Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enviro-Bear in Minigore!

I've got some great news to ease the pain of waiting! You get to play as everyone's favourite bear in the upcoming co-op multiplayer update: (No, it's not the South Park bear...)


  1. looks awesome! launch it guys!

  2. Woot! Are you serious? That's so cool. My favourite game already. Good work! :) Good luck with your game!

  3. Maybe let the bonus character usable also in single player could be a good idea =)

  4. if you could, could you please make sure this comes out by the 30th?

  5. Looks great guy, but when are you going to launch it. Is going to be a success!!!

  6. Why you keep asking here when is it comming out? This game was sent to Chillingo to submit it. Timo has nothing to do with the approval process. So relax guys, just wait.

  7. It just doesn't get any better! Wrong, with Mountain Sheep it always does!!! Amazing stuff... I'm in awe...

  8. That looks awsome!! Too bad you guys didnt bother thinking of 1g users ;)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. they still might think of 1g users but later on.
    Personaly i have a 2g and my bro has a 1g so i cant play with him but still its a lot of work to make it server and wifi connection.

    Btw i love the bear, its gonna be a sick first update!!!!

  11. hey on the bright side its enviro bear not the dreaded pocket god pgymies that are slowly taking over all apps (doodle jump,the creeps,ect)
    YHEEEE evrio bear was something i bought to ease the wait and now its in minigore talk about ironic..

  12. Hey, Could you please send me an eMail so we can talk together? Thanks

  13. Yeah, please no Pocket God crap D:

    Hate that game.

    Loooove the bear. Love it more if it turned into a certain pedo kind of bear. ;D

  14. Omg pedobear <3

    Ugh no-one should ever admit to knowing what pedobear is o.o

    And I happen to love Pocket God, thank you very much - but I too would find that fairly annoying...

    *sits on his ass a few more days waiting for MiniGore*

    Don't worry, Fat Princess'll be out on thursday :D

  15. I bet that when minigore comes out it will be first in every app store all over the world In like five mins!

  16. Ya I would like to see this not just in co-op but in single player also

  17. Does the bear has other weapons and special attacks then the dafault player?

  18. I heard that Apple is waiting to release Minigore after Hardgore, because it will build more hype being a story prequel release after the main story (like star wars movies), so they are just gunna take as long as possible to approve it

  19. ^^ Lol shut up. No one's going to believe that. That's the dumbest thing anyone has ever made up.

  20. Hey everyone go to
    .and look at minigore all,it says SOON ,now look at all the other soon apps they all have the app tore sign on it except mingore.this shows that apple have noting to do wit minigore.I know it might sound retarted but just think about it.

  21. Omg this looks amazing! Quick question though. Is this going to be bluetooth only or is it online. I would love bluetooth but you gotta play with some random guy accross the world sometime.

  22. id love to see the zombieville guy, and a fieldrunner :D

  23. When is the update going to be submitted?

  24. hahaha enviro bear, but I have the original iphone so I cant play bluetooth. Can you make it so I can use it in single player? Also is the bear going to do his awesome growl instead of talk?

  25. It's out.

  26. Any chance of bringing female ( Lara croft lookalike )game characters to this game?

  27. try to get the pocketgod pygmie

  28. it LOOKS SO COOl


  29. this looks so cool
    you should make the bear be a character in first player also

  30. Whoever hates pocket god should throw away their iphone, slit their wrists, and live in a dumpster. Honestly I think pockeyt god pygmies would be hilarious and would most likely mean more buys for minigore. Make happen please :)

  31. Add a bear a good idea, but i would advise to unlock dial 5000 points.i a big fan of game and a shield that such a move would be very interesting)

  32. This game is quite fun and I can't wait for the update. I bought the envirobear game because of this. I think you should do a cross promo with pocket god and I know I am not the only one who likes this idea.

  33. Please please please let me play as Enviro Bear in single player. He's so much cooler than John Gore! Also, I think the other characters introduced should have their own special moves, like John's grenade


  35. is there a way to make this retina avialable? i have a 4ht generation ipod touch and i want to fufill all of its capabilities and are the particles gunna be the same? like can there be an hd version for the 4th gens and if you have an awnser if its not too much please emial it to thanks good luck on the EPIC sucess and another cool idea would to make special weapons for multiplayer.i would buy a weapon pack for 99 cents


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