an entirely unique flavor to it. Think of PixelJunk Monsters goes Zelda.

    Dominic: If you google for Minigore, you'll actually get a few small Al Gores!

  17. @ Kimmo - At first i was rather reserved about HardGore, but now you've put it like that i can't wait ;) I love how PixelJunk Monsters controls (as in walking around as a person) - far nicer than the usual 'play god and just plonk towers all over the map'.

  18. I really hope this makes it to the appstore.

  19. how much longer???? I WANT IT NOW! *cries*

  20. i have 2 questions
    1. When will minigore and hargore be released in the appstore?
    2. Will you put the John Gore doll and more for sale?

  21. also will you have any bosses?


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