Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Awesome Minigore Tagline Contest!

So, what's the deal? Create a really catchy tagline for Minigore! You may use up to six words for your unique creation.

To remind ourselves, let's go briefly over what Minigore is: an awe-inducing representative of the survival shooter species. You step into the shoes of John Gore who finds himself lost in a strange place called the Hardland. Everything would be suitably nice and peaceful if it weren't for the darned furries. These black creatures seem to have an unexplained grudge against our blue-coated hero, and with so many of them out there John is very lucky to have managed to hold onto his machine gun!

Post your entries to the address in the poster and do it by June 13, 2009. The grand prize is truly epic in proportions; you get to be in the game as a professionally modeled 3d-character, executed in the true Hardgore style! The model will be added to the game in the first update.

The finalists will selected by us at Mountain Sheep and there will be a public vote for the finalists on the Touch Arcade forums where there the talk on the subject is heating up!

These new and never-before-seen screenshots from Minigore should help you find the inspiration.

Our official embassador, Santa, thought up a few example taglines to get you started.

Minigore: Just bleed! (yes, Santa watches the UFC)
Minigore: I ain't got time to bleed (for all the Predators out there)
Minigore: When the going gets tough!
Minigore: It's a strange world out there...
Minigore: Die Hard Gore

If more than one people enters the contest with the same entry independently and it so happens that this entry wins, then the Mountain Sheep team will make a Frankenstein model with features from all winners in it!


  1. I assume you mean up to six words?

  2. Did anyone win this?

  3. Sure:

  4. This game kicks butt but it needs levels and more weapons and maybe a few new furrys like a giant flaming one with 5 arms

  5. i agree really addicting but still needs more weapons and furrys.

  6. a funny tagline that would go great to go with another in-game tagline would be
    "GET AWAY FROM MY SHOULDERS, oh wait...I don't have shoulders" to go with "STAY OFF MY LEGS, oh wait...I don't have legs"


  7. Sorry I thought "tagline" was what Gore says in the game like "You damn furballs"


  8. This is Chad and I was thinking that since you're going to have more characters that they should all have their own special power up. Envirobear: all bushes and trees come alive for a limited time and help you kill furrows. Lizzie: the whole field tilts to the side and you control lizzie as if your playing sway while collection furrows like coins. And the other characters goggles shoots a continuous laser for a limited time.

  9. This is Chad and I thought evan was going to have goggles but his powerup should be the same as gore but maybe a dairy cow.

  10. This is Chad and I have a tagline: evil has never been more cuddley

  11. I meant SO cuddley.


  12. This is Chad and I want my dad to be the character if I win.

  13. Sorry I was on a page on a previous date. :( I think u shud make characters customizable when online comes out.


  14. I want to know if the icon will change cuz I like the way it looks now and I don't like when the app icon is always changing

  15. Live HardGore. Thats all i could think of

  16. I'd like to know if these updates will EVER see the light of day, I'm so bored of waiting and checking every day that i am about to uninstal the game just out of pure annoyance with the lack of communication and updates! there i finally said it

  17. I feel your pain. I want to see those updates come out, too. And they will. It's only a matter time.

  18. you should make more characters

  19. what i think would be good would be that you could play two player co-op over blue tooth or wifi :)

  20. Minigore can have youtube connection to people can share his shooting furries skills :)

  21. The fast and the furriest

  22. Something's tickling me!

  23. This is my tagline its 7 words:
    Dont live a little, live a minigore

  24. I hope that minigore can make an update that makes Minotaur a

  25. This is my Tagline
    "Am I supposed to be bleeding?"

  26. Alright can't wait for online mode. but I got hsu Evan but he didn't talk could you add some dialogs for him? Also here's my tagline:

    PS game is awesome!

  27. fuck you asshole, let's rumble!

  28. my tagline:
    Die Hardgore Style!


Latest episodes

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Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
Emperor Penguin.
Penguin Mob squad.
3 New Encyclopedia pages.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

Episode 3 (update 7): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

Episode 3 (update 6): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.29) Fur Bombs. Auto-aim. Rebalanced Predator Furry. Inferno mode.

Episode 3 (update 5): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.28) HD-certified, completely redone graphics. Weapon recoil effects for all characters. Performance options. Kill restoration against OpenFeint achievements.

Episode 3 (update 4): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.27) Predator Furry. Zombie Gore. Easter Bunny. Bullet shells. Improved controls. Larger play area. Prettier shadows. Level selection. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.